5 Ways to Konmari Our Hair and Spark Joy

Published on Jan 16, 2019

Obsessed with Marie Kondo's new Netflix show "Tidying up"?

You're not the only one. With CNY arriving soon, we at Beauty Undercover are thinking about what we can declutter in our lives: our house, our social media, our friends... but what about our hair? 

We're not talking about looking like her...although her flawless straight hair with bangs does look appealing.

Marie Kondo

If your hair has been bothering you and taking a lot of time to manage each morning, here are 5 ways we think can help you Konmari your hair. 

1. Commit yourself to KonMari-ing

To KonMari is to look at everything within yourself and tidy up whatever that may be messy and untidy in your house and your life. This means giving up on old habits and items that don't spark joy. Hence, the first thing to do - even in KonMari-ing your hair - is to commit to it. This may take time, effort and even money so, are you in?

2. Gather pictures all of your old hairstyles 

Over the years, you would have countless hairstyles, varying from different types of cut, colour, and more. Do you have photos of all your old hairstyles?  Gather them together and look through photos of all the hairstyles you had and keep aside the photos that spark joy in. This step is essential to the final decision as you will see later on.

Galaxy Hair Colour at Be U Hair Design

Hair colour by Be U Hair Design

3. Say thank you and bid goodbye to damaging hairstyles

Looking through all your old photos will give you an idea of what you have been putting your hair through, especially if your tresses have undergone a lot of chemical services. So perhaps it's time to take a closer look at your hair then and now, and notice if your hair health has been deteriorating over the years. Say thank you to your hair for allowing you to try various hairstyles and make a conscious decision to eliminate hairstyles that will cause further damage. This may sound silly but it helps to reinforce gratitude and make the experience a positive one.

Heather Mauve (Sham)

Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

4. Avoid hairstyles that spark joy only momentarily

It's no secret that crazy colours are difficult to manage and quite damaging to the hair without proper care. They may look gorgeous, like this fairytale panelling:

Rainbow Hair Colour

However, the 3 rounds of bleach spells damage and high maintenance, which begs the question are you willing to commit? It doesn't mean that bright colours are an absolute no. Some of us have hair that can hold on to the colour for a long time and are able to bear the expense for regular treatments to keep the hair looking healthy.

Pink Bubblegum Hair Colour

If you're like Agent J whose Bubble Gum #mydentity hair colour gave her joy for months, the additional maintenance can be worth it!

Another hairstyle to be wary of are hair tattoos and pixie haircuts.

High Maintenance Hair Tattoo by Walking on Sunshine

Hair Tattoo by Walking on Sunshine

They may look really cool after the cut but not so much when growing out. It may also be hard to create new hair tattoos after that. Hair tattoos can at least be hidden under your hair length whereas short haircuts like pixie and buzz cuts are pretty hard to hide the growing out phase.

Buzz Blonde Haircut by Branche Hair Salon

Buzz Cut by Branche Hair Salon

So when eliminating hairstyles, let go of the ones that only spark momentary joy and ask yourself realistically how much are you willing to commit to the maintenance of a hairstyle.

5. Make a smart decision about the hairstyle going forward

Envision what you want your hairstyle to say about you. Your hairstyle is an extension of your personality so let your hair do the talking but make a smart and realistic decision when choosing your final hairstyle.

Is it hard to get out the door every morning because your hair always takes a lot of time to look presentable? There are hair services that can actually make life easier as they are not high maintenance, yet still fashionable.

Keratin Treatments

Before and After Keratin Treatment by Flamingo Hair Studio

Keratin Treatment by Flamingo Hair Studio

Keratin hair treatments coat your hair with a layer of keratin and straighten your hair so that it makes your hair easier to comb through. You can read more about Keratin Treatments here but the gist of it is the process is reversible and should last for 2 to 6 months depending on the type of keratin treatments you go for.

Volume Rebonding

No matter what people say, it IS hard dealing with hair that is explosively voluminous in the morning. If keratin treatments are not strong or long-lasting for you, volume rebonding can be a great way to deal with this.

S Curl Rebonding at Picasso Hair Studio

S curl rebonding by Picasso Hair Studio

If done right, you may not even need to lose all that volume. The right stylist will introduce just the right amount of curls to keep you looking good. 

Perm Rebonding at Act Point Salon

That's what our very own Agent SK did at Act Point Salon.

Interestingly, the hair did not have a very obvious kink when it grows out. It is also more convenient to straighten just the roots rather than the entire hair when the hair did, in the end, grow out. 

If you're a fan of Marie Kondo, this is also a chance for you to look more like her.

Marie Kondo Hairstyle
Marie Kondo Inspired Hairstyle with Volume Rebonding by Be Salon

Marie Kondo vs Volume Rebonding by Be Salon

Ombre / Balayage highlights Hair Colour

If you don't like to see obvious hair regrowth, a colouring technique that can possibly help delay your next hair visit is ombre and balayage highlights.

Before and After Red Balayage by Walking on Sunshine

Walking on Sunshine Hair Salon

By starting the hair colours lower down the hair, you can avoid seeing ugly hair regrowth months and weeks after!

What do you think about our 5 ways to Konmari your hair?

Share your thoughts with us below.

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