3 Hidden Hair Salons At Wheelock Place For An Afternoon Escape and Exclusive Promotions at Wheelock Place

Published on Dec 15, 2020

Busy with Christmas Shopping these couple of weeks? We came across a Mothership article on special Christmas deals in Wheelock Place and being deal-hunters ourselves, it piqued our interest. 

From now till Jan. 3, 2021, redeem one of these deals after spending a minimum of S$30 at Wheelock Place

  • S$1 for 6pcs mini quiche from Délifrance (#02-17/17A)
  • S$3 cake set from Cedele (#03-13A/14)
  • S$5 curry chicken set from Style by Style Vibes Café (#02-19)
  • S$10 accessories from Benjamin Barker (#02-11)
  • S$10 3pcs socks gift set from The Shirt Bar (#02-20)
  • S$1 Nesti Dante Hand Soap from Flaming Queen (#B1-04A)
  • S$10 for 4pcs Lahm Bi Ajin from Pistachio Middle Eastern & Mediterranean Grill (#02-04/05)

Some of these deals look really good; but more importantly, we're highlighting them because we know that many of you WILL visit Wheelock Place and spend that $30. You see, Wheelock Place is home to 3 of our favourite hair salons in Orchard; these salons truly care about their customers, and are perfectly situated in Wheelock place to give off that cozy yet “atas” vibe, allowing you a short escape from the bustling main traffic of Orchard Road.

If you don't already know who they are, read on to explore these salons. 

1. Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place

mode studio at wheelock

First up we’ve got Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place. Even if you aren’t impressed by the plush sofas, sparkling marble floors, full-length glass windows, and luxe vibe; even if the well-stocked wine and champagne bar doesn’t do it for you; surely, surely, the roster of their star-studded team of stylists will do the trick.

The team is made up of a combination of extremely experienced stylists and celebrity stylists even! Just to do some quick name dropping: you’ve got Sam, the founder of Mode, having worked closely with Kim Robinson in Hong Kong. Gabriel, who counts celeb Bryan Wong, local politicians, and businesspeople in Forbes 40 under 40 as some of his long-time regulars. BK, the Korean stylist that styles Jay Park when he visits Singapore.

Even discounting all the star-stylists, you’d still be visiting a salon that’s smack in the heart of town, yet still provides all-rounder service and guarantees a great hairstyling experience, and best of all, it’s super affordable for everything that we just listed above!

No-Bleach Foilyage by Andrew


2. Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

AUBE Japanese Hair Salon at Wheelock

An underrated hair-styling experience in Singapore has got to be this ever-sublime Japanese hair salon chain. Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place is one of Japan’s most popular hair salon chains, with over 200 salons worldwide. Step into their flagship store here at Wheelock, and it’s very obvious why.

You’re immediately immersed in luxurious décor that works to give you just enough flavour to make you feel like you’re instantly transported to a salon located in any mall in Japan. Clock the natural light, the spacious layout – not to mention furniture being directly imported from Japan itself – and you must try the special Yume (Dream) chair, that’s auto-reclining. What a treat!

Subtle highlights 

All the stylists here hailing from Japan all have over 10 years of experience, and you’d be in safe hands with the team here at Aube. No matter if you end up with Ayano, Kouhei, Tomoyo, Sho or Kazuki, know that you will be treated with superb service, and as it is in most Japanese styled salons, the stylist will stay with you throughout you session and not flutter between clients. It’s easy to see why Aube is so popular, with many returning customers.


Natural brown 

3. Kenaris Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

Kenaris Hair Salon at Wheelock

Tucked away in the fourth floor corner of Wheelock, the huge, urban floor space of Kenaris Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place is quite awe-inspiring. From a glance you can easily identify their main demographic of clients: distinguished, working professionals who expect only the very best from their stylists.. and indeed, the best is what they get. From veteran stylists Ken, Aris, Alston, Pauline and Summer, customers here don't just get a cut and colour that looks good on the day of the visit but a hairstyle they know will last them through the next few months. Being Singaporean stylists, they are the perfect team that completely gets the local flavour, lifestyle, needs and wants of the local scene, and can therefore best recommend styles and looks to their clients.

They specialize in Men’s haircuts as well, making it a perfect place for the office power couple to pop by on their off day to get their tresses refreshed.

Pro Tip: Ken is especially highly demanded for men's haircuts that make even those of you with receding hairline look more voluminous. 

Brown Hair Colour

Now that you’ve uncovered the hidden gems of Wheelock Place, you know where to go when you need a place to rest after a long day of shopping. Who knows, you just might uncover your next favourite spot to return to in the future.

Have you tried any of these hair salon? Share your experience on BU.sg!

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