20 Handsome Male Stylists who are as Suave as they are Skillful in Singapore (Updated 2021)

Published on Aug 26, 2021

Since stylists have always used their genius and effort to transform their clients into stunners, we think it's time to place them in the spotlight for a change! And because we believe in equality here at Beauty Undercover, we'd like to celebrate male beauty this time - Because while you don't have to be gorgeous yourself to make other people look gorgeous, these gentlemen are just overachievers.

Note: Stylists featured are based on the personal opinions of the Beauty Undercover team and are not ranked in any particular order.

1. Koichi from WhiteTree Japanese Hair Salon

Koichi from WhiteTree Japanese Hair Salon

We haven't met a Japanese hairstylist as impressive as Koichi in a long time! More than just a pretty face, Koichi is one of the few Japanese stylists who graduated from a Science University and subsequently applied his scientific training to hairdressing.

Best known for his Lather Cut, Koichi can achieve voluminous hair that doesn't even require a perm. Add his strong grasp of colours and you've got an ethereal vibe attainable by only a few.

His precision and skill has been endorsed not just by customers but also those in the industry as he's been invited to conduct seminars over in Japan and China as well.

For the full experience, we highly recommend you to try his cut, colour and treatment at $235 as he'll include a pampering 5 min head spa massage with every visit.

If budget is an issue however, check out WHITETREE Salon's $70 Bikami Head Spa & Trim to experience the full suite of services by a Japanese stylist without breaking the bank.

2. Anthony from Yann Beyrie

Handpicked by David Lucas to be among his apprentices, Anthony is a stylist who offers you a French experience like no other.

Chic hairstyles are a given, thanks to his extensive background colouring and styling for models and celebrities walking the Runways in Paris. Whether you're thinking Emily in Paris or an avant garde blue hair colour, Anthony can deliver it all with a sheen of French class.

But it is his Southern French hospitality and sexy French accent that got our hearts beating as each visit with him brings us to one of the fashion capital of the world (Paris, London, Barcelona, Milan, Berlin and Tokyo).

With skill, credentials, personality and looks all packed in one attractive package, Anthony is definitely one of our top MUST-TRY hairstylists for haircut and colour in Singapore!

3. Andrew from Mode Studio

Andrew from MODE Studio

Walk into Mode Studio and the first stylist to catch your eye is probably going to be the friendly and boyish Singaporean stylist Andrew. Andrew isn't just good-looking, he is a top colour specialist with a pulse on latest hair trends.

Whether it is face-contouring highlights or classy foilyage, he can bring out your inner glamour without ever getting you in trouble with your boss.

Brown Highlights by Andrew from MODE Studio
Brown Highlights by Andrew from MODE Studio

You'll also love how he matches the colour with a cut that customizes according to your bone structure, face width, face length and collarbone for better contouring.

Add his jovial understated personality to his multifaceted skill and you've got a good-looking hairstylist you actually want to go back to.

4. Ted from LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Ted from Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

Putting the 'Ted' in 'wanted' is this K-pop star lookalike, who also happens to be one of the most skilled Korean stylists in Singapore.

Because his haircuts and perms are close to unmatched, the current statistics are that 10 out of 10 customers will go back to Ted after getting just one single hair service at his hands.

If you want to join his loyal following, remember that he has numerous devotees and a long waiting list, so expect to book at least weeks in advance...but believe us when we say he has been known to make clients look as good as he does, which is a pretty high standard.

5. Sone from ROOM Japanese Hair Salon @ Amoy Street

Sone from ROOM Japanese Hair Salon @ Amoy Street

This Japanese stunner doesn't only boast an intense gaze, but a solid reputation for providing quality cuts and colours inspired by both the latest Eastern as well as Western hair trends.

He's also a master at adapting techniqes originating in different parts of the globe to Asian hair, and challenges himself to create audacious, attractive colours for Singaporean clients.

For those looking for work-friendly hues, we love his grey ash ombre that looks simultaneously distinct and professional.

He is also very fluent in English so consultation - and some possibly giggly chatting - should be a breeze. Did we also mention that Xiaxue simply adores his colour as well?

6. Kent from No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East Chinese Garden

Kent from No. 8 Hair Studio

Kent isn't the most talkative stylist out there but his high standards for cuts and colours and impressive intuition has made him one of the most popular hairstylists in Jurong.

His regular customers trust him so much that they no longer specify their hairstyle preference anymore and surrender the reins completely to Kent... because he has never once failed them.

And why not? He knows just how to pick colours and place them perfectly to provide you with your own distinct image.

His colours and cuts are also very versatile; a change in parting and a simple ponytail can yield a very different look due to the way he incorporates highlights and dyes.

7. Eri Su from Erisu Salon

Eri Su from Eri Su Salon

The first moment we talked to Erisu, we fell in love. Not just because he is good-looking, Singaporean and extremely talented (he even styled for Asia's Next Top Models before!) 

What made us fall in love with this stylist is a genuine sincerity and warmth that disarms even the most distant of customers. Far from the typical stylist who would ask for the hair service you're looking to do, Erisu makes sure you're seated, comfortable and served a beverage of your choice before asking for your name and understanding who you are. To him, the actual hair service is secondary; customers come to him because they either have a problem or a dream and it is precise this problem he hopes to resolve or the dream he aims to fulfill. Sensing that Erisu is the real deal, many customers lean in and share their hopes and dreams. 

Unsurprisingly, many of these dreams involve hair. Whether you're thinking of walking down the aisle looking as stunning as Hailey Bieber or Priyanka Chopra or simply because you're looking for a 180 degree change, Erisu will make your dream come to life. Anyone who've gotten their hair done by him will love how his balayage stands out for being truly flattering; he doesn't just match your hair colour to your skin tone but customizes the placement of highlights to your hair texture and waves to bring out the dynamism in your hair.

That's not all; even after the colour is done, Erisu makes sure he makes every customer looks red-carpet ready with styling that gets you flipping out your phone and taking a selfie. He doesn't stop there though; believing that a good hair day can lift the spirits of his customers, he takes the effort to teach them how to style the same way back home. 

Even though it's just an exterior change, those who've followed his advice have seen great results. Thanks to greater confidence from beautiful hairstyles, customers reported getting more compliments from friends, colleagues and family and even closer relationships with their partners. There was even an example of someone clinching a new job after a makeover with Erisu. As much as he can't help all customers in all areas of their lives, his empathetic nature and listening ear, along with his hairdressing talents, have changed the lives of many... for the better. 

8. Jun Park from LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Jun Park from Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

Jun's striking features and Canadian accent are a surprising and charming combination. Of course, what might make you fall properly head over heels in love is the fact that he's the only stylist we know in Singapore that possesses a Vidal Sassoon instructor qualification. In order to receive that certification, Jun had to cut the hair of over 1500 models and successfully pass 8 challenging tests...most stylists that attend Vidal Sasson courses only pass one.

It's no surprise that he's learned to create a detailed hairstyle that takes into account your collarbone, neck, face shape and bone structure to truly transform your look.

9. Oscar from Chez Vous Hideaway @ Ngee Ann City

Oscar from Chez Vous Hideaway

While he may not speak much, this Oscar is far from the grouch, as you can see from that winning smile in a boy-next-door's mien. And while he doesn't chatter, this earnest, knowledgeable stylist is a man of action - Oscar is a perm and volume rebonding expert in the celebrated Chez Vous salon!

Having trained under a Korean hair director in his previous establishment, this Singaporean expert has various techniques in his repertoire to transform the texture of your hair to natural and breathtaking effect, and is always ready to offer various options to match your personality, lifestyle and face shape, even if you stepped into the salon without a clue as to what you wanted to look like leaving it.

Even perm connoisseur Agent G was suitably impressed by how Oscar manages to give her her favourite perm of all.

10. Alex from The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics

Looking like he stepped right out of a Taiwanese drama, Alex is so good-looking that our heart did a double take when we saw him for the first time. NGL, we almost swooned when he politely introduced himself and escorted us in his oh-so-gentlemanly way to our seat. 

Don't let his good looks distract you from his solid skills though; this is one talented stylist with over 16 years of experience in the industry! His specialty? Perms and Volume Rebonding. Thanks to his previous experience at some of Singapore's top salons, Alex puts a lot of focus on helping customers retain hair volume even after removing frizz.

He does so using a multitude of techniques, including root perm to give your hair volume that extra boost! That's not all. This versatile stylist is also fabulous with face-framing balayage highlights that brightens your face and contouring haircuts that take only 40 minutes! (Is there anything this stylist can't do?)

With the huge variety of techniques in his arsenal, Alex is able to give you a hairstyle you never knew you could carry. In fact, a number of customers rave about how previous stylists could never make them look good in bangs, short haircuts or even centre-part... until they met Alex. 

Alex may not be the most chatty stylist out there but with his strong hairdressing skills, gentlemanly demeanor and good looks, he is definitely a stylist you should not miss in TUA!

11. Daisuke from Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Daisuke from Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

'Daisuki' is what Japanese anime characters say to each other to confess their attraction, and perhaps appropriately, that's only one letter away from this Tokyo stylist's name. After all, not only does Daisuke have beach-boy appeal, but he's won competitions such as Ra Shisa and been the genius beautifying models in multiple photoshoots.

He's especially known for a rare skill - Detailed haircuts to provide flow volume without additional chemical services, and are extremely low maitnenance.

Having said that, his gorgeous highlights have also won the hearts of fans who love how stylish and work-friendly it looks.

We'd encourage you to go try him out - just be careful to pronounce his name correctly to avoid blush-worthy moments.

12. Ryan from Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis & Tanjong Pagar

Ryan from Picasso Hair Studio

He may look boyish, but Singaporean stylist Ryan is an old hand with a solid 9 years in the hairdressing industry. Humble and a stickler for details, we adore his cuts and straight perms that gets years off your face while making your hair that much easier to deal with.

Want a bit more wave in your life? Ryan will customize the waves according to your face shape and personality to get you your desired style.

13. Shun Sakurai from Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty @ Chijmes

Shun from Shun Sakurai Japanese Hair Salon

If a stylist has won multiple hairdressing competitions in Japan, styled for luxury brands like Chanel, AND is an ambassador for haircare manufacturers, you know they're the real deal.

Despite being able to create statement styles that require minimal maintenance, being a celebrity in his own right and, well, looking the way he does, Shun is still the most humble stylist we've met.

Once you give him a try, you'll understand all the hype surrounding him. No matter what hair type you have or how badly your previous haircut may be, Shun just knows how to craft a hairstyle that completely changes the way you look for the better.

While he always wants to help his customers, that doesn't mean he isn't constantly fully-booked though, so call ahead of time to secure an appointment.

14. Glen from Twist Hair Salon

There are very few young Singaporean stylists, let alone good-looking ones, with skill, talent and passion. That’s why we’re super excited to introduce Glen.

Passionate towards hairdressing, Glen put in much hard work training under Shuhei and as you can see, attained a high proficiency in the area of hair colouring and haircut.

He manages to integrate trending styles in Singapore with Japanese haircutting techniques to achieve easily maintainable curls and colours that have impressed even fussy local and western customers.

His stylish men's cuts, perms and colours have also gotten him a huge following among men working in the area.

15. Ken from Threes Japanese Hair Salon @ Clarke Quay

Ken from Threes Japanese Hair Salon

It is not everyday a Top Stylist from one of Japan's trendiest hair salons sets up shop Singapore, especially not one who has worked on Japan's A-list actors and singers.

If you were to pay him a visit though, you'd notice that certain confidence in Ken's consultation that already hints at his wealth of experience and tremendous talent. And that's even before you see how he mixes dyes to achieve unprecedented tones in a range he coins Clarity Colour...no wonder leading artistes make sure to secure a session with him before their major album shoots or concert.

And heck, he looks pretty much like a Japanese celebrity too. So for some Japanese superstar service, you know who to look for.

16. Kensuke Kai from Branche Japanese Hair Salon

Kensuke Kai from Branche Japanese Hair Salon

With extensive experience in styling models and even working backstage at the Tokyo Girl Collection in Shanghai, Kai knows exactly what to do to add that glamorous glow to your hair without detracting from the overall elegance of the hair design.

Other than Motemaki celebrity-worthy styling that makes you look glamorous and kawaii at the same time, his specialty lies in bob haircuts and using a combination of highlights and lowlights to bring out the best of your skin tone.

His work is very meticulous, using 30-60 foils to achieve an even natural gradation as opposed to the 10-20 foils used on other salons. You'll also love how his haircuts also seem to last longer than other stylists!

With his great service attitude and awesome skills, it is easy to see why Kai is Branche’s Salon Manager and top stylist!

17. Kenneth from MODE Studio

Kenneth From MODE Studio

You may not have heard of Kenneth as he is not one who flaunts himself on social media but this gem of a stylist has actually accumulated more than 13 years of experience at some of Singapore's top salons.

Kenneth believes that being able to connect with customers at their level so he does in-depth consultations to give him an insight that few other stylists can achieve.

He takes the effort to get to know you and remember your preferences, so much so that many of his clients treat him more like a friend than a stylist. And it is from this connection where you know Kenneth truly cares as he goes the extra mile each and every single time. 

18. Lee Han from The Space Korean Hair Salon @ Dhoby Ghaut 

Lee Han from The Space Korean Hair Salon

Lee Han among Beauty Undercover's top 3 Korean stylists for perms in Singapore. He is a perfectionist and always takes the time and effort to make sure his customers leave the salon chair looking the best they possibly can.

His perm is gorgeous but that's not why so many women go to him; Lee Han specializes at helping ladies with damaged and super fine hair to reduce their frizz and attain curls with low-damage lotions and techniques that reduce frizz.

Having said that, his colours are beautiful too.

And of course, looking at him, you might want to see if he can offer you some skin and beauty tips too.

19. Dave from Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Dave from Be Salon at Millenia Walk

Thanks to his training from top hair academies Pivot Point as well as Toni & Guy, Dave doesn’t let any strand of stray hair go unnoticed as he gives a haircut that looks good FROM ALL ANGLES.

Male customers talk about how his haircut can last more than 8 weeks and for ladies, months without getting out of shape!

His strong haircut gives a strong foundation for perms and colours that keeps you looking chic and board-room ready at all times - a reason why many of his clients stick close to him.

Beyond skill though, this is one stylist we enjoy spending time with. He doesn’t chat when he sees that you answering emails on your laptop but when he knows you’d enjoy some companionship, Dave will throw in a joke or two and even a dinner recommendation to light up your day.

20. Linus from Geranium Hair Salon

Linus from Geranium Hair Salon

Take a look at his gorgeous colours and you'll know why he was chosen to be Shiseido's Artistic Ambassador.

Bright yet understated, Linus is able to balance between trendy and wearability for a statement colour that won't make you look like an ah lian. The secret he says, is not being overly impatient. Many of these colours can be achieved overnight but would not be optimal due to the damage. Going lighter over time would also allow customers to better judge how comfortable they are at maintaining the colour.

We recently sent Agent S to get her hair coloured by Linus and look at her transformation!

Cheap and Long Lasting Lavender Hair Colour by Linus from Geranium Hair Salon
Cheap and Long Lasting Lavender Hair Colour by Linus from Geranium Hair Salon
Cheap and Long Lasting Lavender Hair Colour by Linus from Geranium Hair Salon

Read more about the long lasting yet affordable hair colour here!

21. Kenta from Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Raved by Entrepreneurs, Beauty Queens, Stay-at-home Moms, Office Professionals, Bankers and Singers, Kenta leaves an overwhelmingly positive impression on each and every customer he serves. Whether it is your first or your 10th visit, Kenta does his best to make sure that you look good and feel good after every visit. 

If you need any recommendation, we're especially taken with his #wakeuplikethis colours and perms.

Having said that, Michaela Japanese Hair Salon is really known for their treatments! So don't forget to ask Kenta for advice on which best suits your hair!

Agent G recently tried the Mochi Mochi treatment and loved how it revived her curls!

22 Hajime from FiNDER by COVO

Hajime from Finder by COVO

With his trendy haircut and good-looking features, Hajime looks more like a J-Pop Star than a Japanese stylist.

His good looks (and amazing breakdance) aren't the only reasons why he is so popular though; Hajime does such stunning hair colours and styling that he is able to make almost anyone look like an anime character. 

Hajime he loves to create hairstyles with the ending styling needs in mind. If you don't style your hair, Hajime will create a haircut that looks good without styling. However, if you do style your hair, he will cut a different style so that you can have 5 different looks with a single cut! This is probably the reason why he was awarded Excellence award in a hairdressing competition in Kanto area of Japan.

23. Justin from On Hair Korean Hair Salon

Justin from On Hair Korean Hair Salon

Agent G (Chief Editor of Beauty Undercover) promises that this is one of her go-to-hair-guys not just because of his clean-cut good looks.

He's one of the best Korean stylists in Singapore that the team has been privileged to meet, and fuses his Hallyu aesthetics with strong command of English and experience working with different hair textures, developed afer his spent time working in Korea and Australia.

Agent G adores Justin for his trendy haircuts, sophisticated hair colours and gorgeous perms (and only tangentially for his face).

23. Ken from Kudos by Headlines

Ken from Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing

He has boyish allure and a stunningly symmetrical features, but what really wins customers over is the genuine and caring way in which Ken interacts with them.

He always considers your priorities including budget and ease of maintenance, and being Singaporean, he understands the weather and lifestyle here and how it will affect your tresses.

Even if he thinks you're the perfect model for a more expensive hair service with some styling required, he will always make sure to provide something that fits with your life... their exclusive low-damage Rinka Treatment Perm is a good example.

Ken from Kudos Headlines Hairdressing Cutting Hair

FYI, prices here are also really affordable too.

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