Ladies' Undercut and 3 Cool Hairstyles That Show Your Badass Personality

Published on Apr 20, 2021

Yes, we recently interviewed stylists at Be U Hair Design on hairstyle tips on how to look sweet and sexy. But not all women are suited or even want to look that way.

In fact, there are some among us who look naturally cool and badass. One look at them and you know that they are strong, confident and... not to be trifled with. How do they achieve this cool aura in the first place? We ask Sherlin and Tony from Be U Hair Design in our final installment on how we can use hairstyle to change how we're perceived. 

While I don't deny that dressing is very important in helping you sculpt that aura, it has got to be your HAIR that dominates that first impression.~ Sherlin, Be U Hair Design

If you're wondering why we're asking them, both Sherlin and Tony have created a systematic hairstyle consultation process that recommends your ideal hairstyle according to your facial features, lifestyle and your vibe after going for intensive training in 2019. Yep, they look into your facial contour (width of your forehead, proportion of width from one cheek and jawline to another), chin contour (round, angular), eyes contour (single lidded vs round) and even nose contour (low bridge, aquinine) and mouth contour (thickness) AND combine their findings with your intended vibe and image before designing a hairstyle for you. 

Now that you understand why, let's head back to hairstyle tweaks to help you look cooler and more badass. 

1. Pixie Haircut

Want to add personality into your hair? The easiest way is to cut your hair short.

The pixie cut can feel scary at the beginning because it exposes so much of your face. But as you get used to the new look, you realize how freeing this haircut can be. Interestingly, this newfound power gives many of its wearers more confidence that finds its way into their workplace and their homes.~ Sherlin, Be U Hair Design

Many people expect pixie cuts to take away your femininity but that need not be the case. By shaping the silhouette to give it more volume at the top, it can give you that additional boost in personality without making you look boyish. 

Designing the parting right can also make you look trendier and livelier while injecting a huge dose of badass. 

The best part is that pixie cuts is age-agnostic; as your face shape is suitable, it will make you look good.

2. Baby Bangs

Want to look cool but not yet ready to go for a pixie cut? 

Another hairstyle element we employ to give you an instant boost of personality is... baby bangs!As popularized in Queen's Gambit, baby bangs have the effect of making one look edgy and trendy immediately. ~ Desmond, Be U Hair Design

Bangs are a defining part of the face. Making it shorter than expected with baby bangs therefore make a loud statement.

Interestingly, baby bangs do not take away your femininity and instead adds to it. Depending on your facial features, baby bangs may actually have the effect of making one look younger and cuter. 

You may therefore find your stylist using baby bangs as a way to soften the overall look... if they find the rest of the hairstyle looks a tad bit too fierce. 

3. Ladies' Undercut

Undercuts are not only for men.We're seeing more and more ladies asking for undercuts because it's a subtle way of saying they're different.~ Tony, Be U Hair Design

Undercuts are hairstyles where the hair around the sides or the back are shaved till its really short. Unsurprisingly, not many women dare to sport this daring hairstyle but really, it can be very flattering particularly for ladies with thick hair.

The key, of course, is to choose an undercut that flatters you.

4. Colour

With the people around you needing to head to school or work, how many dare to stand out from the crowd and sport bright colours?

Badass girls of course. 

You will naturally attract attention the moment you go for something bright.Soak in all that attention , confidently walk down the street and you'll naturally become better and better at becoming the badass woman you've always aspired to be.~ Sherlin, Be U Hair Design

Not everyone can pull off multi-coloured hair at work though.

For those whose workplace is a little more strict, an inner hair colour may be a good way to test the waters.

Otherwise, you can consider going light beige blonde for that signature cool look. 

You'll feel your aura get elevated the moment you opt for a light colour like this. 

Whichever you choose, own your chosen colour and you'll soon find others looking up to you as the much revered badass!

Want to get an extra dose of personality in your hair? Consider going to the stylists at Be U Hair Design for your customized hair design! They are trained to design hairstyles to fit your you get a complimentary image consultation along with your haircut that start from just $38. Plus you get 10% off if you're a first timer!

Don't say we bojio!

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