10 Reasons Why Some Beauty Buffs are Loving the Circuit Breaker

Published on Apr 13, 2020

The spas have shuttered, the salons can only see you for an hour, and your lash tech is not allowed within one metre of you. It feels like it's just you (armed with your not-so-freshly manicured nails) against this cold world. Yet, there are some beauty-addicts who are loving the Circuit Breaker... and here's why!

1. Everybody gets to appreciate you up close

Close Up Look on Galaxy Highlights at The Urban Aesthetics

Hair Colour at Hair Illustrated @ Raffles City

Pre-circuit-breaker, you might spend hours at the salon dyeing your hair a sophisticated, ashy chestnut....and have no one notice except for one auntie who asks 'Is it you went swimming?'. Now with Zoom meetings, everybody gets super closeups of your beautiful balayage.

It may not be freshly done, but more people are definitely noticing the care you've been taking of your hair and face. You're certainly always admiring Cheyra's during Zoom meetings and wondering how her makeup always looks immaculate. 

Video Call Look

Cheyra from 99 Percent Hair Studio

2. You Can Actually Catch Up On Your Beauty Sleep


Whenever you used to see your facialist/scalp treatment therapist/nail artist, they would gently scold you to 'sleep more', or 'eat more nutritious home-cooked food', but who had the time? Now that it's walking distance from your bed to your office though, you are definitely getting more shut-eye, and that hour-long lunch break is enough time to cook up a meal that's relatively good for you and eat it all up with time to spare. Or you could have an afternoon nap. Look forward to seeing those eyebags fade away...as long as you don't give in to the temptation of watching Netflix till 3am.

Kamiwaza Dry Scalp Spa at Branche Hair Salon

Kamiwaza Dry Scalp Spa at Branche Hair Salon

3. No Accidental Beauty Boo-Boos

Another blessing of teleconferences: you won't have to wait till after your presentation to realise you had lipstick all over your front teeth.

Your face is right there for everyone including you to see, and damn, you look good.

4. No Need to Swap Between Multiple Looks in a Day

Some days you feel like a bride who has to navigate tea ceremonies and first/second march-ins: You have one look in the day showing off your hair to best effect, then you have to get it out of your face and remove some makeup when you go to the gym, and then you have to put on some of your face and rescue some of your do again to go out for dinner.

Now you're staying home, you might put on one look to head to the online office (or half a look since it only has to be from the waist up and then remove everything to follow a workout video or sleep. Altogether, fewer changes and much gentler for your hair and skin.

5. Everybody gets a piece of your stylist's expertise

Have time on your hands but am sick of hand-whipping that damn Dalgona Coffee? Some stylists like Cheyra from 99 Percent Hair Studio are posting styling tutorials online!

If you're thinking about how to style your hair to look good with the mask on or if you've always wanted to learn how to braid your hair in less than 5 minutes, this is your chance to personally learn from the pros. When else are you going to have so many free five-minute slots?

Hot tip: If you have any other burning questions you want to ask your stylist, PM us on Facebook / IG or leave a comment below and we'll see how we can get the stylists to help!

6. Give your skin some stay-home sayang


If you prefer to have warpaint on before going to the virtual office, we totally understand. But if you're happy with the 'Touch Up My Appearance' function on zoom, then take the opportunity to give your skin a break from that primer and contouring and foundation. (In any case, you can see for a fact that your boss didn't even bother drawing on her eyebrows.)

7. You are the Sun's Boss Now

Ever stressed about the merciless April sun frying your the cuticles of your already bleach-damaged hair, or tattooing pigmentation spots on your skin? Well now the sun's relationship with you is by appointment only.

Shut it out of your life completely, or if you miss it, pop open a window to get a little vitamin D through the day, without having to consult all your other colleagues in the office as to whether it's okay to adjust the blinds (that is if you had access to any windows at all from your cubicle).

Who's the boss now, sun?

8. Free Yoga / Fitness Classes Online

Can't head to the gym during Circuit Breaker? No sweat! A number of local yoga studios / gyms are live-streaming their classes to all, whether or not you paid for membership (and also, most gyms have frozen their fees for members during this period). For those still striving to do a handstand, get those pro-tips while you have lots of time to practice! Learning handstands is considered upskilling, right?

Some of the more popular live-streams are on @jyanyogastudio, @platinumyoga@realyoga and @pureyogasingapore

Alternatively, you can follow international yoga teachers on their Youtube channels on how to achieve your yoga / fitness goals.

They include Morgan Rose Moroney, Adell Bridges and Boho Beautiful.

9. Be a VIP at the Salon

If you do decide to get your haircut during the circuit-breaker since the government deems them an essential service (we agree), you may be as overjoyed as we are to see zero queues since everyone at home. And no weird chemical scents too, since chemical treatments are non-essential services (aw).

Best of all, you get the entire (squeaky clean) salon to yourself with social distancing rules in place. Now that's superstar treatment!

笑一笑 来个赞 👍🏼Posted by Tiffany Tan on Thursday, April 9, 2020

That is if your salon is still open. If it's not, well, we've got a few suggestions for you.

Here's our list of Top Hair Salons in Singapore that are still Open During Circuit Breaker.

10. Season Schmeason...Make Your Environment Match You

Every Singaporean style-queen has lamented the lack of four seasons in Singapore for depriving them of valid reasons to switch up styles.

But with Zoom meetings allowing you to switch up your backgrounds to any picture on the internet, you can go from an autumnal San Francisco on one day to sakura season in Kyoto the next. Make zoom dates with your friends or Tinder matches and swap out your makeup, nail colours and hairdo-of-the-day accordingly!

We're stuck at home, might as well have fun with it.

Zoom Meeting Hairstyle

Screenshot from Zoom Meeting with hair by Be Salon at Millenia Walk

If you need some zoom-spiration, look out for our next article on 10 Hairstyles that look great on Zoom Meetings!

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