Hot Roots: An Unexpected Hair Colour That is Trending

Published on Oct 18, 2017

ust saying "Hot Roots" out loud is enough to cause panic to most hairdressers.

It is, after all, something that hairdressers use to describe a hair mistake - excessive brightness caused when bleaching your hair. 

When done badly, it can make anyone look like a hair disaster but it is surprisingly pretty if the colours are properly matched and the hot roots purposefully done!

Read on to find out what is Hot Roots!

Hot Roots: What it is

Instagram @pravana

No, we are not talking about bleaching gone wrong, where you have a bright yellow or orange band at the roots of your hair. We're talking about an actual style that is in fact trending!

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Also known as reverse ombre, it is exactly what its name suggests. The roots is coloured a more vibrant colour than when compared to the ends, unlike the typical ombre.

Vibrant Blue Root Hair Colour

By Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

Instead of a perfect, clean line of bleach, the roots are a few inches long to make it look deliberate.

Pink hair colour at bump

By Bump @ Holland Village

It can be done to both light or dark colours, and it makes the hair colour more natural and low maintenance.

How you can get it

1. Bleach your roots

The point of hot roots is to make your roots the brightest part of your hair. To make it white and bright, bleaching is required. Luckily, you will only need to bleach a few inches of your hair.

Root Bleaching at Full House Salon

Half and Half Hair Colour by Full House Salon

2. Colour your roots

Next step, colouring. This is possibly the most tricky part and it's best to discuss with your stylist to see which colour combination will present a more pleasing effect. Remember to choose a colour that is more vibrant at the roots than the ends!

The colour options are so broad as you can pretty much get any and every colour. You can get it with bright bleached hair ...

brightly coloured hair ...

jet black hair ...

Instagram @tsanthony

or even just a dyeing a bit of your roots!

You can also change it up by getting hot roots and a dip dye.

Instagram @hairnarchy

Where you can get it

You can get it at any hair salon that does hair colours. However, some stylists are possibly more skillful at making the hot roots appear natural than others.

1. 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

99 percent

There are many salons out there that claim that they do hair colouring very wel but few of them can create beautiful hair colours the way 99 Percent Hair Studio does it!  We're not just saying because of their Instagram feed. We know of many Beauty Undercover agents and friends whom all have been more than impressed with the hair colours here! Hence, it comes as no surprise why 99 Percent Studio is on the top of our list whenever someone asks for recommendations to do challenging hair colours.

2. Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

The hair colours here don't just look trendy, we hear that they last very long and doesn't make your hair dry! Co-Founder Samantha credits their very popular hair colours to the use of high quality hair colour product, Joico, which has been voted the World's Best Hair Colour for years!. Especially with the latest low-damage hair colour Vero K Pak Reconstructor, Samantha finds that the hair colours they do for customers can last above 6 months while repairing customers existing damaged hair.

All the stylists here are experienced in mixing hair colours to achieve beautiful hair results for customers, and will ensure that you are happy with your hair results before you walk out the door. With the high level of service, great hair products, and skillful hairstylists, Full House is a must-try hair salon in Tampines! 

3. Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista

Bump Hair Design Rochester

Bump Hair Design is built on the philosophy of quality hair services and great Japanese service at an affordable price. We're especially enamored with talented Japanese stylist Sone who can create vibrant hair colours which stands out for being classy and head-turning at the same time. Sone is also very fast with hairstyle trends and is a great choice for anyone looking for creative hair colours with Japanese service. 

Why you should or should not get it

It is a fun and new hairstyle. It is really unique and since trends do not last long, you can just try it out for a few weeks.


This hairstyle is high maintenance as you can't let your roots show. Since the focus of this is the roots, you will have to go for touch ups whenever your roots start to grow out. Not only will it be time-consuming and expensive, it is not good to let bleach touch your scalp too often.

When you should get it

If you have decided to give hot roots a try, the best time to do it is


Since trends move at lightning speed, you should get it as soon as possible, before it becomes so passé. Of course, it's all up to you, and some might even wait for the trend to pass so that they will be the only one having it. It also helps if you've already gotten your hair fully bleached because you won't need to pay for bleaching to achieve this effect. 

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