10 Happy Things to Smile about During Wuhan Coronavirus Crisis in Singapore

Published on Feb 09, 2020

Is it really February already? 2020 seems to have started on a shaky note for most of us with so much fear and uncertainty surrounding Coronavirus. 

While we're feeling kind of bummed about the restrictions put on by the Coronavirus, here are 10 positive things about Wuhan Coronavirus that puts a smile on our faces. 

1. Shopping (for non-groceries) is a Breeze + Free Parking!


With the exception of Supermarkets and NTUC, Orchard Road, many malls are actually quieter than usual. 

If you're not sick, this is actually a great time to run your errands and do your shopping! Parking is a breeze and there's just so much personal space, you feel kinda happy. (Something I'm sure to miss once the crowds come back!)

Did we also mention that Capitaland malls are offering FREE PARKING?


  • Bedok Mall 12:30pm -2:30pm (Mon-Sun & PH)
  • Bugis Junction 6pm - 8pm (Mon-Sun & PH)
  • Bugis+ After 6pm (Mon-Thu) 6pm - 8pm (Fri-Sun & PH)
  • Bukit Panjang Plaza 12:30pm -2:30pm (Mon-Sun & PH)
  • Clarke Quay 6pm - 8pm (Mon-Sun & PH)
  • Funan After 6pm (Mon-Sun & PH)
  • IMM 1 hr Free Parking (Mon-Fri, excluding PH), valid for first entry. 6pm - 8pm (Sat - Sun & PH)
  • JCube 12:30pm - 2:30pm (Mon-Sun & PH)
  • Junction 8 After 6pm (Mon-Sun & PH)
  • Lot One 12:30pm - 2:30pm (Mon-Sun & PH)
  • Plaza Singapura After 6pm (Mon-Sun & PH)
  • Raffles City Shopping Centre After 6pm (Mon-Fri) 6pm - 8pm (Sat-Sun & PH)
  • Tampines Mall After 6pm (Mon-Sun & PH)
  • The Star Vista 12:00pm - 3:00pm (Mon-Fri excluding PH)
  • Westgate 12:30pm - 2:30pm (Mon-Sun & PH)

Even Changi Jewel is havnig a free parking promotoin if you spend a minimum of $35 by Mastercard or $50 by other payment modes in a single, same-day receipt at participating F&B restaurants or cafés on weekdays from 10am to 11pm to enjoy two (2) hours of free parking!

Redemption is limited to weekdays (excluding public holidays) and the first 200 diners daily. 

2. Better Service with Attractive Promotions

This period coincides with the post-festive CNY holidays so many hair and beauty salons are having very attractive promotions right now. As we always say, this is the most value-for-money time to get your hair done as prices are good and service even better as there are fewer customers!

MODE Studio Hair Service Promotion

One of the newest and most raved salons Mode Studio is having $99 for Haircut + Japanese Hair Treatment with Hair Colour / C Waves or Smoothing Therapy (UP: $800). Isn't the price just out of the world?

Alternatively, you can check for more promotions here at our list of the best promotions for hair and beauty salons in Singapore.

3. Work from Home


As the virus outbreak gets more serious, employers are a lot more understanding when you take medical leave. Previously, they may think that you are chao keng, but now, most kiasi employers will be like okok, you better stay home and not spread to everyone else.

Even if you're not sick though, more companies are also exploring flexible work arrangements to reduce the risk of virus spreading in an enclosed office. You'll be able to experience woorking from the comfort of your own home for a few days or even a week!

4. More Family Time

With the outbreak getting more serious, many of us are staying home wherever possible to reduce the risk of getting the coronavirus outbreak. While some may feel a little sian being cooped up at home, this has hopefully resulted in more heartfelt conversations at home or for parents with young children, more playtime. 


5. Possible Baby Boom in November?

With so much alone time on our hands this February, don't be surprised to see more Scorpio and Sagittarius babies born this year!

After all, we hear that condoms are out of stock at many supermarkets.

Out of Stock Condom

So some couples may just decide to go for it.

If you're one of them, good luck!

6. You reconnect with your old friends

Maybe because we're all stuck at home and really bored, we start to message our old friends on Whatsapp and Facebook. 

Hey, long time no see!How are you?Have you heard about this new case ah? Staying near your area leh! 

Whether its an old friend or a new acquaintance, the virus has become a bonding topic for us to break the ice and reconnect with!

7. You see your friends' true colours


From their responses to this virus, you start to see who your friends really are. 

Are they the kiasu kiasi type who hoard the masks and essential items for themselves or are they the ones who proactively buy masks for you and your family even without you asking? 

If it's the latter, remember to show your appreciation and reciprocate because these are the people you know you can trust for life. 

8. Many Organizations Pass the Stress Test with Flying Colours


As much as many Singaporeans have engaged in panic buying, NTUC staff and management have showed their resilience in resupplying the stock really quickly. We're also thankful to see that there hasn't been any violent incidents of people fighting for food products. 

Yes there is room for improvement e.g. Fairprice website was down, Redmart and many of the delivery services did not have enough delivery slots. But still, this incident will allow them to work on improving the system better to prepare for a greater crisis in the future, should it ever materialise. 

9. Stock prices dive


That sounds like a bad thing but actually it is a good time for potential buyers to enter the market. If you have the liquidity to invest, this is a good time to scoop up some good deals in the market.

Just remember to do so with care because some stocks will bounce back while others may dip further.

10. Raises the hygiene levels of more Singaporeans 


OCD folks in Singapore will be glad to note that this virus has at least temporarily increased the hygiene levels of more Singaporeans. Truth is that we should already be washing hands regularly (after using the toilet, sanitizing the hands after touching surfaces) but how many of us ACTUALLY do so religiously? This virus has definitely helped more of us realize the importance of hand washing, which will hopefully not us help us avert the coronavirus but also combat regular flu in Singapore.

Frequent Sanitizing of Tables at Leekaja

LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

It's not just people who are now more hygiene-conscious. More and more salons are also upping their hygiene standards with more regular cleaning and disinfection of the salon. Is your salon doing the same?

Bonus: Cleaner Toilets with Well Stocked Toilet Paper


As a friend of mine commented, most toilets are also much cleaner with soap, paper towels and toilet paper that are now well-stocked. 

Let's hope this is something that will last longer after this episode!

We know its tough seeing the numbers go up and wondering if the people around us have the virus but this is just temporary!

We can fight this together!

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