Hogwarts Inspired Hair Colours Every Harry Potter Fan Should Know

Published on Nov 23, 2018

Doesn't Fantastic Beast: The Crimes of Grindelwald bring back memories of the days you watched and rewatched the Harry Potter movies again and again or the days you pored over every single page of Harry Potter just to find out what happens next? 

As we indulge in the nostalgia within Potterverse, here are some Harry Potter inspired hair colours for your HP house of choice for this festive holiday!: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

P.S. Names are in alphabetical order, not our personal preference!

Griffindor-Inspired Hair Colour


Character Traits: Courage, Chivalry, Determination

Does your rash but brave personality help you identify with Gryffindor best? If so, the best hair colour for you is a combination of red and gold. Red and gold are the colours of fire as well as Gryffindor's emblematic lion. 

Wear these colours and people can immediately sense your passion and your red-hot heart. 

Red and Gold Hair Colour

It's definitely a loud and bold colour that takes guts and confidence to pull off, and since you're a Gryffindor, you certainly have the courage to wear this fiery red and orange ombre from Evolve Salon.

Orange Red Hair Colour by No. 8 Hair Studio

Orangey Red by No.8 Salon

Orangey red hair might not suit most people, so why not go for red hair. It's a popular colour choice and one that's been around for quite some time. So you won't have to feel a little self-conscious with red hair.

Griffindor Inspired Hair Colour Red Ombre

Red Ombre

For a sweeter rendition of Gryffindor, there is this pink and rose gold option by Full House Salon that would more than bring out your inner girly-ness.

Pink and Rose Gold Hair Colour

And, if you want to go all out, consider getting the nails to match.

Hufflepuff Themed Hair Colour


Character Traits: Loyal, Patient, Hardworking

More modest and not as competitive as the other houses, people who identify with Hufflepuff value hard work, dedication and fair play more than achievements and aptitude. They have a strong sense of right and wrong and treat everyone equally. If you are one of them, the hair colours that will bring out your Hufflepuff personality is yellow and black, which corresponds roughly to the elemeny; Earth. 

Yellow Highlight by Leekaja

LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

We admit yellow might seem a little out of the ordinary; you don't see many people walking around with yellow hair. However, you can still look hip and chic with the right styles.

Chic and Stylish Block Yellow Hair Colour at 99 Percent

 99 Percent Hair Studio

In reality, it is pretty difficult to carry this colour because of our skin colour. Hence, we see many stylists using panel highlights or highlights to feature yellow in the hair design instead of using it full-on.

Yellow Highlights for Short Hair

Evolve Salon

Dip dye is also a good option as it keeps your hair mostly dark with a strip of yellow at the ends to give you the pop of colour, while still maintaining the Hufflepuff Theme. 

A yellow-ish blonde ombre is also another way to show your house pride in a more subtle manner.

blonde balayage by the space

Blonde Ombre by The Space Korean Hair Salon

If you find a yellow hair makeover too dramatic, you can always experiment with your nails of course. 

Yellow Nail Art by Branche Hair Salon

By Branche Nail Salon

Ravenclaw Themed Hair Colour


Character Traits: Wit, Learning and Wisdom

Do you value intelligence and knowledge above all else? The sorting hat may just put you into Ravenclaw. Ravenclaw corresponds to the element; air. The blue represents the sky and the brown eagle feathers represent the yearning for greater knowledge and strength. 

Ravenclaw Themed Turquoise Blue Ombre

To show your allegiance to Ravenclaw, consider a brown to turquoise ombre by 99 Percent Hair Studio or a inner blue.

Sky Blue Highlights

Feeling more adventurous? You can always go full-on blue

Light Blue Hair Colour by Bump Hair Design

light blue by Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

If you need it to be even more work-friendly, there's navy blue peek-a-boo.

Blue Peekaboo Highlights by Branche

Branche Hair Salon

And of course, not forgetting your nails.

Blue Nail Art

 Queen's Market

Slytherin Themed Hair Colour


Character Traits: Ambition, Resourcefulness, Cunning

A lot of people have a somewhat negative impression of Slytherin due to their cunning nature but really, they are simply more ambitious and resourceful than others. Nothing wrong with that...and in fact, such traits may be necessary for some of us to advance in the real world. If you do prize these traits, the colour to wear is green and silver.

Ravenclaw Themed Silver Green Hair Colour by Full House

Silver Green by Full House

Slytherin corresponds with the element water and its emblematic animal serpent is also commonly associated with the seas.

Green and silver are also often seen in waters around lakes.

You'll probably see more of green this year as it is inducted into Color Zoom 2019 Remix Collection. This colour is created by Dylan Tung from Evolve Salon, Winner of Goldwell Global Color Zoom 2017 and Goldwell National Artist!

Green Hair Colour by Picasso Hair Studio
Emerald Green Highlights by Leekaja

Left by Picasso Hair Studio. Right by LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

If that's too green for you, there's always ashy green which may require no or minimal bleach to subtly show off your shrewd side.

Ash Green Highlights by Chez Vous

Silver Turquoise by Chez Vous

If you're scared of green, try mixing in some blue in an ombre or to create a turquoise blend.

We especially LOVE this silver turquoise blend as it really brings out the Slytherin vibe and feel!

Green Blue Ombre by Chez Vous

Chez Vous

As usual, you have the more work-friendly option in the form of a green, blue ombre here. 

Slytherin Themed Green Gold Nail Art

Complete the look with serpent like nails by Branche Nail Salon.

Are you ready to get a colour that is the same as your crest? Share your experience on Bu.sg!

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