This Indiba Slimming Facial from Allumer Japanese Salon Tones and Slims Down Face

Published on Aug 10, 2018

Hi, I'm Agent SK. I'm usually the person behind the camera, taking photos for all the Agents on Beauty Undercover. 

Of the different services I've gone for, facials are rather fascinating for me. I'm keen to get my face looking brighter and clearer but I've heard about all those horror stories on extraction and painful facials, so that sort of put me off facials. That was.. until I discovered Japanese facials. After going on several facial visits with actual customers, I realize that Japanese facials are very unique because they promote a no-extraction mild facial that can still see results. 

The latest one that caught my eye was the Indiba Anti-Aging and Facial Slimming Facial by Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon. As time passes, wrinkles and folds appear as the skin loses its elasticity and slows down metabolism. Hence, some fat will be stored as cellulite. According to Allumer, Indiba is a medical grade Radiofrequency machine that stimulates skin tissue in the following ways:

  1. Proionic action: Increase metabolism of cells by mobilizing ions within cells
  2. Microcirculation: Draining toxins by increasing capillary circulation and tissue oxygenation
  3. Hyperthermia: Increase cell metabolism and elasticity of the skin.

It is not painful and does not have downtime and you can feel the skin firm up immediately. 

It's effects is best seen on toning cellulite rich areas like the butt and even the stomach, although Allumer uses it primarily for the face. 

Yes I know, slimming is best done with dietary adjustments and exercise. However, I can't help but be curious about what the facial can do for my skin and my face.

Hence, I volunteered to give it a go when I heard about Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon asking for facial models; they just purchased the machine and wanted to see how well it works on our face.

This is the first time I've been to Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon. I took the MRT to Outram Park MRT and walked over, surprised to find it in a hipster looking area called Bukit Pasoh Rd. It was a little hard to find but was pretty happy when I did. 

I was greeted by the very pretty Tomomi, my facial therapist for the day. 

Here's how my face looked like before I started the treatment.

Even though I knew I was getting a facial, I still wore makeup... because I simply can't go out without it. 

Wait a little more and you'll see my pre-makeup face!

But first, Tomomi escorted me to the facial room to change. The facial room itself looks like a Japanese ryokan but with a facial bed in the middle!

The highlight of today's treatment is however the Indiba machine. 

It looks really sophisticated and apparently is very popular back in Japan! 

Before we start the facial however, Tomomi placed a metal conductor on the bed before I can lie on it. This is necessary to ensure proper conduction of the radiofrequency waves.

The metal piece felt a little cold but I soon got used to it.

Now, can you see how nervous I am? 

I have NEVER been without my makeup when I'm outside the house. So this is the first time I'm being photographed as well. Perhaps its a confidence thing but I just don't like how my face looks like without makeup. 

First, Tomomi tied my hair in a towel

Then gave me a nice shoulder massage to calm me down.

Definitely felt good!

Removing Makeup and Cleansing

Next, she removed my eye makeup first

As my makeup was very thick and waterproof, Tomomi had to spend more time than usual on removing makeup. 

She had to use a steamer as well to get the pores to open but she made sure that the entire process was comfortable for me. 

She also used a very gentle scrub and massaged my face to remove the makeup before wiping it off with a towel.

This is how my face looked like without makeup.

I didn't dare to open my eyes because I know it looks quite bad, 

My skin has a problem with uneven skin tone.

On the side, you can also see some reddish sensitive spots on my face. 

Can this machine really help me?

Indiba Machine

The first thing Tomomi did was to apply the Indiba cream throughout the areas of focus, which first happens to be my neck area. 

Once applied, she used the machine and moved the machine in a circular motion around the neck area. 

She spent 5 minutes applying the radiofrequency waves on the neck area before moving higher to lift my cheek area and slim down the side of my face. 

While there is no pain at all, the machine itself emitted some heat. Every few minutes, she will ask if I'm okay with the heat to make sure that I'm comfortable. 

To let me see the difference, Tomomi did one side of the face before moving on to the other side.

Here are the results after 15 minutes on my left side. 

Wow, I'm actually quite surprised that the improvement is so visible just after 15 minutes. 

Tomomi also got me to touch the area under my chin... 

As you can see, the right side under the chin was slightly smaller than the left. 

When I touched my skin, I could also feel that my left side (shown on the right) was more firm and taut as compared to the right.

Quite miraculous I think, given that it's only been 15 minutes.

Once I'm ready, Tomomi moved on to perform the treatment on the other side of my face. 

Once again the neck area for about 5 minutes. 

Somehow I felt that the machine appeared warmer on this side than the previous one. When I felt that the heat was too high, I'll let her know and she will adjust the intensity downwards.

Towards the end of the indiba machine massage, Tomomi mentioned that she will be replacing the machine with her hands. Tomomi put the machine on her hand and started massaging my face with her hand. Interestingly, her hand felt very warm on my face! It's as if the radiofrequency waves travelled through her hands and got to my face. It felt gooood!

That marked the end of the Indiba segment, which lasted an hour!


As the Indiba cream was still on my face, Tomomi wiped the cream off my face with a warm towel.

She then used a mild facial wash and wiped it off with a soft sponge to make sure that my face is thoroughly cleaned. 

Next, Tomomi gave me a very relaxing massage on the face and decollete.

This massage uses lifting techniques to also sculpt facial muscles upwards. 

It extended all the way to the decollete. 

I enjoyed the massage so much, I just fell into deep sleep. 

So much so that I didn't even realize that Tomomi was applying a mask on my face after that.

She didn't leave me alone while waiting for the mask to be absorbed though.

Tomomi gave me a heavenly scalp and shoulder massage! She very kindly reminded me to do some stretches as I'm often in front of the computer and this makes my neck quite stiff.

After about 10 minutes, Tomomi removed the mask with a soft sponge. 

She used a toner to cleanse the skin once more. 

Before applying the requisite moisturizer and sunblock for my face. 

And now, my facial is done!

Here's how my face looked before and after. 

Left: Before, Right: After

While I didn't get a V-shaped jaw immediately, I could see and feel a visible difference. 

Here's another comparison. 

A little hard to compare because I had makeup on before and no makeup after but here it is anyway

Glad to see that my cheekbones are more lifted and jawline tighter after just one session. 

Overall Thoughts

Whoo hoo, my first facial and it's at a Japanese facial salon! I haven't been to Japan but I'm glad to experience it in Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon. The place was very clean and pretty and the service was very good. 

As for the facial itself, I'm happy to note that there was no pain at all. It was relaxation all the way, so much so that I felt sleepy during and after the facial. Most importantly, I was glad to see a visible difference after just one session. Tomomi mentioned that I probably have to come for 5 to 10 sessions to see an even bigger difference especially in its lifting effects. 

If I want my face to slim down further though, I would probably have to control my diet and exercise for the biggest difference. I can see how this treatment helps particularly while slimming down because it reduces cellulite and makes the facial skin more toned up. It also helped to reduce water retention and double chin!

The only drawback is the price. It's a little difficult for me to come here regularly but will definitely consider for the full course when I've achieved some progress on the diet and exercise front. 

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