Low Damage Rebonding by Tokio Sinka Gave Agent AG Soft Straight Moisturized Hair

Published on Aug 01, 2016

Does Low Damage Tokio Rebonding mean that the rebonding is not effective?

Agent AG tries Tokio Sinka Rebonding for the first time at Rubik Hair Salon

Read below to see what she has to say!

July 2016

Hi, I'm Agent AG! I'm a Business Development Manager who likes to write about my honest opinions on hair and beauty products here!

This is not my first time writing on Beauty Undercover. In fact, I've tried MUCOTA Omega Rebonding a few months ago at Focus Hairdressing. I liked the effects of MUCOTA Omega Rebonding. However, my roots grew out since then.

Ugly Roots Regrowth

When I talked to Agent G of Beauty Undercover about my ugly roots regrowth, she shared with me about this new Tokio Sinka Rebonding / Perm that she herself did. Agent G raved about how soft and moisturized her hair remained after the Tokio Sinka Perm and urged me to give it a go. 

Before I actually went ahead, I read up about the Tokio Inkarami Treatment and Sinka Rebonding. So apparently, this Tokio Sinka Straightening system is the latest rebonding technology in Singapore. It contains Fullerene, an Nobel Prize winning molecule that is 120 times more powerful than Vitamin C in its antioxidant properties. This allows rebonding or perms to be done at a temperature as low as 60 degrees Celsius! Usual rebonding or perming creams requires higher heat of at least 120 to 180 degrees celsius... so you can imagine how much less damaging it is!

On top of Fullerene, the Tokio Sinka also contains 6 different types of keratin amino acids that repairs the hair even as it straightens. So apparently, even those of you who have bleached and coloured your hair can still go ahead with Tokio Sinka Rebonding! 

Hyped after reading about Tokio Sinka, I was excited having been invited for an appointment with Rubik Hair Salon, which is one of the first few hair salons in Singapore to carry this latest Tokio rebonding lotion and treatment!

First Impressions

rubik hair salon

The salon looked different from every other salon I've been to.

Very personal, very cozy. I knew the experience will be different. 

The stylist took a careful look at my hair and asked me if I had any issues I would like him to solve. 


Due to the hair regrowth, my hair had this weird kink that looks as if it has been tied up in a ponytail

Really want to get rid of it... without damaging the rest of my hair!

For the front, my high forehead is showing in a not so nice way. 

The stylist therefore suggested to go for Tokio Sinka Rebonding at the roots to remove the kink. He also suggested for me to trim off my damaged ends and do a C Curl perm at the ends. Although the ends have been rebonded before, Tokio Sinka Rebonding is mild enough to repair the hair and cause minimal damage during the ends perm! The stylist says this is really important as it will allow the ends to curl for a longer period of time without causing frizziness! 

As for my high forehead, he suggests a slight bangs perm to allow my bangs to curl towards one side for a natural see-through bangs look! I wasn't sure what he meant exactly but I'm excited to find out! 

Hair Wash

The stylist began the experience with a GOD-AMAZING head massage. 

lemongrass scent shampoo

I could feel all the tensions being released from my body, and I felt instantly relaxed. At the hair-washing sink, he placed a soft towel on my eyes area, which made the whole process more comfortable.

The final step of the hair washing process included a warm, floral-scented towel being placed on the neck.

It was a major plus, I have never had any hair stylist place a warm towel to soothe my tired neck. Such an experience!


Before he began with a haircut, the stylist gave me a menu which included Japanese tea and a mix of hot and cold beverages!

drink menu

Once that was prepared for me, he began on a second consultation to confirm the style before the haircut. 

He says that this is crucial as he could better understand the hair texture after seeing it wet!

I wanted to maintain my hair length but wished that my hair can have a little more volume than before. the stylist therefore suggested some layering (not too excessive) to lighten the hair while still keeping the length!

He also confirmed that my fringe could be permed for a see-through look... yay! My previous hairstylists usually create a side swept fringe that is too "heavy" on one side due to the nature of my hair.

He can make a change by adding some layers to the front of my face to better frame it! 

Can't wait to see the results!


After cutting my hair, the stylist rinsed my hair once more with water and then with carbonated water. The carbonated water works to remove excess residue so that the debonding cream can be penetrated throughly by the hair.

Application of Rebonding Cream

He applied three different strengths of the Tokio Straightening cream to my hair.

rebonding cream

I love how he customized the Tokio Sinka system according to my hair needs.

The strongest cream to the most unruly part (top part), the normal strength to the inner part and the lightest strength to the ends of my hair.

Heat to allow for penetration

The rebonding cream was left on for 20 minutes, covered with plastic wrap and treated with heat for better penetration.


After 20 minutes was up, he rinsed the rebonding cream with water. Then, he also rinsed my hair with carbonated water.

Ironing the Hair

After thoroughly blow drying my hair, the stylist with the help of Emi straightened section by section of my hair using a narrow-width hair straightener.

Iron Hair

Then the stylist used a Digi clip to curl my ends. Not all salons use this but the advantage of the Digi Clip is that it allows you to go to really low temperatures while making sure that the ends are curled well! In fact, the Digi clip was set at 60 degrees celsius... that is considered really low as typical salons use 120 degrees!

So now you can understand why Tokio Sinka Rebonding is much less damaging!


He then used a large barrel tong to curl my fringe.

This was so that my fringe will fall better to cover my forehead.

Yohei curled my fringe

Doesn't this look so 1950s?

1950s fringe

I couldn't help but break into laughter!


Application of Neutralizers

The next step was the application of neutralizer thoroughly onto my hair. The smell of the neutralizer was surprisingly pleasant. It was not very pungent, unlike all the previous rebonding neutralizers I've done!


Finishing Touches

After a final washing with water as well as carbonated water, the stylisti applied a Tokio treatment at the sink. He even shared a tip on how we can improve the effectiveness of our hair treatment at home!


As hair absorbs treatment better in liquid form better than in cream form, it is better to apply the cream based treatment on your wet hair, rinse your hair and COLLECT that rinsed water in your basin then rinse your hair with that treatment water! 


Back at the seat,  the stylist cut my hair again to get the desired look. He paid special attention to the fringe as I had requested for a fringe to disguise my high forehead. he also added layers to the front of my hair to frame my face better.


When the stylist was finally satisfied with the hair cut, he showed me the proper way to blow dry my hair.

He also taught me a quick and no-fuss method to style my new hair at home. 


Some important takeaways

  • Blow drying your hair, especially the hair closest to the roots, is essential as wet hair is especially vulnerable to damage.
  • Letting your hair dry naturally will cause the scalp to be moist for a long period of time especially under Singapore's humid weather! This results in your scalp producing a lot of oil to fight off the bacteria
  • Blowdrying closes thehair cuticle so that the hair shaft will not be frizzy.
  • Letting the hair dry naturally also results in the hair's natural oils and nutrients to be diffused into the air, affecting the long-term health of the hair.
  • The direction in which you blowdry your hair is important. Your hair has a natural tendency to form a C shape. Blowdrying your roots in the correct direction will therefore determine the direction your hair ends will be! 

When I asked the stylist how long I had to wait before washing my hair, he mentioned that I could wash it the next morning! This is because the Tokio Sinka Rebonding is so advanced that it does not require 24-48 hours for the hair treatment to set in! 

Hair knowledge aside, it is now time to see the outcome of my hair!

Remember I had some kinks before?


Before: Kinks, After: No More Kinks!


Before: Kinks, After: Beautiful Curls + No more kinks!

While I'm happy to see the kinks gone and the C Curl ends more pronounced, I was MOST impressed with the fringe.

It is the best fringe that any hair stylists have designed for my face shape and hair type! 

 The see through fringe changed my whole look. Dare I say that I looked younger because of this new fringe! 

Apparently, there is a reasoning behind why I looked younger! Babies (and anime characters) tend to look really young and cute as their features only form 50% of their face. The closer we get to the 50-50 proportion (by having our hair cover our face), the younger we will look!


What do you think of my new look?

Final Thoughts 

I would definitely recommend Rubik Hair Salon to those looking for a pampering hair experience.

My experience at Rubik Hair Salon was like a luxurious spa resort with Great Service! He is so knowledgeable that I can't wait to come back again for my next hair service and learn more from him!

The Tokio Sinka Rebonding was also very natural. Do note however that this isn't the pin-straight type of rebonding... if you are expecting one, this is probably not going to work for you! 

Instead it gives a very natural soft feel that makes me look very Japanese I think! 

after volume rebonding

My hair also felt softer than before, even days after the rebonding!


Can't wait to come back to Rubik Hair Salon again soon!


I'm officially hooked!

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