Korean Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup Did NOT Last for Agent G The First Time

Published on Jul 28, 2017

Hi, I'm Agent G, Chief Editor of Beauty Undercover.

Well, there's a reason why I enjoy reviewing salons rather than review makeup products... and that's because I'm an dummy at makeup! 

I know I've got to put on the foundation, the blusher and draw the eyebrow but I always get lost in the specifics... like how to layer on the bronzers or put on blusher properly.

My Eyebrow Before Semi-Permanent Eyebrown Makeup

Just look at my super weirdly drawn eyebrow that is disconnected halfway :P

Of my makeup disasters, eyebrow is the absolute worst! Don't ask me why but I tend to have a lot of difficulty just balancing my eyebrows and drawing something nice. My excuse is that my eyes are unbalanced; one side has double eyelid and the other doesn't. In truth, its possibly just because my aesthetic sense is really bad. 

I've always wanted to go for eyebrow embroidery but I gave up the notion after hearing stories from my sister, my mom and other people online about how 

  1. eyebrow embroidery is really painful
  2. The process can be bloody as they cut deep into your skin, possibly resulting in infections 
  3. eyebrow embroidery last for 1-2 years with retouch but can look kind of weird if your face shape changes

My interest in eyebrow reignited when LeeKaJa Korean Beauty Salon introduced the Korean Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup service and invited me to try it out.

What is Korean Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup?

Similar to eyebrow embroidery, the eyebrow therapist will make several cuts and apply colour to the eyebrow area to help create the illusion of natural brows. The differences, however, are that the eyebrow makeup last for shorter period of time (about 6 months vs 2 years) and require frequent touchups. Although that sounds negative, it actually allows the makeup artist to change the brow shape accordingly, depending on your current face shape and desire to look a certain way (more assertive vs looking younger). 

It is also painless, with the actual cutting process taking less than 10 minutes (not counting the numbing process) and best of all, free of blood.

As the Korean Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup seems to incorporate what I want without the cons, I was eager to give it a go! 

May 2017

Before I start though, this is how my eyebrow looks like now. 

It's pretty disastrous as it has grown very thin after years of eyebrow threading.

It also has a very high arch after a neighbourhood eyebrow therapist changed the shape years ago, so yes, it makes me look older :(

My Eyebrow Before Semi-Permanent Eyebrown Makeup

My appointment was with Celebrity Korean Eyebrow Master Artist Kim Eun Sang who flies to Singapore 3 days every month to help customers in LeeKaJa achieve their perfect brow. Although I can't understand Korean (and she doesn't speak English), I could tell from her authoritative tone and enthusiasm that this is a passionate makeup artist who is superb at her craft. 

The first thing she did during the consultation was to share about eyebrow design. There is no point in making the eyebrow permanent if its ugly. She shared about how all of us have slightly asymmetrical faces and how our eyebrows have to be designed accordingly to make our face look symmetrical. 

Eyebrown Consultation at Leekaja

As my eyebrows are a little close together, it makes me look overly fierce at times. She also suggested that my eyebrow should look slightly thicker with a lower arch to help me look younger.

Eyebrown Consultation at Leekaja

To show me what she meant, Master Artist Kim drew her proposed eyebrow for me. 

Eyebrown Consultation at Leekaja

This is thicker than I'm used to but it looks good... especially to a makeup idiot like me. 

Now I'm really hyped up. Can she give me eyebrows that look like that of Korean Celebrities? :P

Step 1: Numbing Cream

The entire process requires the makeup artist to make an actual cut on the skin. Therefore, numbing cream is applied before making the cut to minimize the pain. 

Application of Numbing Cream at Leekaja

After application of the cream, it is left onto the skin for about 10 minutes for the medicine to be absorbed. 

Step 2: Making the Cut

Once the numbing cream is ready, she began making the cut.

Eyebrow Dyeing for Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Makeup at Leekaja

I was really nervous as I didn't know how much pain it would be... 

I've gone through childbirth so this can't be worse... right?

When she made the first cut, I was like... anticlimax.

Is she even doing anything, I thought.


Eyebrow Dyeing for Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Makeup at Leekaja

Clearly, she was cutting my eyebrow but thanks to the numbing cream applied previously, I couldn't feel anything. 

That's a good thing, I think!

Step 3: Applying the Colour

Now that the cuts are made, she then applied the semi permanent natural colour pigments to colour the cuts. 

Eyebrow Dyeing for Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Makeup at Leekaja

Can't imagine if my brows actually look like this!

Step 4: Cold Compress

To minimize any swelling, she applied a cold compress on the brows. 

Cold Compress at Leekaja

And we're done after about 3 minutes!

Taking a peek at my new brows...

Final Check of Eyebrow at Leekaja
My Eyebrow Before Semi-Permanent Eyebrown Makeup
How I Look After Getting Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Makeup at Leekaja

I LOVE my new brows!

How I Look After Getting Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Makeup at Leekaja
How I Look After Getting Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Makeup at Leekaja

After seeing the beautiful thick Korean-type brow on me, I finally understood the big mistake I made in always going for threading and opting for thinner brows in the past. 

Before I left, however, Master Artist Kim shared with me something important. For ladies who do semi permanent makeup for the first time, a number will find that the semi permanent will not last for a long time. This is because scabbing tends to be more serious for first timers but will slow down a lot more for my subsequent retouches. 

She hopes thats not the case for me but if it is, she will include free touch ups for the first three months because they have a three month service guarantee for the semi permanent eyebrow makeup.

Fingers crossed!

Thoughts Back Home

I really really liked my new brow and was raving about it to everyone I met.

I love how the thicker brow with lower arches made me look less auntie and somewhat more sophisticated... even without needing to draw my eyebrows!

The happiness however lasted only 1 week :(

3 Days After Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Makeup at Leekaja

It still looked okay 3 days after the procedure although scabbing has already occurred. 

A week later, much of the eyebrow seems to not be there anymore. 

Here's how it looked like a month later.

1 Month After Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Makeup at Leekaja

Top: Before doing the semi permanent brow makeup. Bottom: A month after doing the Semi Permanent Brow Makeup

Although this was an expected result, I still felt kind of disappointed that the beautiful thick brows was not there anymore. 

Still, I find it interesting how my brow shape has already started to change ie. less arched although it is still thin. 

I made an appointment to retouch the semi permanent brow to see if it will stick the second time. 

Click here to find out more about my second semi permanent brow retouch experience!

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