What is Inkarami+ and Why Top Stylists Are Recommending It For Your Next Hair Colour, Perm or Rebonding

Published on Aug 03, 2019

Tokio Inkarami is no doubt one of Beauty Undercover Agents' favourite hair treatment.

As our reviewers share, Tokio Inkarami doesn't just make your hair smooth, it strengthens your hair from within, making it thicker, less frizzy and the results last longer than the usual hair treatments available. Hair that was previously too damaged to be permed can now be magically revived after a few times of Tokio Inkarami to be strong enough to sustain chemical services such as perm or rebonding. It's also a popular treatment to rescue frizzy and unruly hair, even for people with natural hair! 

Typically, however, Tokio Inkarami is applied after a chemical service to repair whatever damage that has been sustained.

Stylists back in Japan and Singapore have innovatively incorporated Tokio Inkarami within the colour or perm itself to enhance the treatment effect of Tokio Inkarami. This led the maker of Tokio Inkarami to conduct intense research on how it can be incorporated into chemical service to minimize damage to the hair. 

And Voila, Inkarami+ is born!

Read on to find out what Inkarami+ is and how this upgraded sibling is your must-have Add-On to your next hair colour, perm or rebonding!

What is Inkarami+

Inkarami+ is a treatment add-on that is incorporated throughout the hair colour, perm and other chemical services to minimize damage. 

Like all products under the TOKIO series, it contains Nobel Prize Winning Ingredient Fullerene which has these key benefits:

✔ Deep moisturizing repair 

✔ Greatly improve hair quality

✔ UV Rays Protection

What exactly is the process for Inkarami+?

Illustration of The Process of Inkarami+

Inkarami+ includes application of Tokio 0, Tokio 1 and Tokio 2 as pre-treatment before the hair service to repair the inner cortex and strengthen the hair ahead of impending damage. 

As with Tokio Inkarami, Tokio 0 adds moisture to the hair and also penetrating agents so that the Keratin, Amino Acid and Fullerene in Tokio 1 can better penetrate the hair. The waterflow Keratin and Amino Acid are essential as it improves the strength of hair and increases the amount of water that the hair can hold to suppress opening of cuticle. Tokio 2, on the other hand, will combine with keratin from Tokio 1 to improve elasticity and strength and further build up the hair core with the patented Inkarami reaction. 

Tokio 3 and 4 are as usual applied after the end of the hair service to repair the cuticle and seal in the treatment effects. Tokio 3 replenishes the 4 types of keratins of different molecular weights to repair damage and reinforce hair whereas Tokio 4 closes the hair cuticle by replenishing oil to the hair layer and builds hair texture. 

What does this actually mean for the hair? Top stylists share with us about why and when Inkarami+ is most useful. 

1. Inkarami+ Keeps Hair Moisturized and Less Dry After Perm or Colour 

Those who are keenly aware of hair health will find that hair tends to be drier after a colour or a perm. This is because the perms or colours cause hair cuticles to open, eventually leading proteins to flow out during the process. This damages the hair structure, which in turn makes it harder for hair to retain moisture.

Applying Tokio 0, 1 and 2 as pre-treatment fills the hair with so an abundance of proteins BEFORE the chemical damage such that hair retains its structure even when some proteins flow out. This helps to keep moisture within the hair and makes it less dry after the colour or perm!

A lot of my customers love how their hair looks so smooth and moisturized even after a colour!~ Megumi from COVO Japanese Hair Salon
Healthy Hair with Inkarami+ on Coloured Hair at COVO

Inkarami+ Colour at COVO Japanese Hair Salon

2. Lowers Chances of Hair Breakage for Damaged Hair

Our hair can only suffer that much damage. When your damaged hair is subjected to chemical damage beyond what it can take, hair structures will collapse, causing breakage even when you just run your hands through your hair. All you can do at that point in time is to :( and wait for your hair to grow back. 

So, don't wait till your hair becomes as damaged as that! Pre-treatment in the form of Tokio 0, 1 and 2 repairs the hair cortex and initiates the "inkarami" reaction that forms additional bonds within your hair to strengthen it and reduce chances of breakage. This makes even damaged hair a lot more resilient to withstand incoming damage. 

3. Colours on Damaged Hair Look More Vibrant and Retain the Colours Longer

If you colour your hair often, you'll also realize that your hair is less and less able to retain colours over time. This is because your hair structure has many "holes" that make it difficult for the hair to hold colour pigments well.

Inkarami+ makes the hair more resilient by plugging those holes with protein and moisture so it can now absorb more colour pigments (increasing vibrance) and retain it for longer period of time. 

Previously, we found that hair that has been bleached time and time again will find it hard to keep the hair colour beyond a couple of washes. With Inkarami+, the hair's capability to retain moisture and colour improves significantly so our core group of colour clients report that colours stay on longer with Inkarami+!~ Samantha, Full House Salon
Rose Gold Hair Colour with Inkarami+ Treatment at Full House Salon

Inkarami+ Rose Gold Colour by Full House Salon

We recently sent Agent @daniellefidel to try the new Inkarami+ with Ash Magenta Hair Colour.

Ash Purple with Tokio Inkarami+ at Full House Salon

Read about her experience at Full House Salon.

4. Colours Look More EVEN

Have you ever wondered why the colour of the hair ends look different from the roots? Very often, that's because your hair ends is a lot more damaged than when compared to the roots. If your stylist is not skillful and applies the same colour from top to bottom, you will end up with uneven hair colour. What Inkarami+ does is to even out the hair condition.

Inkarami+ treats the hair before it gets too damaged, balancing the hair porosity and smoothing overly porous hair before the colour. This way, the hair can absorb the colour more evenly from roots to ends!~ Tiffany, Picasso Hair Studio

Tiffany shares that this is especially the case for people with fine porous hair; they will tend to have healthy untouched roots and very damaged ends that have been chemically processed before. Applying pre-treatment strengthens the hair ends and gives the stylist a little more time to make sure that the colour application is smooth. 

Before and After Tokio Inkarami+ on Bleached Hair

5. Inkarami+ makes your curls look as lively and bouncy as your virgin perm!

Ladies who frequently perm their hair will know that their most gorgeous perms tend to be the first couple of perms they've tried in their life. That's because good hair health is ESSENTIAL for lively, bouncy curls. When you perm often, however, your hair ends will always be more damaged than the new hair regrowth. Inkarami+ balances the hair condition by plugging those holes within the hair structure and filling it up with so much proteins that the subsequent softening will not overly damage the hair. This results in livelier, bouncier curls reminiscent of your virgin perms!

Inkarami+ also gives damaged hair a lease of hope in getting a perm.

A lot of times, we reject overly damaged hair for perms because we feel that the hair is unable to retain the newly formed curl structure. With Inkarami+ however, SOME of those hair we previously deem not permable can now be permed as it strengthens the hair sufficiently well to hold curls better. ~ Hidero, Hair Illustrated
Bouncier Perm with Inkarami+ Treatment at The Urban Aesthetics

Inkarami+ Digital Perm at Hair Illustrated

6. Chemical Service + Treatment Now Takes a Shorter Time

With Tokio 0, 1 and 2 incorporated as a pre-treatment, the seamless integration with the chemical service means that the time you spend at the salon is actually shorter! 

We're always happy to have our customers stay and chat with us at the salon but sometimes, we understand that it is really tiring to stay 4 hours for a perm and a post-treatment. Inkarami+ shortens that time and I think they appreciate that quite a bit. ~ Chie, Threes Japanese Hair Salon
Ombre Hair and Tokio Inkarami+ Treatment at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

Ombre Hair Colour + Inkarami+ at Threes Japanese Hair Salon

7. Price is THE SAME as Tokio Inkarami

Even though the effectiveness of the treatment is higher, you'd be happy to note that the price of Inkarami+ is THE SAME as what you'd pay for Tokio Inkarami... so why not go for the improved version?

As much as Inkarami+ is good, we still have to check your hair condition. Inkarami+ benefits those with damaged hair ie. those who have done hair colour or perms before.If you have not done any chemical service on your hair before, you'd be better off sticking to the typical Tokio Inkarami as the benefits of Inkarami+ work better on hair that has been damaged! ~ Kazuki from Aube Japanese Hair Salon
Brown Hair Colour with Tokio Inkarami+ at AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Colour + Tokio Inkarami at Aube Japanese Hair Salon

Well, it's better to leave it to the experts to decide whether Inkarami+ or Tokio Inkarami is better for you!

Where can I try Inkarami+?

To make sure that the stylists understand and maximize the effectiveness of Inkarami for its customers, Tokio Inkarami and Inkarami+ is only available at these top salons in Singapore:

To make it even more value-for-money,  some of these salons are having promotions valid for Inkarami+ this August 2019.

  • Shun Sakurai: $368 for Tokio Inkarami + Digital Perm / Rebonding + Haircut (All Hair Lengths)
  • Branche Hair Salon: 30% off all services for first time customers
  • Walking on Sunshine: 30% off all service for new stylist Jayden & Shinji for first time customers
  • Threes Japanese Hair Salon: 30% off all Hair services for first time customers on Weekdays from 12pm - 5pm only / 20% for all other times
  • Michaela Japanese Hair Salon: 30% off all Hair services for first time customers looking for Satoko or 25% off Cut + Digital Perm + Tokio Inkarami Treatment NOW $401.25 for First Time Customers
  • Koinonia Salon: 30% off all hair treatments on Mondays
  • Hair Illustrated: 20% off all hair services (for 2 services and above) AND FREE Limited Edition Tokio IE Homecare Box worth $198 if you do Tokio Inkarami Treatment/Tokio Inkarami Advance at $328 for all hair length
  • FiNDER by COVO: 20% off All Hair Services for New Customers
  • COVO Japanese Hair Salon: 20% off All Hair Services for New Customers
  • Aube Japanese Hair Salon: 20% off All Hair Services for New Customers (Keith and Sanae)
  • LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon: $100 off Hair Treatments including Tokio Inkarami for all customers
  • Picasso Hair Studio: 21% off Root Retouch + Tokio Inkarami Treatment NOW $239 (UP: $305)

Interested in giving Inkarami+ a try? Share your experience on BU.sg!

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