7 Type of Ladies Who Would Benefit the MOST from Paimore GRATS Perm and Rebonding

Published on Sep 12, 2018

Yes, we already know that Paimore GRATS is currently the King of perm lotions in Singapore right now. 

The top perm specialists in Singapore, including Rina from Walking on Sunshine, Jesly from Picasso Hair Studio and Bro from Act Point Salon are raving about how they can't go back ot using other perm lotions because Paimore GRATS is THAT good. 

However, this perm tend to cost a bit more than other perm lotions so do you REALLY need to go for the premium Paimore GRATS? 

We understand from perm specialists to see who are the ladies who would benefit most from Paimore GRATS!

1. Your Hair is Bleached 1-3 times.

Bleach your hair once and you'll hear most stylists telling you that perm is no longer possible. 

Except... those which carry the new Paimore GRATS perm lotion. As mentioned, this perm lotion can perm hair at temperatures as low as 50 degrees celsius at pH that doesn't even open hair cuticles. It is so low-damage that it breaks what traditional hairstylists know about hair.

This makes perm POSSIBLE even for people who have bleached their hair up to 4 times.

That's what Agent MS did at The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics

Frizzy Hair Before Paimore Grats Perm at The Urban Aesthetics

With hair that is bleached 4 times, perm is rejected at all salons she could find, until she met Rina from The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics.

There, she managed to colour and achieve permed hair that lasts for over 2 months, a record for her very damaged hair.

After Paimore Grats Perm at The Urban Aesthetics

This is how it looks like after 2 months:

The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics isn't the only salon that could perform such magic.

Frizzy Hair Before Paimore Grats at Koinonia salon

Before Paimore GRATS Perm at Koinonia Salon

 who got her bleached hair at Koinonia Salon

Paimore Grats Rose Perm C Curl at Koinonia Salon

Before Paimore GRATS Perm at Koinonia Salon

Still, it's not magic.

If your hair is so damaged by bleach that there is zero cortex left, perm will still not be possible. 

Hence it is ideal to consult these experts at the above salons to see if your hair is suitable!

2. Your Hair is Fine and Thin

Do you find that your hair is so fine that the hair straightens the day immediately after a perm? 

Fine and Thin Hair Suitable for Paimore Grats Perm

That's what Christelle experienced since young. She has tried different perming lotions at different salons but the result has always been bad ie. no curls because her hair is simply too fine and thin. That's why she could only go for hair colours and cut at her favourite hair salon Act Point Salon whenever she needs a hairstyle change.

The day Act Point Salon experimented with Paimore GRATS with her was however a turning point. 

Paimore Grats Perm on Thin Hair
Paimore Grats on Super Fine Hair

Her super fine hair that could NEVER be curly, managed to look like this after the perm. 

FINALLY a perm lotion to rescue fine-haired ladies from flat hair!

Paimore Grats Suitable on Super Fine Hair
Paimore Grats Suitable on Super Fine Hair

The same thing happened for this lady as she managed to turn her flat hair into voluminous curls!

Paimore Grats on Fine Hair
Paimore Grats on Fine Hair

3. Your hair has been Rebonded before

Hairstylists will tell you that hair that has been rebonded several times before is among the hardest to perm. Frequent "rebonders" tend to have hair which are not only damaged, the structure of the hair is made so straight that it becomes almost impossible to curl. That is why you'll find that your hair straightens very easily even if you perm your hair. 

That is however not an issue for Paimore GRATS. Although damage is low, the newly created formula allows it to reset your hair structure and create strong curls. 

Paimore Grats Suitable on Rebonded Hair

Thanks to the perm experts over at Picasso Hair Studio, PE Teacher YY managed to turn the second half of her straight hair curly with Paimore GRATS despite rebonding her hair for the past 8 years

Paimore Grats Perm on Rebonded Hair

4. You Frequently Perm Your Hair

If you're a perm connoiseur like Agent G who perm her hair at least once or twice each year, you'll understand the dilemma of going for a perm. While a perm creates gorgeous glamorous perm, it usually damages your hair so much that it makes the next perm don't look as good. After all, how bouncy the curl is depends on how healthy your hair is. Go for perms too frequently and you'll find your curls looking limp.

That's why Agent G insist on trying Paimore GRATS once she got to know about it. Despite perming her hair SO MANY TIMES, Agent G couldn't help but marvel at how bouncy her Paimore GRATS perm was! She wore this new perm to Europe immediately after.

Paimore Grats Suitable on Frizzy and Damaged Hair

Even after 3 months, her perm still looks good!

Paimore Grats Suitable on Frizzy and Damaged Hair

Random Selfie taken in September 2018

This is achieved with zero styling lotion and simple blowdrying (using finger twisting) in 10 minutes.

Understand why she rave so much about Paimore GRATS now?

5. You Love Bouncy Curls

Talking about bouncy, Agent G has tried MANY perm lotions but Paimore GRATS give the most bouncy curls she's experienced ever!

Paimore Grats Suitable on Frizzy and Damaged Hair
Paimore Grats Suitable on Frizzy and Damaged Hair

Paimore GRATS Perm at Act Point Salon

The curls are defined and look so "doing doing" that she can't help but play with it the whole day.

Bouncy Curl with Paimore Grats

6. You Can't Decide Which Hairstyle is Best

Find it hard to decide between big curls, longer lasting tighter curls or volume rebonding?

Paimore GRATS is so low damage that it allows you to change your hair texture without damaging your hair too much. If you fancy a tight perm one day and volume rebonding a few weeks later, you can still change your mind!

Volume Rebonding on Bleached Hair with Paimore Grats

Rebonding of Bleached Hair by Picasso Hair Studio

Did we also mention that it is really good with straightening bleached hair as well? 

The hair actually looks a lot healthier after the Paimore GRATS rebonding because it helps to close hair cuticles!

7. You want your hair to look and feel silky smooth after the perm (even without treatment)

There is no point perming your hair if it looks as dry as grass afterwards. 

It's hard to manage and just doesn't look pretty from the back or even the front. 

Many stylists will try to get you to do treatment after the perm but the effects of the treatment wear off in just 1 or 2 washes. 

Smooth and Silky Hair After Paimore Grats Perm

With Paimore GRATS, it actually helps to close the cuticles during the perm so hair looks healthier after than before the perm itself... even if you don't go for any treatment (which is what Agent G did). As long as you don't do any chemical treatment (e.g. colour) after the perm, your hair will be in relatively good shape for weeks after the perm!

Tempted to try Paimore GRATS? Only selected top perm specialists have access to this perm so consider looking for them to get the best results:

If you've already tried, share your experience on BU.sg!

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