Ash Blonde Money Piece and Origami Pink are the Top Trending Korean Hair Colours in Singapore RIGHT NOW.

Published on Oct 08, 2021

You may not understand Korean language but the catchy, fun and chill tunes from Korean Pop Stars like BTS, TWICE and LeeHi won over our hearts and somehow got into many of our Spotify Playlists over the past few years - so much so that we're seeing quite a number of them in the Top 50 charts! These Kpop stars don't just sound good; watch their music videos and you'll probably be as enthralled with just HOW GOOD all of them looked.

Each Kpop group may have its own concept hairstyle, makeup and even fashion but one thing remains - their style is impeccable! It is hence unsurprising to see many of those on Tiktok and even friends around us hopping on the Korean wave.

We can't all look like a KPop star but surely, we can give ourselves an upgrade with a Korean-Style Hair Colour? But which trending Korean hairstyle can we successfully pull off without looking like we're trying too hard?

For those who need some ideas, we talk to the founder of trendy local salon Color Bar by Full House Salon. If you don't already know, many people intentionally make the trip to Tampines from as far as Jurong and Yishun just to get their hair coloured by stylists at Full House! That's because the stylists here are very in touch with latest trends and use top quality low-damage hair colours and treatments to attain hair colours that simply can't be achievable anywhere else.

As you can see in their music videos, many of the colours are quite light and require many rounds of bleach. But in Singapore, we're seeing more customers choosing darker ash colours as it is more work-friendly and also doesn't damage their hair as much. ~ Samantha, Founder of Color Bar by Full House Salon

So far, the top 3 most demanded Korean hair colours Samantha sees at Full House Salon this year are hence:

1. Ash Blonde Hair Colour

If you were to ask us, the most popular hair colour this year is undoubtedly ash blonde.

According to Samantha, 8 out of 10 customers who come into Full House Salon are requesting for the same colour: ash blonde.

It's not exactly grey and not exactly platinum but a mix of the two that doesn't require you to go for too many rounds of bleach. Depending on your existing hair colour, you may be able to achieve it in 1-2 rounds of bleach.

As it is not too grey and still retains some warmness in the colour, you'll find that it is actually easier to match your makeup and your clothes more easily than pure greys or pure blondes. You will likely find your hair becoming less damaged as well.

Before and After Hair Colour at Full House Salon

Here's what Full House did for Agent V. Read on below if you're keen to see her makeover!

2. Origami Ash Pink

Still retaining the ash theme, Samantha sees a number of Kpop idols like Joy from Red Velvet incorporating pinks and purples in their ash hair colour through ombres.

This works best for customers who prefer to have tinges of warm colours without losing the ashy undertone or going overboard with the pinks.

Be it adding slivers of pink to their grey hair

or incorporating ash pink into their ash hair colours

Pinks are creeping back into hair colours with an ash twist.

Before and After Hair Colour at Full House Salon

Don't you think this colour looks trendy and feminine on @n1c01ette?

3. Money Piece

You can't talk about trending hair colours without mentioning Money Piece. This hair design is so iconic that it has blown up on Tiktok as everyone looks to emulate Jennie.

Unsurprisingly, Samantha sees a number of customers opting for that at Full House as well. Here, the stylists won't just do the colour for you but will help you think about how you can blend your money piece with the rest of your hair and even experiment with different colours to bring out a different you, the way they did for @milopieee.

Want to know exactly how stylists at Color Bar by Full House Salon help their customers achieve their dream Kpop hair? We follow the above 3 students to get the trending Korean hair colours here.

Read on for their experiences below, as well as an exclusive promotion for those who're keen to give Color Bar by Full House Salon a try!

Jennie X DaHyun Money Piece

Hello I'm @milopieee , a year 2 student at a local university.

I've been going on TikTok quite a bit since Circuit Breaker last year and saw many people on Tiktok get the Jennie-inspired money piece. I decided to do the same right before CNY this year.

I really liked it! It looks nice and contrasty and certainly brightened any selfie or Tiktok videos I produced later on.

The problem though emerges when the roots grow out. The smattering of black near the roots make the money piece not so flattering.

The gradation also somehow made the money piece looked kinda messy?

Wondering what I could do, I came across @fullhousesalon.

Their money piece looked really good, so I thought - why not give them a go?

Color Bar by Full House Interior

The salon is located at Tampines but its beautiful decor stood out among other shops in the neighbourhood.

ash money piece at full house salon

The stylist who attended to me is Suzy, a very sweet stylist with gorgeous purple hair. Somehow, it reminded me of the purple hue by Irene from Red Velvet!

Red Velvet Irene Ash Purple Hair Colour

Source: Koreaboo

I'm not a purple person but I'm pretty fond of how ashy her hair looks. Knowing that I liked the money piece and ash hair colour, Suzy listened to my wishlist and suggested the following

ash money piece at full house salon
  • A root retouch for the money piece
  • LIghten and do a colour correction for the rest of the hair to make it look more even
  • Add an Ash Hair Colour for the rest of my hair
Be prepared that the hair colour will still fade even after use of colour shampoo. What I will do is to lighten the hair colour and give you an ash hair colour that fades into a lighter blonde. This way, it will still look pretty months afterwards. ~ Suzy

The ash she suggests will be similar to the grey hair seen on TWICE's Dahyun. While my money piece will probably be similar to that tone, Suzy mentioned that the rest of my hair is likely to look more ash-brown since I am not keen to lighten my hair that much.

With my okay, Suzy started the service.

ash money piece at full house salon

First, she applied the scalp protector to make sure that my scalp wouldn't hurt from application of bleach or colour.

ash money piece at full house salon

Then, she started applying bleach on my roots and on the rest of the hair.

Once done, she brought me to the wash area where she washed my hair with purple colour shampoo.

ash money piece at full house salon

She ended off with application of colour to my newly bleached hair.

ash money piece at full house salon

And we're done!

Getting Ash Blonde Hair Colour at Full House Salon

Ready for my rendition of Jennie X Dahyun?

How's that for a Kpop upgrade? Pretty neat eh?

ash money piece at full house salon

The colour did fade over the few months but as Suzy predicted it still looks good after.

What d'ya think? Infinitely better than what I came in with.

Here's a Tiktok I made for this experience if you're keen to take a look.

Origami Ash Pink Kpop Hair

Hi, I'm @n1c01ette, also studying in the same university as @milopieee.

I've had dark hair all my life, so when I'm liberated from all the strict school rules, the first thing I did was to colour my hair. YOLO, right?

My hair used to be as dark as this (I'm the one on the extreme right!)

Circuit Breaker got me started on DIY hair colour and later, DIY Bleach.

The results are not too bad I think!

The more I bleach my hair (on my own) though, the more I realize the limitations of DIY bleach. No matter how many times I bleach, the colour doesn't seem to be sufficiently lightened. So I eventually got stuck at this hair colour for some time.

Blonde is fine lah, but seeing Sana from TWICE carrying such preets colours got me feeling a little envious.

Could I achieve this colour if I go to an expert? What would be the difference?

Sometime this year, I got a chance to meet Agent G who recommended me to try Color Bar by Full House Salon.

Apparently, they're not just good at colouring hair, their purples and pinks are especially gorgeous! ~ Agent G

Wah... so pretty!

Seeing their IG, I was really tempted so when school ended, I went ahead to make an appointment.

This is how my hair looked like, long, damaged and yellow.

But hey, given that it's all done by me, it's not too bad right?

But yes, you can also see quite a bit of regrowth since my last DIY bleach experience.

I'm due for a change!

I made my way to Color Bar by Full House Salon and the stylist who attended to me is Luna. She's this very pretty Singaporean stylist with a very good eye for colour. To minimize damage to my hair, she suggested a root retouch at the top and a pinkish plum at the bottom since I like Sana's design so much.

Getting Purple Hair Colour at Full House Salon

So as agreed, the team bleached my roots. I was a little worried about it because it was quite painful at home.

But surprisingly, there's no pain here!

Is it because the bleaching lotion is better or because they applied a scalp protector? I wonder.

Getting Purple Hair Colour at Full House Salon

Anyway, it took some time for the bleach to process. To accelerate the process, they put a plastic film over my hair to trap the heat. Interestingly, some air is produced and hence trapped in the plastic film, making it feel like slime 😆.

After 30 minutes, this is how my hair looked like:

Time for a wash!

Seeing that my hair isn't lightened enough, Luna added more bleach near the roots.

Once satisfied, she then used a purple shampoo to wash and kill off the yellows.

Getting Purple Hair Colour at Full House Salon

Definitely looks a lot more ashy now.

Back at the seat, the team helped apply the ash colour.

Then the ash pink!

One final wash at the sink later:

Getting Purple Hair Colour at Full House Salon

This is how it looks right after blowdrying.

And with some curling:

Wow, Wow WOW! I'm in love!

How I Look After Getting the Trendy Pink Purple Ombre Hair Colour at Full House Salon

This was not something I could do at home on my own and it just looks so ethereal.

To make sure my colour last as long as possible, I got the Yunikon Colour Shampoo to use back home.

Guess what it looked like a month later?

Then two months?

Thus far, my all-time favourite hair colour. It looks good on the day itself but hey, it's been months and I'm still rocking it! Now I understand why Agent G is so full of praises for Full House Salon now!

Ash Blonde Colour

Hi I'm Agent V, also an undergrad.

I'm not very talkative but there's an adventurous side of me that I love to explore through hair. One of the colours I've been dreaming of getting is this ash blonde hair colour seen on Sana, TWICE.

I'm especially fond of it as it is light but still feels understated thanks to the ash tone. I considered very long and decided to do it right before University resumed its in-person class in January this year. Guess what my hair looked like after?

I saw a salon having promotion where I could go for unlimited bleaching to achieve my desired hair colour. However, they turned my hair orange instead as they didn't bleach my hair enough. 😢 When that colour faded, my hair looked like this.

I knew I needed a hair makeover and so, I asked Agent G for help. Knowing how badly I want my ash hair colour, she recommended me to go to Color Bar by Full House Salon.

Doesn't it look really pretty?

I made my appointment with Full House too.

The stylist who attended to me is Nicky. Incidentally, she has beautiful ash hair colour ombre with pink as well. Seeing that I love Sana's hair colour, she recommended a shade of ash that I could achieve with just one more bleach.

Once we agreed, she began lightening my roots.

Getting the Trending Ash Blonde Hair Colour at Full House Salon

And the rest of my hair.

Getting the Trending Ash Blonde Hair Colour at Full House Salon

Next, they washed my hair with purple shampoo at the sink.

Getting the Trending Ash Blonde Hair Colour at Full House Salon

Back at the seat, they applied the ash hair colour.

Getting the Trending Ash Blonde Hair Colour at Full House Salon

Before I came back for yet another wash.

Getting the Trending Ash Blonde Hair Colour at Full House Salon

I love how the stylists here gave my hair a good scrubbing.. it feels so good!

To make sure that my hair still remained healthy at the end, they included an express treatment to close the cuticles.

Getting the Trending Ash Blonde Hair Colour at Full House Salon

Ready for my makeover?

I'm no Sana for sure but the beautiful ash blonde hair certainly made me feel really happy about my hair!

Whether from the back or the side, the colour just looks amazing!

Could you see the slight ash pink highlights near the ends?

Full-on pink is definitely not for me but these slivers... are simply delightful.

Having bleached my hair before, I know colours fade really quickly. So I took the chance to take as many selfies as possible to commemorate today!

Nicky asked me not to worry too much and recommended me to use the Yunikon Purple hair colour shampoo to keep my hair looking ashy.

Here's how the colour progressed:

Hair colour after 1 wash

Hair colour after 3 washes

Hair Colour at 7 washes

Hair Colour after 14 washes

Not too bad isn't it? My colour is lighter now but it has faded to a nice milk tea that I absolutely adore.

Thank you Nicky and Color Bar by Full House Salon for making me look that bit more like my fave Kpop idol!

Want to look like your very own Kpop Idol in Singapore?

Color Bar by Full House Salon is offering 20% off all hair colour, bleach and highlights for first time customers! All you need to do is to show them your desired hair colour and the stylists here will think of the low-damage way to achieve it at as low a cost as possible. Read Color Bar by Full House Salon to find out which stylist best suits you and what additional promotions they may have.

Beautiful Ash Pink Hair Colour at Full House Salon

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