10 Reasons Why We Prefer Japanese Facial Treatments

Published on Apr 05, 2018

Japanese have beautiful skin that just about everyone wants to know their secret. So where do you start off? Their skincare regimen of course, and if you are familiar with the skincare habits of Japanese women, you would know that investing in facial treatments can help you in the pursuit for healthy, beautiful skin. Facials are also great for those of you who just don't have time to maintain an extensive skincare routine but still want to keep your skin youthful looking. So here's why you should consider choosing Japanese facial treatments ...

1. No extractions facials 

 Japanese facials are gentle, painless and most importantly, customized to your skin type. If you are not fond of the redness and increased breakouts you notice after some facials, you might want to try out Japanese facials as certain treatments eliminate the extraction step. This is especially suited for those with sensitive skin as extraction free facials do not aggravate the skin that can result in inflammation.

2. Gentle but effective

Though gentle and soothing on the skin, don't mistake Japanese facials to yield mild results in terms of effectiveness. After all, Japanese are praised for their skincare and so, you can expect no less from their facial treatments. Facials are customized to each skin type and only high quality products are used to penetrate the skin and promote healing from inside out. 

Customised Gentle Facial at SONA Japanese

SONA Japanese Skin Studio @ Tanjong Pagar

SONA Japanese Skin Studio was the first Japanese facial salon that got us hooked onto Japanese facials. The founder and facial therapists here customize the facials according to the needs of customers' skin and think for their long term health rather than giving customers a one-size-fits-all approach. They use all different techniques and even different machines that focus on rebuilding your skin's immunity rather than provide shortcuts that show results but damage skin in the long run. We also like how the therapists here try to share their knowledge with customers, making it easy for us to take care of our own skin back home. 

3. Japanese invest extensive research into their products

Japanese invest a lot of research into their facial products to create products that act as a superfood for the skin. Face Plus by Yamano worked together with the National Research and Development Institute of RIKEN for several years to extract amber powder and use this active ingredient in skincare. Products with Amber power extract are shown to accelerate skin turnover rate and increase hyaluronic acid production. Agent G has been a BIG fan of Yamano products ever since she witnessed how the Bidou Skin Lotion improved penetration of facial products into the skin. This has led her discovering more about Yamano's latest range ZERO and SHIRO   

So far, NO other facial or products was so effective in reducing her uneven skin tone and skin dryness and hence, she is SUPER impressed.  

Agent G will be sharing her experience using SHIRO soon so do look out for it! :)  

4. Ingredients are often sourced from nature

The ingredients found in the products used in Japanese facial treatments are usually derived from nature. The benefits of natural ingredients are tremendous and effective, and not to mention, without the side effects, you would experience from those products filled with chemicals. Organic products also tend to work from the inside out to give you healthy skin rather than just treating skin issues on the surface and giving you a superficial glow.

Natural Ingredients Herbal Facial Mask at Organics Beauty

Facial at  Organics Beauty    

 Organics Beauty only uses 100% organic ingredients in its facials so much so customers actually notice a natural glow from within after a facial at Organics Beauty! 

5. Innovative Facial Techniques

Go for your usual local facial salon and you'll often find the salon offering the same facial to you 5 years ago as they do today. There is no new innovation whether in using techniques or products. What we find is that in many of the Japanese facial salons we've been to, the therapists will always learn about the latest facial back in Japan, bring in the relevant products and techniques and introduce it to Singapore.   

The Small Face Correction facial a V-Shape Facia Adjustment technique that allows them to adjust your facia muscles to make it more symmetrical, improve blood circulation and even reduce your migraines along the way. This facial was created together with neurology doctors in Japan to make sure that it is safe and effective.

 Agent G recently tried the facial by Japanese Celebrity Facial Therapist Tomomi and she couldn't stop raving about it. The thing is that the facial was SO PAINFUL, she almost felt like she'd faint. Her face also ached for days after. However, her smile lines became less obvious IMMEDIATELY after the treatment and she masochistically looked forward to the next treatment.    

It sounds crazy, we know but as she said, you gotta try it to understand.   

6. Exceptional customer service

Good Customer Service at Allumer Japanese

Thalasso Facial at Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon

Ask anyone who has experienced Japanese customer service and they will tell you, you will be treated with the utmost courtesy and sincerity that will put you in such a good mood. It starts with scheduling back to back appointments with sufficient time in between that you don't have to wait when you first arrive. You are greeted by friendly staff and served with refreshments (Organics Beauty serves Japanese tea and Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon serves Japanese snacks as well as provides you with a yukata to change into). Though the therapists are friendly, they will leave you in peace most of the time to simply rest and relax. Japanese therapists also ten to be gentle in the way they treat you and your skin.

7. ZERO hard selling

No Hard Selling at Face Plus by Yamano

Zero Hardselling at Face Plus by Yamano 

Japanese are renowned for their customer service. In fact, it's become the standard to which most organizations aspire to exemplify. At Japanese beauty salons, you can expect genuine and friendly customer service by therapists who will go the extra mile to ensure you are well taken care of. This includes only recommending treatments and products that you need and not hard sell you into buying packages or adding on unnecessary services. It's a refreshing experience to step into a beauty salon and know you are not going to be coerced into spending extra money. This genuinity makes you want to come back again all the more!

8. Zen-minimalistic inspired decor

Most of us would agree that the ambience and decor of a salon contribute to the overall beauty experience. Beautifully decorated interiors with cozy settings not only immediately put us in a relaxing mood but also give us a sense of confidence that our skin is left in trusted hands. Designed with a minimalistic concept in mind, Japanese salons boasts of clean and spacious interiors with Japanese aesthetic influence that incorporates nature elements and exudes serenity. 

Minimalistic Decor at Allumer Japanese
Minimalistic Decor at Allumer Japanese

Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon

9. A holistic experience

It's not just your face that gets pampered and treated during a facial. Japanese salons offer a holistic experience that your mind and body are relaxed through it all. At Organics Beauty, founder Shizuka created a one-of-a-kind beauty regimen that incorporates alternative therapies such as aromatherapy, phytotherapy, and TCM.

foot bath at Organics Beauty
crystal brightening facial at organics beauty

Herbal Brightening Facial at Organics Beauty

From a specially blended foot bath to the application of hot stones and using crystals in a facial massage, a Japanse facial is not just a facial but a full body, mind and soul experience. 

10. Passion, Pride and Professionalism

It may be a generalization but many of the Japanese facial therapists we met are very passionate towards what they do and have high standards for their work.

mask at sona japanese

SONA Japanese Skin Studio

They are not the type who will take shortcuts if they think you're not noticing or the type who would bitch about you to another facial therapist behind your back . Instead, many of them give their 100% during the facial and take care of every single detail from the temperature to the pressure on your face. 

This leads to a consistency in its high level of service, whether its the first time we're there or the 100th time, a major reason why we go back to Japanese facial salons again and again.   

Bonus: Value for money

Cheap is certainly not the first word that comes to our mind when we think about anything Japanese.

We do however think that they are value-for-money especially when you consider their exquisite service, high quality products and highly effective customized treatments. In their hands, we feel that the facial experience is truly pampering and not just a torturing hardselling experience to be dreaded! 

This is especially the case when they are running promotions. So if you are on the lookout for reasonably priced treatments to pop your Japanese facial cherry, don't forget to check out our monthly promotions page!

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