What is LED Teeth Whitening? Agent G Gives You Her Unbiased Review of Her LED Whitening Experience at Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela

Published on Jun 22, 2019

It goes without saying that a Beautiful Smile is important for a positive first impression but did you know how important it is?

According to a survey conducted by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, 48% of adults say that a Smile is the Most Memorable feature after they meet someone for the first time, a much higher proportion than what the person actually says (25%). The way someone dresses pulled in nine percent and the way someone smells got eight percent of respondents. It isn't just a smile that makes the impression though; 37% of respondents say that crooked or stained teeth is often viewed as less attractive and less confident. 

There are a number of ways you can do to keep your teeth white. You can go to the dentist for polishing, try hydrogen peroxide + baking soda paste (or other DIY home remedies) or this new LED Whitening service we've seen popping up all over Singapore. 

Curious about what LED Whitening is all about? Our Chief Editor Agent G tried it for herself at Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela; read her experience below!

What is LED Teeth Whitening?

When we think of teeth whitening, we often envisioning lying on the scary reclining chair in the dentist’s office while staring into the bright light and hearing the electrical equipment whizz by your ear before it goes into your mouth.

No such thing with LED Teeth Whitening. 

LED Teeth Whitening works by treating the teeth, often with a non-peroxide (bleach) whitening gel. To speed up the reaction, LED light is shone on the teeth to act as a catalyst to speed up the reaction. This is backed up by research from Open Dentistry Journal which found that light speeds up the whitening process, and is backed up by many other studies. 

What is the Process like?

With ugly yellow teeth, my interest was piqued when I saw Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela introduce a new Teeth Whitening service the last time I went there for a head spa.

30 Minute Teeth Whitening at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Fuss Free Teeth Whitening service in 30 minutes at just $50 (until July 2019) by a Japanese salon I know will not hardsell me? 

Count me in.

Step 1: Consultation

Here I am with my favourite stylist from Michaela: Kenta.

30 Minute Teeth Whitening at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

He very kindly took some time to share about what LED teeth whitening is all about and why it was different from going to the dentist. 

What I liked about Kenta is that he doesn't try to bullshit me and say that the process gives you teeth that is 8 shades whiter. 

He himself went for the service 6 times and saw his teeth improve by leaps and bounds, which is why he decided to introduce this service in the salon. (I saw his photos!) However, he says that you do need to come back at least once a month to maintain the effect. 

30 Minute Teeth Whitening at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

He showed me this teeth shade guide, which will help me better see the results before and after.

30 Minute Teeth Whitening at Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

So here I am trying to compare. 

My shade is about S28 before... lets see which shade my teeth will be later.

Step 2: Brush My Teeth

The next step is to brush my teeth with their special Bihaku toothpaste. I must admit, it was a little tough trying to selfie-video and brush my teeth at the same time :P but I did it. 

Brushing Teeth at Michaela

Step 3: Wearing the Unglam Mouth Guard and applying a moisturizing lotion.

Who knew that the step I hated the most was to wear the mouth guard. I don't know why but it TOOK ME AGES to put it on.

Kenta had to demonstrate it for me and even then, I took quite some time. 

Application of Moisturizing Lotion at Michaela

Kenta passed me a lotion to apply on the lips to protect the lips from drying out. 

Step 4: Spray the Bihaku Treatment onto the Teeth

After application of the lotion on the lips, he gave me a Bihaku Treatment spray to spray on my teeth.

Application of Bihaku Treatment on Teeth at Michaela

The spray contains the whitening elements that will help to whiten the teeth so it is advisable to spray generous amounts of it onto the areas that are yellower.

Step 5: Shine the LED Light

Once I was done, I laid down on the bed where he shone the LED light onto my teeth for about 15 minutes.

LED Light Therapy to Whiten Teeth at Michaela

The bed was quite comfy so I played my favourite Spotify playlist while I lay waiting...

Step 6: REPEAT Steps 2-5

I wasn't done though.

After that, I repeated Steps 2 to 5 again - that is brush my teeth

Second Step Brushing Teeth at Michaela

apply lotion

Second Application of Moisturizing Lotion for Teeth Whitening at Michaela

spray the whitening agent

Application of Second Bihaku Treatment at Michaela

shine the light for another 15 minutes.

Second LED Therapy for Teeth Whitening at Michaela

And I am finally done!

Step 7: Compare Before and After

After the above process, you may expect that your teeth becomes dramatically whiter.

Here's my before/after:

Whiter Teeth Before and After LED Therapy at Michaela

Top: Before, Bottom: After

For sure, my teeth did become whiter in person but its definitely not as dramatic as those you see on alternative websites :P 

Teeth Whiten 2 Shades After LED Therapy

My initial shade was S28 and it became more like 2 shades whiter, approximately S24. 

The stains didn't exactly go away but they did lighten. I also found that some areas were a little more unevenly white than others, but Kenta assured me that the uneven whiteness will go away (which they did by the next day). 

While my transformation wasn't exactly huge, Kenta mentioned that a bigger transformation is usually seen for coffee drinkers who stain their teeth as this method is really good at removing such stains. 

Regardless, this is it: fuss-free painless fast Japanese LED Teeth Whitening!

Back at Home

Without the teeth shade guide, it's really hard to tell if the whitening results last. What I can definitely say is that the uneven whiteness on some areas faded to give shinier cleaner teeth. I was told however that I would have to go every 2 weeks for about 3-5 times before dramatic results can be seen and thereafter once a month to maintain the results. 

For those who are already thinking of going to the salon for hair treatment or colour retouch, this is definitely a fun service to add on... for whiter teeth in comfort (and record time) before a special occasion!

For those who are keen, read on to find out 6 Things Salons Won't Tell You About LED Teeth Whitening.

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