This Korean Scalp Treatment Uses Stem Cells to Encourage Hair Regrowth

Published on Sep 07, 2017

Hi, I am Agent AC, Marketing Director of a French MNC.

No matter how busy my schedule is, there's one person I never fail to see every two weeks... and that's my hairstylist Winson. First introduced to him in 2012, Winson took great care in restoring my hair back to its former glory after a very bad rebonding done elsewhere. Since then, I've been going to Winson regularly to cut, retouch and maintain my hair.

Although I do stray once in a blue moon to try a new hair salon / hairstylist hyped online, Winson is the one I always go back to; I love it that Winson understands what I like without requiring me to explain too much. He also doesn't suggest unnecessary hair services that I don't need. Hence, I really trust what he says and follows him whichever salon he goes.

Having said that, I'm very pleased when he joined Follicle Salon. The location on Level 8 of Ngee Ann City makes it both convenient and exclusive; it is easy to get to but because few people go to level 8, I don't get people peeking into the salon all the time, which is something I appreciate. 

At Follicle, the staff are very attentive. They always address me by my name and make sure that I'm never kept waiting. This is important to me because I'm always punctual; this saves me time as I'm attended to immediately. 

The products at Follicle Salon is also very different from others I've been. Their products are very high quality and all sourced from Korea; I purchased  the shampoos for my husband's and my own use at home and I find that my hair feel more shiny and scalp cleaner over extended period of use. 

Still, I find that age seems to be catching up a little. Not sure if it is because of stress or age, my hair has been dropping a lot more recently. After mentioning this to Winson, he asked if I would like to try their new Korean Stem Cell Scalp Therapy. 

He introduced me to Calvy, Follicle's Scalp Specialist who took the time to explain more about the treatment to me. 

Korean Stem Cells Scap Treatment Ingredients

What is Korean Stem Cell Scalp Therapy?

Calvy explained that the Korean Stem Cell Hair Therapy is a 60 min scalp treatment that thoroughly cleans the scalp and infuses stem cells into the scalp to stimulate follicle growth. This treatment consist of a cocktail rich in active ingredients such as stem cell activators, blood circulation enhancers, active peptides and DHT blockers to slow down hair loss and accelerate hair growth. Directly injected into the scalp, it stimulates cellular metabolism at the root, enhances microcirculation at the root and the scalp, prolongs duration of the hair anagen phase and nourishes thinning and weak hair, eventually improving hair growth rate.

The stem cell ingredients are sourced from plants and include the highly raved Propolis Extract, Ginseng Extract, Dang Gui extract and many more top quality herbs. These are medical-grade growth factors that have been shown to be effective in re-activating passive hair follicles to convert cells in the resting phase to the growing phase!

Given what I've heard from Calvy and known about Follicle salon thus far, I'm more than happy to give it a go!

I made an appointment on a Sunday morning.

Step 1: Consultation

As usual, Allan, the receptionist greeted me with a smile when I arrived. 

He gave me a consultation form to fill in. This is a questionnaire that asks quite a few questions on my lifestyle habits e.g. how much sleep I get, how many times I wash my hair and so on. Once the questionnaire is completed, Calvy came by to escort me to the consultation room. There, she used a scalp scanner to capture images of my scalp.

I half expected Calvy to rain criticisms on how bad my scalp is (the way other scalp centres tend to do)...

Scalp Analysis Before Treatment For Hair Loss at Follicle Salon

However, I was relieved when Calvy mentioned that my scalp condition was actually pretty OK.

Scalp Analysis Before Treatment For Hair Loss at Follicle Salon

Hair Follicles on the crown

There are more than 15 follicles in each scan, demonstrating that I do not have a serious hair loss problem.

Scalp Analysis Before Treatment For Hair Loss at Follicle Salon

Hair Follicles at the back

The follicles near the back of the head are however clogged by dry skin so the hair that grows out tend to be a little thinner at the roots than at the ends. It may also lead to some slight hair loss problems.

Scalp Analysis Before Treatment For Hair Loss at Follicle Salon

Hair Follicles on the Side

I do however have to take note of the hair follicles on the left and right sides of the head as they are growing out much thinner and fewer than those at the top or the back. 

Fortunately, today's Korean Stem Cell treatment will be able to help me unclog the scalp pores that were clogged and also reactivate and nourish hair follicles to encourage hair growth. Calvy is confident that if I came back for 3- 6 times, I should be able to see visible results! 

Step 2: Scaling

Once the consultation was complete, Calvy escorted me into the treatment room where she began the process of scaling to clean the scalp.

Scalp Scaling at Follicle Salon

She uses a cotton wool soaked in a special scaling solution suited to my scalp condition and gently rub it onto the scalp. This helps to remove dead skin cells and dislodge any dirt within each follicles. 

This process helps to unclog the follicles that would otherwise impede healthy hair growth.

Scalp Scaling at Follicle Salon

The entire process took about 20 minutes or so as she makes sure that the scaling is done all over the scalp.

Scalp Scaling at Follicle Salon

It was very comfortable and totally painless. I also had a good time chatting with Calvy, whom I find very lively and fun to talk to. 

Nanomist Ozone During Scalp Treatment at Follicle Salon

I drifted off for a while when she used her hands to massage the scaling solution in more deeply. Calvy later mentioned that this helped to encourage blood circulation and definitely helps to put me into a relaxing mood.

Step 3: Nanomist Ozone

Nanomist Ozone During Scalp Treatment at Follicle Salon

Next, ozone is miniaturized into nanomist and applied to the scalp for 15 minutes. 

With the pores open from the previous scalp massage, the nanomist ozone moisturizes the scalp and increased absorption of the scaling lotion. 

During this step, Calvy stepped out for a moment and I took the chance to rest. 

Step 4: Hair Wash

Hair Wash at Follicle Salon

Once 15 minutes was up, Calvy brought me to the hair wash area where she rinsed off the scaling lotion. She then used the inhouse Follicle shampoo to cleanse the scalp and wash away the dead skin cells and dirt brought up to the surface by scaling. 

Hair Wash at Follicle Salon

Application of Stem Cell Solution

Application of Stem Cells Solution at Follicle Salon

After drying my hair, Calvy then proceeded to cleanse the scalp and prepare it for subsequent steps. 

Application of Stem Cells Solution at Follicle Salon

First, she used a syringe to apply the stem cell solution on a section of the scalp. 

This stem cell solution differs from the signature meso solution as it contains medical-grade plant stem cells that helps to activate hair growth. 

She then used a dermapen to create small pricks with depth of 0.25mm to deliver the solution deeper into the scalp. 

Application of Stem Cells Solution at Follicle Salon

I was a little worried at first because it sounded a little intimidating. However, all the worry amounted to nothing as it felt more like ant bites. Calvy mentioned that deeper pricks will be more effective but is preferable from the second visit onwards when I am more used to the treatment. 

Application of Stem Cells Solution at Follicle Salon

As someone who is particular about hygiene, I note that Calvy used gloves throughout the process. She also assured me that a new needle is used each time so there is no risk of infections from needle reuse.

Red Light Laser Therapy

Application of Stem Cells Solution at Follicle Salon

After subjecting my scalp to the numerous pricks, I was handed a pair of goggles while my scalp undergoes a red light laser therapy. 

To be frank, I don't feel anything during this process ie. no pain, nothing. However, the red light is supposed to promote tissue repair and regeneration and absorption of the solution applied earlier. 

Blowdry and Final Consultation

Blow Dry at Follicle Salon

Once the red light laser is completed, Winson came in to blow my hair dry. I didn't see him earlier in the day so was glad to catch up with him a little. 

Blow Dry at Follicle Salon

A final blow dry later, I'm done with the treatment but not before I get my scalp scanned again to see the instant effects of Korean Stem Cell Therapy.

Before and After Scalp Treatment at Follicle Salon
Before and After Scalp Treatment at Follicle Salon

Before (left) vs After (right)

As you can notice from the comparison below, it's evident that scalp is a lot less oily and my hair follicles are no longer clogged!


I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Follicle Salon. Calvy was very experienced, knowledgeable and was able to answer most of my queries. She helped me understand my scalp condition a lot better and I'm elated to see an improvement in my scalp condition after just one time. 

Scalp Therapist at Follicle Salon

I used to be very sceptical about scalp treatments because I'm not so sure if they actually work but this experience at Follicle Salon certainly removed much of my reservations; my scalp remained refreshed and a lot less oily in the weeks after! In fact, I have been bragging to my family and friends about the experience and urging them to try Korean Stem Cell Therapy at Follicle Salon!

I know that I have to come back for regular sessions to maintain the effect and see a perceptible difference in hair loss. With my next appointment with Winson coming up in a week's time, you'll see me back here to try it again!

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