Will Second Time be sufficient? Agent G Tries Korean Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup For A Second Time!

Published on Jul 29, 2017


This is Agent G again.

It's my first time trying Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup at LeeKaJa Korean Beauty Salon. Unfortunately, it didn't go so well. 

Although I LOVED the new brow shape by Master Artist Kim, the semi permanent eyebrow makeup did not last a week :( 

Given that the semi permanent eyebrow cost $1,000+, it is definitely not value-for-money if it faded just like that. However, as Master Kim has informed me previously, fading quickly is pretty normal for first timers. Therefore, LeeKaJa has already incorporated the first touch up complimentary for customers within the first month. <3

It was a breeze to make the appointment for the eyebrow retouch... but lets see if it lasts this time!

This is how my eyebrows looked before the retouch. 

Although the eyebrows still appear to be thin,  I'm glad that my eyebrow shape was actually beginning to change to one with a lower arch.

Top: Before Semi Permanent Makeup Procedure. Bottom: 1 month after First Semi Permanent Makeup Procedure

I wonder how much of the retouch will stay this time around.

Step 1: Application of Numbing Cream

The entire process remain fairly similar. 

During the consultation, Master Kim asked if I was alright with the brow shape in the first session. Alright? I was really happy with it... I was only sad that the brow did not last. 

She assured me that the Semi Permanent Brow will last for a longer time after this retouch.  

So there we go as she applied the numbing cream. 

Step 2: Making the Cut

After 15 minutes of letting the numbing cream sink in, she began making the cut. 

She cautioned that there will be a little more pain this time around. 

For most part, the process was painless for me. There is just a little bit of pain on a level that is less than a paper cut this time. 

Totally, nothing to be sneeze at. 

It was amazing how fast the entire process was though.

Just 10 minutes and she was done!

Step 3: Applying the Colour

At this step, she applied the dye to make the brows look darker. 

Step 4: Cold Compress

A cold compress was applied for about 2 minutes or so.

One final check and I'm done!


The second time looked even more natural than the first. 


The question is... how long will it last this time?

Thoughts Back at Home

Master Kim assured me that it is normal for the semi permanent eyebrow makeup to fade especially for the first time and sometimes even so for the second. Hence, I am keen to see how it is like for me.

 4 Days after without eyebrow makeup

 The eyebrow remained intact for the next 2 days as I applied the aftercare cream religiously. However, it started to fade from the 4th day. 

 The fading will look a little uneven in the first week. 

9 Days After without any eyebrow makeup

However, it looks a lot more natural 9 days afterwards. My eyebrow basically looks like this all the time now :)

28 days after korean semi permanent eyebrow makeup 

Forgive my #nomakeup face.

Just looking at the eyebrows, I think it has definitely thickened a lot after the semi permanent eyebrow makeup... and it looks very natural too!

Remember how my eyebrow looked before?

While it is not as perfect as it looks immediately after the Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup procedure, it is a lot easier to follow the new shape when drawing eyebrows!

I think just one more time of Retouch and it would be perfect :D

Overall Thoughts   

I enjoyed the process of getting my eyebrows done at LeeKaJa. The Korean Master Artist Kim was very professional and knowledgeable so I knew exactly what to expect at each step of the way. The procedure itself was painless and also free of any bleeding... something that is unique to Korean Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup. I LOVED the eyebrow shape she draw for me because it really did make me look and feel more youthful each time she designed the eyebrow makeup for me.

The only con is that the gorgeous eyebrows didn't last as long as I anticipated the first time. This is not the case for everyone because I've seen their works and the eyebrow makeup looks fine on others. Hence, I'm wondering if this has got to do with my skin type.

Fortunately, their service has a 3 month satisfaction guarantee so I could come back for a touch up free of charge if the eyebrow colour or shape is not to my satisfaction within 3 months. While this means that you do have to make the trip down, you get a customized brow suitable for your face shape.

Best of all, any additional touch up after 3 months cost only $150 throughout your lifetime, making it pretty value for money!

(Normal Eyebrow Embroidery tend to charge the full amount if you wish to go for the eyebrow embroidery again!)

Keen to give Korean Semi Permanent Eyebrow Makeup a go? 

LeeKaJa is currently offering the following National Day promotions for the month of August.

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Silk eyebrow is the same process done on Agent G.

Terms & Conditions 

  • Valid only for First Timers
  • An additional fee of $600 is chargeable if you request for Korean Master Artist Kim Eun Sung
  • Includes 3 months satisfaction guarantee: you can come back for a complimentary touch up anytime until you are satisfied with the eyebrow done at LeeKaJa within 3 months.

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Terms & Conditions 

  • Valid only for First Timers
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