2020 Horoscope Forecast for Leo Women and 5 Celebrity-Inspired Hairstyles to Bring Out Your Inner Lion in 2020-2021

Published on Jul 22, 2020


Creative, adventurous and bold, you Lions warm the universe with your warm vivacious energy that symbolize honor, courage and regality. You take on life wholeheartedly and inspire others to shine your light and embrace the joys of life. 

As the Sun ingresses Leo this month, the universe takes on a warmer, more lighthearted feel as we navigate through the pandemic ignited earlier this year by the Saturn/Pluto Conjunction. The end of July probably came as a relief to you as well, Leo, as a number of you may be experiencing wake up calls earlier in the year with regards to your health and habits. As Jupiter and Pluto join forces in your solar sixth house (of health) from March to November, you'll find yourself having the energy to rebuild what you may not have paid so much attention to in the last few years. 

2020 however just doesn't seem to let up. The upcoming Mars Retrograde from September 9-November 13 in the sign of Aries will likely slow progress on your career front as you reassess your professional life and personal relationships. As a person who is often known to be all-work and no-play, it may be wise to take a break and relax to catch your breath with your partner this retrograde. 

For those who are seeking a new relationship, keep a look out for December. There’s a great energy that’ll be prompting you to commit. Feelings with your partner may seem rocky right now, but there is great potential to bring the relationship to the next level. Instead of grandiose proclamations of love, there is a more practical urgency in your love language this year, so be ready to open your heart for success. 

To sum it up, 2020 is a year where you are done with leaving work half done, a year when you're building the foundations to achieve greater success. So roll up your sleeves and dig in as you strive for the victory that is sure to be in your hands in the upcoming years. 

In the meantime, here's some hair inspo to get you going for the rest of 2020. We know you don't need our help coz you're a Leo —you already know how to work your fabulous hair! But in case you are interested, check out some of the Leo hairstyles fellow lionesses are sporting this year. 

1. Long Luscious curls

While Leos are known for many things, manes are possibly your crowning glory.

Is it any surprise that a lion's mane (symbolized by your long luscious curls) make you feel most like yourself? 

As you take on life wholeheartedly, the waves and volume of the luscious curls such as that seen on Kylie Jenner express your sense of style with a zest that others can only admire. 

Add a pout and you'll be unstoppable. 

Long Volume Perm (Catherine) by Leekaja

Volume Perm by LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

Fortunately, celebrities aren't the only people who can carry this off. 

Long Volume Perm (Jimmy) by Kemistry

Volume Perm by Kemistry Hair Salon @ Scotts Square

Even if your hair isn't that voluminous, you can get a volume perm and an appropriate colour to achieve your own Lion's Mane... here in Singapore!

Long Volume Perm by Act Point Salon

Volume Perm at Act Point Salon

2. Redheads

What's the colour that first comes to your mind when you think of a lion's mane? 

That's right, red... the kind of fiery red you see on Will & Grace's Debra Messing.

A colour you'll show off with pride, one where you'll be saying YesYesYes and not NoNoNo.

You don't have to go to Korea to get the above colour though.

Red Hair Colour by Full House Salon

If you're talking about rose gold, there is no salon that does it better than Full House Salon @ Tampines

Their ability to bring out the best from Guy Tang's Mydentity gives their hair colours a unique hue you'll not be able to find elsewhere.

Red Blonde Hair Colour_Style (Jimmy)

Though we must say that Kemistry Hair Salon comes close.

Anime Inspired Red Hair Colour (Hajime) at Finder by COVO

For a more pinkish hue, we love the rendition by both Finder by COVO (above) as well as Do My Hair below.

Red Hair Colour (Zenn) at Do My Hair

If you're not thinking of going too bright, a more understated magenta red like this from Japanese Salon Bump @ Rochester may just fit the bill. 

Dark Red Hair Colour (Mayu) by Bump at Rochester

3. Romantic Korean Curls

Not all Leos are as aggressive as the typical lion portrayed by Leos. We spot a number, particularly Korean Leo Celebrities like Tiffany from Girls' Generation who exude romance as they get the boys' hearts racing with their sweet sweet Korean curls. 

There's just something about those waves that fit the romantic Leos perfectly. 

For those keen to get the very same romantic curls, you're in luck!

Korean Perm at Picasso Hair Studio

Agent G just tested a revolutionary new 2-in-1 Water Perm + Treatment that can get you that romance and volume all at one shot. This is however exclusive to only Picasso Hair Studio from end July... 

Korean Perm Inspired by Crash Landing on You

Alternatively, you can go for a Crash Landing on You Perm from Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon 

Korean Perm by Zinc Korean Hair Salon

or a Korean Setting Perm from Zinc Korean Hair Salon for the lighter softer feel.

4. Casual Lob

Not the typical loud type of Leo?

The versatile Lob may just cut through the clutter to bring the attention back to YOU

The fabulous radiant you who simply brings the sunshine back home. 

Hollywood Lob Haircut

Just because your hair is short doesn't mean that you can't rock curls.

Perm (Joel) by Style NA

Perm by Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

If you're bent on defying your curly instincts, however, there's always milk tea brown

Lob Hair Cut and Milk Brown Hair Colour Treatment (Jenny) by Leekaja

Milk Tea Brown Lob by LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

or balayage to brighten your lob.

Lob Cut with Balayage (Kai) by Branche Salon

Balayage Lob by Branche Japanese Hair Salon

5. Ponytail

No one brings out a Ponytail quite like a Leo. 

Even with their hair is all tied up, there's a regality in Leos like Jennifer Lopez and Dua Lipa that just gets us looking. 

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