Light Chemical Peel + Extractions: The Best Facial for Oily Skin in Singapore?

Published on Dec 07, 2020

Yes, we all know that extractions can be very helpful in removing comedones (whiteheads and blackheads), keeping our skin clear and free of acne

But that's not the only beauty treatment that can achieve the same results; we're talking about chemical peels. In simple terms, chemical peels use acids to break down the top layers of skin to reduce the appearance of lines, wrinkles and uneven skin tone while reversing breakouts and pigmentation - all for a fraction of the cost of flashier options e.g. laser. 

You may have heard of Chemical Peels but did you know that you can COMBINE Light Chemical Peels with Extractions to get the best of both worlds? 

1. Gentle enough for Most Skin Types

There are a number of types of chemical peels: light ones such as hydroxy peels and Jessner peels, medium ones such as the PCA peels and deep ones such as the phenol peels. The deeper you go, the more side effects customers tend to face. While light chemical peels remove the epidermis, medium chemical peels can cause more redness, stinging and flaking than light peels. Deep peels on the other hand use phenol to penetrate your skin for the lower dermal layer, possibly leading to redness, swelling and even hyper pigmentation in some cases. 

Spritz of Rebalance Liquid to Stop Itchy Feeling

So while you may not see as visible results immediately from light chemical peels vs deeper ones, it is definitely a "safer" option that still gets you there at the end of the day... particularly for those of us with sensitive skin!

2. More Thorough Removal of Whiteheads and Blackheads

As the chemical peel is light, it doesn't exactly remove every single comedone beneath the epidermis. That's where a mechanical extraction comes in useful. The combination of the peel and extraction will more thoroughly keep your skin free of whiteheads and blackheads, ensuring that you will be free of acne for the next month or so.

Extraction at The Bund Beauty

3. Less Painful (and damaging) Extractions

Those of us who've tried extractions will tell you that extractions CAN be painful - depending on the skill of the therapist and your pain threshold of course. Having the chemical peel done BEFORE the extractions actually reduces the pain during extractions. That's because the chemical peel has already peeled off the outermost layer, making it easier to get to those damned comedones. Minimal pressure is required, leading  to less painful extractions that don't damage skin as much. 

4. Treat Uneven Skin Tone and Reduce Appearance of Scarring

Pigmentation is just about inevitable under the Singapore sun, whether in the form of dark spots, or in less defined,  uneven skin tone. Those with acne prone skin may also find that their acne scars lead to discolouration even after the acne has recovered. The great thing about peels (on top of extractions) are that it actually helps to treat uneven skin tone as well. The gentle hydroxy acids such as AHAs and BHAs help the skin remove sun-damaged part of the epidermis and hence give the skin a more even tone that you can achieve only via foundation. 

Don't believe what we say? This is our Editor in Chief Agent G's skin in October 2019 and her face 3 months later after going through 3 consecutive sessions of chemical peels + extrractions.  

Before and After Brighter Skin After Light Chemical Peel at The Bund Beauty

Look at her forehead! Can you see that it has visibly lightened, making her skin look visibly more uniform? 

5. Accelerate Production of Collagen and Make Your Skincare Products Work Better

With dead skin and other congestive materials freshly peeled off your face, the rejuvenating, moisturising substances included as part of your facial can be maximally absorbed to unleash their full effectiveness. So not only does the peel itself help with fine wrinkles, uneven skin tone, blemishes from clogged pores and dry skin, it amps up these ameliorating properties in whatever treatments, lotions and creams used on your complexion after! With no dead cells impeding their penetration, your skincare products will perform better. 

In Agent G's peeling facial alone, the peeling and extraction is followed by ampoules and masks containing skin-repairing ingredients, such as peptides. These amino-acid chains attract fibroblasts - the components of the skin that support its constant renewal and remodeling - as well as encourage their growth. Given that the peel itself also sends signals to your existing cells to move up, multiply and increase production of collagen and hyaluronic acid, you can expect your skin to look younger and more elastic afterwards!

Want to find out what exactly happens in such a facial? Let Agent G take you through a blow-by-blow account of her usual Peeling + Extraction Facial at The Bund Beauty. 

Agent G at The Bund Facial Salon

Hi! I'm Agent G, Chief Editor of Beauty Undercover. If you've been following Beauty Undercover, you'll find that as much as I love to get my hair done, I was not as disciplined in going for facials. I KNOW that facials are good for my skin but I just can't find the time and discipline to go for a facial every month... especially with the pain of extractions and the uncertain results of clear skin. 

Things began to change only after I discovered The Bund Beauty. Winnie's confidence in treating my skin issues and the visible results gave me the motivation to come back month after month. Over time, my bumpy skin texture became smoother and smoother and my monthly pimple outbreak gradually disappeared. The results were so significant that many hairstylists and even my not-very-observant husband actually complimented on my skin after going for Winnie's Basic Epi facials at The Bund

But you know, girls are never satisfied. 

After solving one problem, another is bound to catch our attention and for me, the new issue comes in the form of uneven skin tone. 

Uneven Skin Tone Before Light Chemical Peel

To be sure, I always had that problem. People always ask if I play a lot of outdoor sports because I'm so tanned... but only on the outer outlines of the face e.g. forehead and sides of the face. I can't go out without applying foundation because there is just so much discolouration and inconsistency with skin colour. Time doesn't seem to help as ageing and stress only seemed to make my complexion grow duller and more uneven. 

During one of my facial visits last year, I casually mentioned to Winnie about my desire to confidently go out without wearing any makeup but can't do so thanks to my uneven skin tone. The problem-solver in her sprang into action.

Now that your skin has stabilised after 6 sessions of Fiber Treatment, you can consider trying our Hydroxy Peel + Extractions facial. The hydroxy peel is a gel based soft chemical peel that stimulate rebuilding and restructuring of deeper skin layers. It will help remove the dead skin cells on the surface to reveal brighter more radiant skin. You want to try? 


And with that, we began a series of peels + extractions facials. 

Before and After Brighter Skin After Light Chemical Peel at The Bund Beauty

In just 3 months, the uneven skin tone lightened significantly.

Bright and Even Complexion After 3 Months of Chemical Peel at The Bund Beauty

June 2020

...Then in June 2020, with a brighter, smoother, more even complexion even with a pause during circuit breaker. 

Bright and Even Complexion After 3 Months of Chemical Peel at The Bund Beauty

November 2020

This glowed-up skin condition has been maintained till November 2020, and I hope to keep it this way!

Allow me to take you through a typical visit.

What the Peeling + Extractions Facial Entails

First up, customers get changed into a terry-towel robe so that the lovely lotions and potions can reach your neck, not to mention it enables to reach your shoulders for delectable massages.

Facial at The Bund Beauty

Then they're shown to their beds, with fresh coverings laid on them to keep them sanitary for each customer, and even a handy phone slot for those of us who can't bear to be parted from our mobiles (eg: me).

Phone Slot at The Bund Beauty

Step 1: Cleansing skin

Then it was time to begin! First, my face was cleaned and primed for the peeling. My therapist placed dollops of cool, creamy cleansing lotion on my face, and began gently massaging to lift and remove any impurities.

Face Cleansing at The Bund Beauty

She added small portions of water to create a lovely lather, without over-diluting the lotion.

Face Cleansing at The Bund Beauty

Then, the mixture was delicately wiped off my skin with soft sponges...

Face Cleansing at The Bund Beauty

...In an upward motion of course, to maintain and promote my skin's buoyancy.

Face Cleansing at The Bund Beauty

To ensure more thorough cleansing, a second facial foam was applied to remove whatever impurities that may still remain on the skin. 

Step 2: Application of Gel Based Peel

Once my face was cleansed thoroughly, the preparation for the peel began. Cotton buds were used to apply Vaseline around the sensitive areas of my eye lid, lips and nose, to serve as a protective barrier against the hydroxy acids that would be used.

Application of Gel Based Peel at The Bund Beauty

Additionally, my eyes were covered with cotton pads to keep them safe from irritation.

Application of Gel Based Peel at The Bund Beauty

Finally, it was time for the main event, when the clear exfoliating gel of potent hydroxy acids was applied to my skin.

Application of Gel Based Peel at The Bund Beauty

The gel is left on for 3-10 minutes to work its magic. The exact duration depends on skin sensitivity and your desired results. 

My skin KNEW the moment the gel got into contact with it; there would be a tingling sensation that felt more like an itch. No scratching of course - this is the way the acid works to exfoliate the skin and boost the skin metabolism. 

Application of Gel Based Peel at The Bund Beauty

Even after going for so many peels, I still feel a little itchy somewhat. 

(Can you see how tensed my face was, fighting the itch?)

But yes, I can comparatively tolerate the itch for about 5 minutes now. 

Application of Gel Based Peel at The Bund Beauty

The entire 5 minutes, I would be counting down to this moment - the moment Shireena or Kim would spritz the bubbly Rebalance Liquid onto my skin to neutralize the acids and stop the itch.

Ah... how shiok!

Then, everything - including the imperceptible dead skin cells loosened by the exfoliant - is wiped off using absorbent cotton pads.

Step 3: Repair Mask + a Long Shoulder Massage

Now that the occluding top layer of dead cells on my skin is gone, there's no better time to pile on nutrients for maximum absorption! The first facial treat after the peel was Bund Beauty's Repair Mask, an ivory coloured lotion that was once again painted comprehensively on with a brush.

Application of Repair Mask at The Bund Beauty

It felt cold and icy and incredibly soothing to my freshly-exfoliated skin, and left on for 15 minutes.

Application of Repair Mask at The Bund Beauty

While waiting for the mask ingredients to take effect, my therapist slathered massage oil on my shoulders and gave them a much-needed kneading to melt away the stress knots.

Shoulder Massage at The Bund Beauty
Shoulder Massage at The Bund Beauty

She then moved to the shoulders, where I hold a lot of tension because of the way I've been sitting in front of the laptop during this WFH era. This really helped relieve what felt like a potential throbbing headache.

Shoulder Massage at The Bund Beauty

Definitely one of my favourite part of the facial!

15 minutes later, the mask was cleaned off, and I received a brief facial massage as well.

Step 4: Extractions

There's no better time to extract those pore-clogs than when the dead skin on my face is freshly removed and the accumulated sebum just under my skin is no longer thoroughly trapped.

Comedone and Pimple Extraction at The Bund Beauty
Comedone and Pimple Extraction at The Bund Beauty

It was great that gentle pressure by my therapist just made all those problematic blockages slide right out of my pores.

Comedone and Pimple Extraction at The Bund Beauty

Compared to usual extraction facials, getting the peel done before the facials reduced the pain from extractions by about 50% or more! 

Eyebrow Trimming During Facial at The Bund Beauty

Then, my face was cleansed again, and it was time to give my brows a gentle trim with scissors and a razor to keep them looking sharp - all at no additional cost. 

Step 5: Disinfect Skin using the Electroporation Machine

Although extractions help to remove comedones and blackheads, they do cause some damage to the skin. To prevent any bacteria from entering sites of extraction, Shireena would use the Electroporation Machine to disinfect the area. 

Skin Disinfection at The Bund Beauty

Step 6: Final mask

Then, it was time to seal in all the goodness that had been bestowed on my face with a final Thermal Peel-Off Mask, which contains hydrating, plumping and repairing ingredients activated by warm water.

Thermal Peel Off Mask at The Bund Beauty

Accordingly, my therapist prepared the powder in a porcelain bowl by mixing it with gently heated water, and generously encased my face in the resulting lavender-coloured cream.

Thermal Peel Off Mask at The Bund Beauty
Thermal Peel Off Mask at The Bund Beauty

She applied it to my neck as well, so that that telltale area would also benefit from the masks's anti-ageing properties.

Thermal Peel Off Mask at The Bund Beauty

Once done, tissues were placed at the borders of the painted-on cream to prevent the precious substance from dripping on the ground and being wasted.

Thermal Peel Off Mask at The Bund Beauty

The mask was then left to gradually sit and harden over ten minutes...

Thermal Peel Off Mask at The Bund Beauty

While I received a delightful head massage.

Thermal Peel Off Mask at The Bund Beauty

Finally, the mask was peeled off - taking any residual exfoliated material with it - and my face received one last cleanse.

Then I was prepped to rejoin the wold with toner, moisturiser and sunblock on my face and neck...

Thermal Peel Off Mask at The Bund Beauty

...And brought back out of my daze with an invigorating shoulder massage. 

Relaxing Back Massage at The Bund Beauty
Smaller Pores One Chemical Peel Session at The Bund Beauty
Smaller Pores One Chemical Peel Session at The Bund Beauty

Look at the difference one peel makes to the skin before and after!

No Makeup Skin After Light Chemical Peel at The Bund Beauty

#nomakeup #nofilter after photo

To be honest, there is always some insecurity within me that says that I'll never be X (have even skin tone, acne-free skin or be moderately acceptably pretty) 

It is all thanks to sincere and skillful beauty professionals like Winnie who show me that yes, my skin can actually get better and bring me one step closer to liking the person I see in the mirror. 

Thank you Winnie, for giving me this confidence to finally toss out my foundations once and for all. 

P.S. I'm sorry for subjecting all of you to the unglam photos of myself but hope that you'll find them helpful. 

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