Falling in Love with Japanese Hair Salons All Over Again: Ash Hair Colour and Cut at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Published on Aug 12, 2016

Korean hair salons may be in trend for their perms but its the Japanese Hair Salons that leave the strongest impression for their high level of service and skilful haircuts!

Busy working professionals who yearn for a pampering hair service with trendy work-friendly hairstyles, especially, will love the relaxed ambience, attentive service and the wonderfully stylish ash grey hair colours we see at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Japanese Hair Salon Connoisseur Agent E gave COVO Japanese Hair Salon a go - read on to see what an experience at COVO Japanese Hair Salon entails!

July 2016

Hey there, I am Agent E and I am a style blogger at Everestsays.com. I lead an active and busy lifestyle and like my morning routines to be as simple and fuss-free as possible.

Opting for vibrant hair colours mimicking the ocean might seem tempting but the maintenance could prove to be quite a chore for my lifestyle.

I had previously lightly bleached my hair close to a year ago and it has since grown out, leaving the last one third of my hair in a yellowish brown tone.

I have been sporting this shorter hair length since two years ago when I decided to give my scalp a break from long hair and gotten my hair snipped off at a trusted Japanese salon.

agent e
agent e

If you have not had gotten a hair cut by a Japanese hair stylist, you must know that they are famed to give a detailed, meticulous cut for Asian hair that not only looks good at the salon but holds it shape well months after your cut.

When Agent G decided to connect me with COVO Katong for a hair colour, I knew I would be in good hands.

COVO at Katong is located along the row of shop houses opposite Katong 112 Mall. Walking into the shophouse unit of COVO felt very welcoming and cozy with the wood finishing and spacious interior of the salon.


The salon’s modern and minimal design coupled with the clean and immaculate cleanliness of the place makes me feel that I am in good professional hands.


I was introduced to Keisuke, who recently moved to Singapore, has at least a decade of experience in Japan as a hairstylist and instructor in a hair academy. Keisuke proceeded with a consultation of my history of hair services that I have received and what I was looking for. As I still had a section of hair that was bleached, Keisuke suggested that I made use of it by adding some grey ash tones to it, lighter on the outside, darker on the inside. Having not coloured my hair in any ash tones previously, I decided to go ahead with his suggestion.


As there were remnants of dye from my previous colouring, a toner was applied to remove these pigments to reveal the bleached hair which makes for a good foundation to absorb the new colour.

applying toner

The toner was washed off after a short wait.

Are you wondering why there is a piece of brown cloth covering my eyes?

That is the thoughtful gestures of Japanese salons which only Japanese Salons seem to offer. Covering your eyes make you feel more relaxed as it is darker, makes you less awkward and uncomfortable when you are lying down. It also serves a function purpose of preventing shampoo or water from splashing onto your eyes.

hair wash
applying colour

After the toner is washed off, the bleached brassy tone of my hair is revealed. The first layer of colour was applied.

applying colour

Followed by a quick wash off.

hair wash

And the second layers of colours were applied.

second layers of colours

There was a mix of colours in this second stage of colouring. There was an ash tone colour that was applied, followed by a wash off.

blow dry

After the wet hair is blown dry, a layer of reds and greens were applied to counter the brassy tones in my hair so that it doesn’t appear through the new colour.

applying colour
green colour

After the colouring is done, I was treated to the comfy two step COVO treatment, which is a popular and effective treatment at COVO. The treatment is a proprietary blend of different sized keratins and amino acids carefully chosen for its restorative effects for hair damaged by chemical treatments. 

covo treatment

I am left to rest with a warm steaming towel around my head that was so soothing that the 10mins wait felt like only a minute.

Back at my seat in the salon, I was down to the final process at the salon, which was a hair trim. I wanted to maintain my hair length but needed more shape and volume as my fine hair tends to be limp and flat.


Keisuke took the time to cut my hair in various sections to give it the necessary layers for the lift in the roots but still keeping it easy for me to style it on my own.

blow dry
hair spray

And the final return was glossy coloured hair with a voluminous cut that gave framed my face.

before and after
before and after back

I walked out of the salon feeling light and breezy with bounce in my soft silky hair.

The soft texture of my treated hair lasted more than a week, my hair was very easy to manage and style in the mornings and it doesn’t fall flat at midday like most hair cuts do.

One thing, however, did not last for me was the colour. After less than a handful of washes, the brassy tones of the bleached section showed through.

COVO was contacted and they were really nice and apologetic about it and offered to have it redone.

Second Visit

My second visit was close to two weeks later.

after wash

As previously shared, my hair had been treated with a bleaching process prior to coming to COVO. Sometimes it is hard to gauge the colour payoff for hair dye and how it penetrates the hair shaft especially when there has been previous hair processes done. My bleached hair probably wasn’t able to hold the light ash grey colours that I have opted for.

applying hair colour

Keisuke studied my hair and how much the dye has washed off and recommended a darker colour in the same ash colour series. His recommendation was based on his understanding that the darker ash tones stay on better and I took his recommendation.


This time round, the dye was also left on my hair just a little longer for the colours to be better absorbed.

Since this is my second chemical treatment in two weeks, Keisuke gave me an indulgent hair treatment known as the Super COVO Hair Treatment. The Super COVO Hair Treatment builds upon the "normal" COVO Hair Treatment with a second application of Keratin Blend 1 which contains a mixture of small and medium sized Keratin molecules. This improves upon the original COVO Hair Treatment's ability to repair damage in the hair shaft to maintain a healthy sheen.


A quick blow to dry my hair and you can see how glossy my hair was after the treatment.

blow dry

The subtle ash tones of this new colour can be seen at certain angles and the glossy sheen in my hair is definitely due to the treatment.

after colour
after hair colour

In this second colour, my hair is maintaining its ashy tones and I am so thankful for COVO Katong for tirelessly helping me achieve and maintain the colour that I desire!

after hair colour

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