8 Kawaii Hairstyles You Can Pull Off For A Perfect Spring Getaway

Published on Apr 05, 2019

The onset of April brings to mind blooming flowers... particularly cherry blossoms!

If you're heading to Japan, Korea and I hear even parts of Europe (e.g. Rome) and the US (e.g. Washington DC), you may be able to spot some sakura as the weather starts to warm in these countries.

Don't just pack cold clothes though to prepare your spring getaway...

Consider changing up your hairstyle to get it ready for that Insta-worthy shot you've been dreaming about. 

Feeling uninspired? We got you covered.

P.S. Even if you're not heading overseas, you can still adopt these hairstyles to make yourself look more kawaii and turn back the time for a softer, more feminine look!

1. Soft waves

When you think of spring and its softness, what's the first hairstyle you think about?

Waves are bound to be one of the first hairstyles to come to mind.

Cute Wave Perm by The Space

Wave Perm by The Space Korean Hair Salon

The romantic imagery of soft wavy hair flowing in the wind... just fits perfectly with the flowers of spring. 

Cute Soft Wave by Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Soft Waves by Zinc Korean Hair Salon

It'll go well with all your flowy dresses and holiday pictures.

Glamorous Soft Wave by Pro Trim

Soft Waves by Pro Trim @ Jurong East JEM

Add an airy fringe to complete the cute, innocent spring look

Soft Perm by The Bund AMK

Soft Perm by The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio

2. Mermaid Setting Perm

If you're thinking of something more picture-perfect and feminine, try getting the romantic Mermaid Setting Perm 

Mermaid Perm by Pro Trim

Mermaid Setting Perm by Pro Trim Korean Salon

The Setting Perm creates a more defined S curl that adds tons of femininity to your overall look all at once. 

Mermaid Perm by AUBE

Mermaid Setting Perm by Aube Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

It works best for hair at bra length and below though!

Korean Digital Setting Perm by Leekaja

Digital Setting Perm by LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

3. Volume Perm

Not too sure what type of perm to get?

Chiffon Perm (Toshie) by Art Noise

Chiffon Perm by Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Well, just make sure you get lots of volume with large loose curls and you're set to star in your very own Winter Sonata. 

Korean Voluminous Perm by Picasso

Korean romantic perm by Picasso Hair Studio

4. Romantic Layered Cut

Not up for a big hair process? Just getting a quick trim or cut can change up your look completely.

Soft Layered Cut by Zinc Korean Hair Salon

Soft Layered Cuts by Zinc Korean Hair Salon

For spring, we highly recommend layered cuts as it adds a softness and lightness that is particularly appropriate this season.

Layered Haircut by Pro Trim

Layered Cut by Tino from Pro Trim @ Ngee Ann City

You don't even have to get a perm and your hair will flow naturally if it has just a hint of natural curl. 

Long Layered Haircut by Walking on Sunshine

Layered Cut by Luna from Walking on Sunshine

5. Light Pink

There isn't a better hair colour to go for than a pink that matches the Sakura.

Light Pink Hair Colour

You'll be blending in with the beauty around you and all your photos will look so lovely with the pink monochrome.

Light Pink Hair Colour

There are tons of pinks to choose from though ...

Light Pink Hair Colour

from smokey to rich vibrant pinks ...

Vibrant Pink Hair Colour by 99 Percent

Vibrant Pink by Danson at 99 Percent Hair Studio

And even this bubblegum rose hair achieved with Guy Tang #mydentity colours.

Mermaid Pink

There is definitely a shade of pink for everyone.

Men's Pink Hair Colour

Even your boyfriend!

Dip Dyed Pink on Short Hair

Dip Dyed Pink

Find it too loud for you? Just dip the ends in pink for an accent of spring!

6. Pink Browns

For a more neutral look, try pink browns. 

Pink Brown Hair Colour

Pink Brown by Bump Rochester

The name suggests that it has some red or pink tones, but it's really quite subtle. It's a mix of pink and blonde that almost looks like ginger. 

Red Brown Hair Colour

It makes blonde look less harsh against Asian skin tones.

Blonde Highlights

7. Ash Coral

An easy way to stay on trend is to follow Pantone's colour of the year.

Coral Pink Hair Colour

Living Coral by Bump Rochester

Coral may be too bright for spring, but if you add some ashy tones to it, it'll be perfect.

Ash Coral Hair Colour by Picasso

This looks similar to rose gold and it lasts longer than pinks because of the stronger reddish pigment.

Pink Peach Hair Colour

8. Lavender

If pink is too kawaii for you, another colour that matches really well with spring is lavender. 

On top of complementing the cherry blossoms around you, it can go really well with the budding lavender flowers for the dreamy look. 

Lavender Brown Hair Colour by picasso

Lavender Brown by Picasso Hair Studio

Can't choose between pink or purple?

Lavender Pink Hair Colour

Lavender Pink by Walking on Sunshine

A mix of both, of course, is perfect!

What's your favourite Spring hairstyle? Share your experience on BU.sg!

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