Agent WW Captured Northern Lights in Her Hair with Inner Galaxy Hair Colour at Bump by AVENTA at River Valley

Published on Feb 17, 2017

Hello, I'm Agent WW, a PR professional currently living in Finland.

Instagram @katamichiww

I came back temporarily to Singapore to host a wedding and do some charity work!

Since I'm back for a rare vacation, I asked Agent G for advice on where to go and what I can do for my hair.

As you can see my hair has gotten quite long!

As Bump by River Valley has just opened its doors not too long ago, she asked if I would be keen to be a hair model for haircut and colour.

I have never bleached my hair and have always been curious about the crazy popular multi-colour, ombre hair movement in Singapore, so I was definitely keen. 

Read on to find out what colour I did and how the experience here was like!

January 2017

It was my first time at Bump River Valley. 

Located at Mohamed Sultan Rd, it is a little far away from the train station if you're walking... so I took a cab!

Bump is on the second floor along the shophouse at Mohamed Sultan Rd. 

The place isn't very big but the entire place looks very pretty. 

After I arrived, the tencho Sone took some time to understand about my hair condition and what I wanted to do for my hair. 

With the help of a Singaporean translator, we spoke about preferred hair length, colour and whether to bleach my hair or not. 

Well, because I’m not very tall, Sone suggested to have a haircut as long hair may make my frame look even smaller. He also mentioned that my hair is very suitable for bleaching and colouring as it is rather thin. Therefore, hair colour can penetrate my hair very easily. 

However, I coloured my hair black previously. Therefore, bleaching would be necessary to remove the previous black hair colouring. The number of bleaches would have to depend on the colour required for my hair. 

As Sone would be doing a sharing for other hairdressers in a few weeks time, he asked if I would be keen to go for a galaxy hair colour. As my profession doesn't really require me to have a standard hair colour of sorts, I was up for it!

Stage #1: Hair Cut

So we proceeded with the hair cut.

Sone is a really nice and funny person!

We spoke in a smattering mix of Japanese and English. 

Sone has been in Singapore for more than a year or so, therefore he can understand quite a bit of English. 

Stage #2: Application of Bleach

Now, the problem with my hair is that I dyed my hair BLACK before.


Therefore the bleach that had to be used on my hair has to be way stronger.

To prepare me for bleach, Sone used cling wrap to prevent the bleach from getting anywhere other than the hair.

He started applying on the lengths of my hair before touching the scalp. 

For first-timers, take note! Full Head Bleach will have to hit the scalp to prevent the roots from coming out too fast so it will hurt! 

The pain feels like a burning stinging pain. 

It was left on for 15 minutes or so before it is rinsed off.

Fortunately, much of the colour and the blacks have been bleached by then. 

This means that I don't have to go for a second bleach!


Stage #3: Adding the first hair colours

For this particular hair-do, we decided on 6 colour tones to be added onto the hair. That to me is pretty bold, right!

Sone specially blended some colours as well.

He started with colouring a grey at the roots before giving my hair some purples and blues inside the hair. 

I was particularly impressed by how quickly he thinks on the spot, and his ability to customise a look for his customer.

Halfway through the colour, Seiji-san, another Japanese hairstylist came by Bump @ River Valley and helped out with the colour!

Stage #5: Second Hair Colour

As I had only bleached my hair once, some yellows were showing. 

A second hair colour was applied to achieve the final effect that Sone was looking for.

As you can see, every step was really well-planned and co-ordinated.

Stage #6: Treatment

As hair after bleaching will become dry and damaged, treatment is essential to restore the hair to a more manageable state. 

Bump uses the Re:>>> Platinum range to replenish the nutrients in the hair and make it softer. 

Stage #7: Second Haircut

With the colours in place, Sone performed a second haircut to bring out the inner galaxy hair colour and give my hair a little more dimension. 

The colours are also beginning to show! 

Stage #8: Styling

So super nice!!! I love the tones of blue and grey. I wish my hair can stay like that forever!!

Final LOOK!


I am VERY PLEASED with the final look though! It makes the long hours worth it–I think we spent around 7 hours at the salon haha.

After 2 weeks…

As you can see, the grey and blue does fade really quickly, and you can see tones of purple and pink if you bun up your hair like I did.

I really wished the grey and blue stayed on for a longer time! >.>


After this haircut and colour I went to buy colour hair shampoo, conditioner and treatment. I really used them all everyday because the hair is really dry after bleaching.

If you need any recommendations, Bump River Valley does sell shampoos and hair curlers brought directly from Japan as well. The shampoos are exclusively available at Bump, and very nice smelling.

Although the hair is a lot drier after bleaching, the hair is still manageable. Therefore, don't be afraid of going crazy with the colours–you just need a great hair treatment system later!

Overall Thoughts

On top of the beautiful hair colour, I had a great time at Bump River Valley!

Ambience is great and the staff are super friendly and professional. They go the extra mile to make me feel important at the salon. Perhaps, its because of the Japanese concept  “omotenashi“, which means having pride in having excellent customer service.

Although the walk is quite a bit, a hair service here is absolutely worth it!

THANK YOU, Sone & Seiji!

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