Highlights is the Best Chic Convenient Hair Colour for Busy Women

Published on Dec 19, 2019

We've barely had a few hours' of rest and we already have to drag ourselves up in the morning to get to work, school or whatever we've got on our schedule. How do we even have the time to think about heading to the salon for a colour retouch, let alone spend tons of money on it? 

Well, if the above description fits you like a T, the type of colour we'd recommend you to do is highlights!

1. Hair regrowth doesn't look so obvious

When you stick to dark colours, your roots won't look obvious when they start to grow. It's even easier with highlights because they all start at a different location so you can let your roots grow out even more.

Blonde Balayage Suitable for Busy Women at Koinonia Salon

Balayage by Koinonia Salon

We highly suggest balayage and babylights as it looks even more natural when your hair grows out. Adding highlights on top of your base will also make your hair look effortlessly stylish as there won't be a clear starting line of bleach or colour.

2. It doesn't require touch up the way single colour does

There are 3 main reasons why people go for regular hair colour touch ups - their roots grow out, the colour fades, or they get bored of their hair. Thankfully, highlights take care of all of those.

As mentioned above, the grown-out roots look beautiful, fading colour enhance the highlights and if you're tired of your hair colour, you can put another layer of colour over it. 

Highlights for Busy Woman at Koinonia Salon

Highlights by Koinonia Salon

Perfect especially for those of you who are seeing your hair start to grey a little. As your hair is highlighted all over, a little grey at the roots won't look as obvious as when you had a single hair colour. 

3. Highlights are work-friendly

Since highlights add dimension on your existing base colour, it tends not to be over-the-top for strict office rules.

We love that it gives you the chance to show your personality and flair while still being work-appropriate.

Work-Friendly Highlights at Koinonia Salon

Highlights by Koinonia Salon

You won't have to hide your style when you go for highlights!

4. Varying styles allow you to present yourself differently

Like dyeing your hair a solid colour, there are many ways to highlight your hair as well. There are many techniques such as balayage, ombre and highlights. 

Short Hair Highlights at Koinonia Salon

Highlights by Koinonia Salon

Even when you just talk about normal highlights, there is the option of thick highlights or thin babylights. 

Purple Highlights at Koinonia Salon

Highlights by Koinonia Salon

You can also opt for different colours on top of your highlighted base for a more 3D effect.

5. Contours the face better

If you want to spice up a simple haircut but have very few layers, highlights are a great option. Highlights create the lights, mediums and darks that create depth and contouring for the face.

Highlights for a Slimmer Face at Koinonia Salon

Highlights by Koinonia Salon

When done right, highlights should be like painting a masterpiece and you can’t do that with just one colour!

We love that it looks effortlessly chic while making you look professional and put-together.

Highlights at Koinonia Salon

Hi, I'm Agent S and I'm currently working as a campaign manager of online magazines. Since I'm in the media industry, I always feel the need to look professional and trendy. 

My Hair Before Getting Highlights at Koinonia Salon

But as we all face, time is an issue so most of the time, I resort to box dyes, probably why my hair is in its current state: Dry, frizzy with uneven colour. 

My Hair Before Getting Highlights at Koinonia Salon

Not the perfect way to end the decade or to start the new one I must say. 

A friend of mine introduced me to a reputable place in Tiong Bahru called Koinonia Salon. There's a new stylist there Shinice and I'm thrilled to be able to get my hair colour done by her. Could she make my hair more presentable? 

Step 1: Consultation

I made an appointment on a weekday afternoon and entered this pastelicious hipster place of a salon in Tiong Bahru.

Koinonia Salon Interior

Unexpectedly, what greeted me was a beautiful salon with a vintage vibe. 

Koinonia Salon Interior
Koinonia Salon Interior

The salon owners are really friendly and shared how this used to be a warehouse previously. Through Shua's detailed design and planning, she managed to transform it into a cozy salon with a vintage feel. 

As mentioned, the stylist who attended to me that day is Shinice, this lady who is as gorgeous in person as in her photos!

Shinice from Koinonia Hair Salon

Shinice is very friendly and escorted me to my seat the moment I entered. 

It's really nice to know that they've prepared a seat for me beforehand as they already have a namecard ready for me at my designated seat. 

WiFi Password at Koinonia Salon

Beyond that, they also have their WIFI password on a handmade keychain. 

So cute, right?

After I got all settled, Shinice discussed with me about the colour I was intending to do. As I'm working at an office, I prefer not to have hair colours that are TOO bright and too loud. I just want something easy to manage and somewhat stylish. After discussing with me, we decided to go for highlights. She will bleach certain sections of the hair then do a colour toning to correct the uneven hair colour I had before for a chic easy to manage hairstyle. 

OK can, let's go!

Step 2: Bleach

The next step was to bleach certain sections of my hair in order to create highlights.

Hair Bleaching at Koinonia Salon

This was done by brushing bleach lightly onto small sections of my hair and then wrapping in aluminium foil to help the bleach to process faster and prevent the unbleached areas from getting bleached. This step takes quite a bit of time so don't mind me while I whip out my laptop and start working on my neverending to-do list.

Hair Bleaching at Koinonia Salon

When the areas are bleached, mild heat is applied to accelerate the processing.

Hair Bleaching at Koinonia Salon

Step 3: Wash and Tone

Once the bleach had worked its magic, it was time to shampoo it off.

Hair Wash at Koinonia Salon

Purple shampoo was used to kill off the brassy tones in my hair for a more ashy look later on.

Hair Wash at Koinonia Salon

Step 4: Colour

Applying Highlights at Koinonia Salon

This is how my hair looks like immediately after the wash. 

Applying Highlights at Koinonia Salon

After my hair was dried, it looks like this:

Applying Highlights at Koinonia Salon

Shinice then applied another lavender brown colour she specially mixed for me.

Applying Highlights at Koinonia Salon

This helps to correct any uneven hair colour I had before and give it the extra dimension and texture that came with highlights.

Applying Highlights at Koinonia Salon

And then there was another 20 minutes of wait perhaps as the colour gets absorbed into the hair.

One last hair wash, blowdry

Blow Dry and Styling at Koinonia Salon

and styling and we are done:

Blow Dry and Styling at Koinonia Salon

Ready for the final unveil?

How I Look After Getting Highlights Colour at Koinonia Salon
How I Look After Getting Highlights Colour at Koinonia Salon
How I Look After Getting Highlights Colour at Koinonia Salon

What do you think of the colour?

It's a pity the camera cannot capture how gorgeous the hair colour is in person. just having the highlights itself added a sophistication into the hair that I never had before. 

How I Look After Getting Highlights Colour at Koinonia Salon

The unevenness of my previous colour is also gone, replaced by a sleek canvas of preety lavender brown hair. 

Thank you Shinice for your attentive service from start to finish. You explained what you did every step of the way so I wasn't worried at all at any point in time. You also took every one of my feedback into consideration and gave me exactly what I wanted for the chic hair colour I loved without needing much maintenance.

Can't wait to come back to you again! :)

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