Face Plus by Yamano is the Best Facial Salon Reviewers Love in Orchard. Here's Why.

Published on Jan 10, 2021

Tired of experiencing unsatisfactory results from facials? Do you dread your facial visits due to the hard selling? If that's the case, you should give this Japanese concept facial salon a try -  Face Plus by Yamano. Here, they operate on a membership system rather than a package system so you don't have to spend exorbitant amounts. Service is amazing, it is equivalent to going to a Japanese salon itself!

Read on to find out why women love Face Plus by Yamano ...

1. Amazing Japanese service

Though most of the therapists at Face Plus by Yamano are Singaporean, the service standard is on par with top Japanese beauty salons. From thoroughly explaining the process, serving tea, guiding you to your room, and even offering you slippers once you enter, the customer service here is definitely noteworthy. Aside from the service, their decor also shows characteristics of Japanese influence - there are separate areas to deposit your bags, phone or spectacles, and even complimentary makeup items for use after the facial. The authentic experience is possibly why Face Plus by Yamano is one of the few salons Japanese visit frequently for their facials. If you want a 100% Japanese experience though, you can also request for the gorgeous Nanaho-san. 

2. Friendly facial therapists 

This salon stands out for us as most of the facial therapists here are Singaporean, which makes for relatable conversations The therapists here understand our pace of life and lifestyle better which is why we also find them easier to talk to. 

Customer: Yvonne

3.  Zero hard selling

Fortunately, hard selling is a strict no-no at Face Plus by Yamano. Being a Japanese owned salon, the therapists here are trained to give only professional advice, and will not ask you to add this or add that, instead recommending only what is necessary for you. Instead of packages, they offer memberships that offers discounted rates if you come regularly. 

Customer: Michelle

4. No-extraction facial

As a Japanese concept facial salon, there are ZERO extractions here. This is because they strongly believe that extractions harm your skin and can cause even worse reactions. Instead, they believe in using the right massage techniques, products and equipment to properly cleanse and exfoliate the skin. This means zero downtime + a very relaxing and enjoyable facial that customers keep going back again and again for! 

5. Wide range of techniques, products and equipment used to promote gentle exfoliation and skin regeneration

There are a lot of ways to exfoliate the skin gently without extractions. Face Plus by Yamano invests in various products and machines to ensure that exfoliation is done thoroughly without harming the skin. One such machine is this suction machine that helps to remove black heads and dead skin cells on the surface. This machine is very effective in removing the blackheads for customers with no pain, no swelling and redness as compared to extraction. 

Aside from exfoliation, they also use electroporation to enhance absorption of nutrients into the skin. For selected facials, they even use the very expensive amber stones during facial massages to promote natural skin rejuvenation and promote lymphatic drainage for deeper detoxification.

Aside from the above, they are one of the few facial salons in Singapore that actually uses warm cotton pads during the facial for maximum comfort, something we find really special!

6. Visible improvements 

No extractions don't mean that the results are not effective. Maybe because of the equipment, techniques and products used, many customers see improvements after the first visit (Agent G too)! Customers also note that their face becomes brighter, more hydrated and moisturized after coming for their facial treatments at Face Plus by Yamano. 

Review by Customer Wendy (below)

Testimonial by Customer Rachel (below)

Review by Customer JL (below)

Testimonial by Customer Josephine (below)

Aside from these testimonials, we were positively surprised to find that many therapists here used to get really bad acne problems. As you can see for yourself, most of these problems disappeared after they learned how to manage their skin at Face Plus by Yamano. Isn't that the best kind of testimonial? 

7. Very skillful and knowledgeable therapists

There are many products out there which are effective for some facial conditions but not for others. These therapists are trained by experts to identify skincare issues properly and customize the treatments and products accordingly. It is this expertise that possibly results in a more effective facial. All therapists here are personally trained by a Japanese therapist here which is why all of them know the exact same facial massaging techniques to the tee. In fact, they don't get to serve customers until they've passed exams to make sure that they are familiar with skin care theory, facial routines, and how they can customize the facial to the needs of individual customers.

8. Gentle on sensitive skin (and all skin types)

Another reason why Agent G and customers rave about Face Plus by Yamano is because of their products. They don't advertise their facial products, which are only available at the salons, but it's extremely effective. At least for Agent G, whose face was transformed from dry + oily + acne to clear after using their bidou lotion and clay cleanser daily. 

It's not just Agent G though. Agent CW recently got her first ever facial at Face Plus by Yamano and loved how their sunblock doesn't irritate her sensitive skin (the sunblock is free of zinc oxide, which is a major irritant for some skin types).

It's the same for customers like Shao Tong, who breaks out often due to incompatible facial products. 

Review by Customer Shao Tong (below)

9. Reasonable prices

Being a premium Japanese facial spa, you can't expect it to be as cheap as the hard selling facial salon in your neighbourhood. We are, however, happy to note that the prices here are very reasonable and will not burn a hole in your pocket, especially with the promotions.

10. Long opening hours and convenient location

Can't find a salon open after working hours? The last appointment at Face Plus by Yamano is at 8 PM, which makes it possible for OLs to give them a try. They are also located at Orchard Central so you can reach the salon via Somerset MRT even on rainy days.

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