Circuit Breaker Acne? Effects of Facial at THIS Salon Lasts So Long That Customers Did NOT Have New Pimples During the No-Facial CB

Published on Jul 19, 2020

Circuit Breaker was, for many of us, a difficult period to go through.

Working from home meant that you've got to balance Zoom calls with screaming toddlers, face your partner / family literally 24/7 and grapple with the lack of outsourced housework, childcare and even beauty routines. Of course, all these were done to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the dreaded COVID-19 but many of us can't help but heave a collective sigh of relief when Circuit Breaker was lifted in Phase 2.. 

For some of us though, the Circuit Breaker was a reckoning. As inconvenient as it was, the pause of outdoor activity forced us to reflect upon the activities we've been doing. Is it really necessary to go for Studio Yoga Lessons or Spinning Classes (especially now that it is extremely difficult to book slots)? How important is nails and lash extensions to me? Does my current facial routine work?

Agent CW is one of them. As someone who believed in the Caveman Facial Routine, Agent CW started panicking after seeing her face break out like never before during the Circuit Breaker. 

My Pimple-Free Skin Before Circuit Breaker
Skin Breakouts During COVID-19 Circuit Breaker

Before / After Circuit Breaker for Agent CW

She's not the only one. We've all had someone we know who're experiencing Circuit Breaker Acne or Maskne due to frequent mask-wearing and inability to go to our usual facials. 

There was however a small group of ladies, who very fortunately averted all that. Despite skipping 3 months of facial due to Circuit Breaker, their skin stayed relatively clear of acne and other problems. What makes this group of ladies distinct from the rest?

They are from different ages, hold different occupations and come from all walks of life. The only similarity that links them all together? Their facial salon. 

Read on to find out which salon they go to and their skin condition throughout Circuit Breaker.

Customer Review on Acne Treatment at The Bund Beauty
After suffering from cystic acne and sensitive skin for almost a decade, I came across The Bund Beauty through one of the articles on Beauty Undercover. My first time at The Bund Beauty was warm and welcoming. Winnie understood what I was going through and kindly explained her plan for me. She also recommended skincare products to help boost and quicken the healing process. After a 4-hour session, the results were shocking. My skin was no longer red and angry, surprising me because I didn't realise that my skin could improve instantly!That was just the first time. Over the past year, my skin improved so much that I could finally put the days of cystic acne behind. For the first time, many people around me commented on how good my skin looked. And honestly, my skin never looked and felt better.Even during the Circuit Breaker, I had no problems with my skin and it continued to glow. I can only thank Winnie who put in so much hard work to remove all the whiteheads and blackheads so thoroughly and shared her knowledge of skincare with me so that I know which products best suits me. I truly am grateful to have met Winnie. I used to believe that I could never have beautiful skin again. Winnie just proved to me that all it takes is just the proper care with the right person.
Customer Review on Acne Treatment at The Bund Beauty
I chanced upon The Bund Beauty while googling for "Best Extraction Facial in Singapore". Winnie does not advertise aggressively but I was intrigued after reading about her rave reviews on Beauty Undercover.For my first visit, the therapists at The Bund patiently explained each of the cleansing steps as well as individual products while they prepped my skin. Winnie then spent a good three hours on extraction, thoroughly clearing my pores. At the end of the extraction, not only did I not feel painful, my skin felt like it could breathe properly. Based on her expert diagnosis, Winnie also recommended some home products to compliment the salon products and to accelerate the skin's healing. By my third visit, my cystic acne problem which had plagued me for years had been solved; my skin felt cleaner and was visibly brighter.  Not only was the combined effect of regular facials and diligent use of home products effective, it was also long lasting.  Even during the Circuit Breaker period, my acne problem did not return and my skin condition was stable. The products kept my sebum production in check and helped my skin self-rejuvenate. Winnie and her team at The Bund certainly deserve the title of best extraction facial in Singapore”. I couldn’t be more pleased to have found them.
Customer Review on Acne Treatment at The Bund Beauty
I discovered The Bund Beauty through Beauty Undercover because I was looking for a reliable and trustworthy facial salon. The most important factors to me are: friendly staff, easy to book, effective services and no hardselling of packages.Thankfully, all my requirements were met because there wasn't a long waiting time, my terrible hormonal acne (30+ pimples on my face) was healed, and they only recommended services that my skin required.I never thought I'd be able to say that but I'm so thankful that I'm able to take selfies with confidence now. My dry, sensitive and pimpled skin is now clear, soft and smooth. I've continued to maintain my skin with products from The Bund so I managed to get through Circuit Breaker with clear skin.
Customer Review on Acne Treatment at The Bund Beauty
Like many of the other ladies here, I found The Bund Beauty through Beauty Undercover. Prior to the Bund, I go for facial every 2 weeks... yet more pores were still clogged and skin bumpy. After going to The Bund about once a month, my acne cleared A LOT. My face broke out a lot less with blackheads at the nose and chin reduced significantly. More importantly, my skin doesn't feel bumpy any more. I was really worried about my skin during the Circuit Breaker; it is just that much more sensitive and harder to deal with than other people. Will my face return to the state before going to the Bund? While my face wasn't 100% clear during the Circuit Breaker, I am glad to report that my skin actually still felt OK. Honestly, the skin around my jawline was a little bumpy and there was some acne breakout but compared to my skin condition before going to The Bund, this is already considered very good. I don't know if it is because of the skincare introduced by Winnie or the effective facial treatment that strengthened and improved my skin's health over time. However, I found it really really AMAZING that my skin can maintain this level of clarity throughout the Circuit Breaker. Thank you Winnie!
My Skin Before Going to The Bund Beauty
My Acne Prone Skin After Going to The Bund Beauty

2012 vs 2020

I have been with Winnie since 2006, and chanced upon her as she was carrying a range of products specifically targeted at acne prone (both active and scars related). Since I was a teenager, my face was oily and very prone to acne, leaving behind many acne scars. As many other ladies suffering the same condition would attest, makeup simply doesn't work for me as it doesn't stay on. Instead, my skin would become even more oily and clogged. Winnie was a Godsend. With regular facials and recommendation of skin products, Winnie managed to reduce acne flare-ups by controlling the oil secretion and removing impurities. Over time, I observed remarkable improvement with my face getting less oily,  fewer bumps and the scars look lighter and less deep. Now, we are actively treating the decade-long scars (first picture) and ensuring the skin stays moisturising, elastic and firm. Instead of having to use foundation and suffering from uneven touch ups, a concealer and lip colour or even makeup-free suffice these days.  Despite not being able to visit the Bund for close to 2 months, there was no breakout nor major issues. While my skin felt dry, active use of moisturising facial mask worked. As explained by Winnie, the new treatment helped to reduce pore size and kept the facial skin taut, leaving no chance for impurities to go under the skin.

Beyond the testimonials given by the many customers from The Bund, our very own Chief Editor Agent G can too attest to the power of Winnie's facials.

Pimple-Free Face After Facials by Winnie at The Bund Beauty

#nofilter photo of Agent G after Circuit Breaker

Warm to the touch, many of the facial therapists I've been before always attribute my breakouts to how "heaty" my body is. In particular, my skin would never fail to break out close to "that time of the month".  Like credit card bills that never fail to show up like clockwork , numerous big pimples would always appear a day before my period begins.Ever since I went to The Bund Beauty, things began to change. I had a few breakouts in the first month but after that, my skin began to stabilize and for the first time, I witnessed clear skin with no breakouts for a consecutive 6 months. As someone who has been battling acne for more than half her life, I got a little nervous when Circuit Breaker came around... but I really needn't have. As you can see, my skin has remained relatively clear with just a small bump near the jawline and another near the nose - something that may have been caused by daily workout and running sessions that got my face clogged with sweat for long periods of time. Needless to say, I've been an active advocate for The Bund Beauty. The price is comparable to most established salons but the effects are so long-lasting and consistent that I am 100% confident when recommending my friends and relatives to Winnie. 

How did the Circuit Breaker affect your skin condition? Were you disappointed or more convinced than ever about your current facial therapist? 

Share your thoughts with us below. 

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