What is Hippie Perm and the 7 Types of Ladies Most Suitable to Try Hippie Perms

Published on Sep 27, 2018

People often say that fashion trends go in cycles. If you live long enough, you'll probably see the trends in your childhood and your youth coming back into fashion a few times and we've seen exactly that for hair.

Just as we officially bid farewell to the era of stick straight hair of the 1990s

Straight Blonde Hair

and replace it with C Curl lobs that resemble a little of the sleek hair of the 1970s

C Curl

we're also starting to see the return of vintage curls. Soft beachy waves of the 2000s

Soft Beach Wave

seem to be making way for Hippie Perm from the 1980s.

Hippie Perm

Find out all about what this new perm trend is about and who should absolutely give the hippie perm a try!

What is a Hippie Perm?

A Hippie Perm is essentially a throwback to the big hair that was SO popular back in the 1980s. Both men and ladies were into this phase where they perm their hair into small tight curls to achieve the huge voluminous hair that just seemed to be EVERYWHERE. 

1980 Perm Hairstyle

1980s Hairstyle

The differences? 

Instagram @heybiblee

1. The hair length tends to be longer, over the shoulder

2. It involves having wispy curly bangs

A highlight of the hippie perm is the Aqua-Net bangs of the 1980s. This is the style where bangs are styled to be sky-high and involves use of some hairspray for a fluffy voluminous look.

Korean Trendy Hippie Perm

Take the look in totality and you can see why the trend has taken off in Korea, Japan and even internationally. 

From Lee Sung Kyung, Sulli, Kim So Hyun, Hara and Chanmi to Blake Lively 

Western Hippie Perm

and Olivia Munn

Interestingly, we feel that the hippie perm doesn't actually make one look sexier, cuter or cooler. 

Not sure if its the curls, the big hair or the somewhat messy look, the hippie perm seems to amplify your personal style,

Instagram @kimggotbi


Korean Trendy Hippie Perm

and your adorable femininity you may be. 

Korean Trendy Hippie Perm

Kim Go Eun in Cheese in the Trap

It is also meant to be naturally messy, making it an easy hairstyle to wake up with once you get that hippie perm!

The hippie perm, however, isn't necessarily something that everyone is suitable for. We talk to some stylists to see what types of ladies are a match made in heaven with the hippie perm!

7 Types of Ladies Whose Hair Hippie Perm is MOST Suited For

Of course, anyone who wants to do it should rock it!

There are however some ladies Hippie Perm is more suited for and they are listed below:

1. You are confident enough to stand out

Instagram @choi_dee

The Hippie Perm is not a hairstyle you'd want to get if you want to hide within the crowd. Especially in Singapore when a majority of ladies here have relatively straight hair, the sexy romantic curly locks is definitely going to make you stand out. 

Whether that's a good thing or not, depends on you. 

Do you have the confidence to carry this hairstyle? 

2. You are a Fashionista

Instagram @kimggotbi

Because the hair is so big and attention-seeking, EVERYONE's eyes will be on you. 

You don't have to be red-carpet ready but you do need to balance out your bombastic hair with complementary makeup to balance things out and that involves you needing to know what outfit and what makeup suits the occasion!

3. You enjoy looking cute

Combine the curls with an aegyo and you've got the ultimate cutie face for IG Story. 

Don't forget that pinkish makeup to complete the overall look!

Korean Trendy Hippie Perm

4. You have sharp features

Aesthetics is all about balance and contrast. From the many hippie perms we've seen done on people, we find that it looks best on ladies with sharp features.

Korean Trendy Hippie Perm

Possibly because the perm itself involves a lot of curls and waves, ladies with sharp features e.g. angled chin and sharp noses tend to carry this hippie perm best as it accentuates the sharper features.

It doesn't mean the rest of us can't go for hippie perm though, a good stylist will be able to customize the perm to your face shape so that it will still look good on you!

Hippie Perm at Koinonia Salon

We recently followed Agent NK to do her first hippie perm at Koinonia Salon.

Read more about her experience here

5. You enjoy experimenting with your hair

We often see people letting their hair down with the hippie perm but its pretty versatile.

Hippie Perm at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Hippie Perm at Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Tie your hair up and you'll look totally different. 

As easy it is to maintain it, all styles still need some TLC for your hair to look good. For more definition, apply curling lotion or oils to avoid the curls from looking frazzy and excessively messy!

6. You don't like perming your hair too often

Instagram @wmag

The nice thing about the hippie perm is that the curls are really small.

This means they can last a pretty long time if you don't mind them loosening out.

7. You don't yet have obvious eyebags, wrinkles and facial lines.

As this style is a more vintage retro look that is playful, it looks best on young, fresh faces going on adventures.

Instagram @erica_themom

It is no wonder why we see a lot of young ladies carrying this hairstyle but... that doesn't mean that you are not suited for it if you're above 40. 

If you maintain yourself well like the above Mom, this perm can still look good on you even if you're well into your 40s!

Do you dare to perm your hair hippie?

Let us know your thoughts below!

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