11 Luxury Hair Salons Crazy Rich Asians Frequent in Singapore

Published on Aug 20, 2018

With Crazy Rich Asians coming to town, we can't help but be fascinated by what the 150 thousand millionaires in Singapore eat, drink and do. 

While we're pretty sure they don't eat very often at Lau Pa Sat, here are some hair salons we KNOW they frequent in Singapore. You may not be able to afford the supercars or Kardashian level mansion at Bukit Timah but you can very well afford to visit the salons they frequent to get a feel of what their lifestyle is like.

1) Kim Robinson

Luxurious Salon Kim Robinson

Prices: $138, $158 (Junior Stylists), $198 onwards (Senior Stylists), $2738 (Kim Robinson)

A haven of beauty, luxury and unrivalled elegance, Kim Robinson is unsurprisingly the top choice for Crazy Rich Asians in Singapore. A cut from the man himself sets you back $2738! Not unexpected since he has done hair makeovers for the likes of Princess Diana, Grace Kelly, and Rita Ora. However, if his fees are out of your budget, you can always opt for the junior stylists ($138 - $158) or senior stylists ($198 onwards) and still enjoy the exquisite service, signature dry cut and the awesome blowdry.

2) Passion Hair Salon

Celebrity Salon Passion Hair Salon

Prices: From $99 (Junior Stylist), $109 (Senior Stylist), $409 for David Gan

People in Singapore aren't in general familiar with the names of hairstylists, but David Gan is certainly an exception. Having cut, coloured and styled the hair of a majority of local celebrities, including Fann Wong, Zoe Tay, Joanne Peh, Felicia Chin and even international celebrities like Zhang Ziyi, Hidetoshi Nakata, David is the hairstylist most Singapore celebs go to for that oh-so-amazing hair makeover. 

Fortunately for us mortals, David Gan makes himself available at Passion Hair Salon @ Palais Renaissance - that is if you are willing and able to pay the price. The sprawling salon has just 3 VIP seats and 29 very spacious regular seats, brimming with exclusivity and luxury. While you will need to shell out more than $400 for his haircut, this is 80% cheaper than a cut from Kim Robinson 

3) Rossano Ferretti Hair Salon

Luxurious Rossano Ferretti Hair Salon

Prices: $145-$255 (Local Stylists), $378-$510 (Italian Stylists)

The go-to stylist for Kate Middleton and A-listers like Jennifer Lawrence, Reese Witherspoon and Dakota Fanning, Rossano Ferretti has just opened his flagship salon in Fullerton, Singapore. While you're seldom going to find him there at the salon, you can still enjoy Ferretti's signature "Method" Cut by Italian stylists who trained directly under him. A revolutionary new cut, Ferreti's "Method" allows stylist to enhance the organic individual beauty of every client and tailor the haircut to suit details such as hair type, facial structure and personality while ensuring utmost care to hair fibres.

It's no wonder why Kate Middleton and many other celebs choose to go Rossano Ferretti in person to get tresses with natural movement and healthy bounce!

4) Branche Japanese Hair Salon

Luxurious Salon Branche Japanese Nail Salon

Prices: $120 (Ladies Cut), Colour ($150), Perm ($180) 

Branche is not the most expensive of the lot but the experience here is certainly equivalent of that of SIA First Class Suites. Imagine having getting an exquisite manicure at the same time while your hair is being washed and massaged by your dedicated hairstylist - all in a private VIP room of your own. 

flower nail art at Branche Nail Salon
Tokio 4M hair treatment

Your hairstylist and nail artist attends only to you from start to finish, serving you a cup of authetnic premium Japanese tea and topping it up with complimentary champagne at the end of your hair experience.

This is the place you want to go to for that special celebration as the glam team at Branche pulls out all the stops to make you feel cherished and important. With every element of the service designed to impress, this is one salon that has earned its place among the elites in Singapore. 

5) LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon

Prices: Haircut from $60 for ladies, Colour from $120, Perm from $240.

You can't miss this sprawling hair and beauty salon that looks absolutely like a hipster cafe in Mandarin Gallery. The woody facade and greenery in every corner make this salon looks like the tropical paradise. 

Leekaja Hair Salon

While High-SES people may balk at the seemingly huge number of seats within the salon ...

There are special spaces carved out that only VIP customers get to enjoy.

And even a private room where you can get your leg massaged while you do your fortnightly scalp treatment. 

Exclusive Foot Massage During Scalp Treatment at Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

Yep, that's their decadent Chaebol Heavenly Head Spa that we so fell in love with!

Luxurious Head Spa at Leekaja Korean Hair & Beauty Salon

Did we also mention that free flow wine and champagne are also available here!

LeeKaJa is definitely far from low-SES but we're glad that it is at least within reach of Mid-SES people. You can spend as much as $1000 in one sitting or as low as $60 depending on what you're looking for, and still get a great experience here at LeeKaJa. 

6) The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics

Prices: Ladies haircut from $79, Perms from $219

A spacious place adorned with gold trimmings and clover shaped mirrors, The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics oozes luxury the moment you enter. 

The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetic

The front staff greets you warmly and escorts you to the seat as you await for renowned Korean stylist veteran Japanese stylist Hidero or their team of highly qualified local and Korean staff who will attend to you.

Premium Hair Service at The Beauty Emporium

No matter who you choose, you can expect a beautiful hairstyle and a premium experience as the stylists do their best to make your time here a memorable one. Appointments are well-spaced, so you won't find the entire place looking or sounding like a fish market, the way some busy salons may feel like. 

The Beauty Emporium VIP Room

For those who enjoy exclusivity, The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics also has a VIP room with a reclinable chair used for makeup, scalp or hair treatments as well as regular hair services! The Beauty Emporium by The Urban Aesthetics coexists in the same space as their aesthetic salon Skin Illustrated, and so is a great place to come for a full-day hair and scalp pampering!

7) Chez Vous Hair Salon

Chez Vous Hair Salon

Prices: Haircut from $55, Colour from $135, Perm from $145

Chez Vous Hair Salon

Readers on Beauty Undercover know that we're absolute fans of this salon. Ever since we've discovered Chez Vous, this is the place we've recommended for stylish haircuts and sophisticated colours. And there are many reasons for that!

Chez Vous Hair Salon

It isn't just their modern decor that caught our attention; Chez Vous is an all-Director salon where each and every stylist is the crème de la crème among hairstylists in Singapore, Many of them are so good that they can even fix the most damaged of hair through the inhouse Fix You Expertligent Program

Before and After Premium Hair Botox at Chez Vous Hair Salon

Beyond the strong stylist team, it is their continuous innovation and effective hair services that keep customers coming back. Our favourite is still their Hair Botox, which has helped even ladies with the most messy of hair regain their sanity.  The only drawback is that this salon is popular among customers of all SES that it can get pretty noisy at times. 

Chez Vous Hair Salon Private Room
Chez Vous Hair Salon

To combat that, high SES customers can choose to do their hair in their specialized cocoon or VIP area for enhanced privacy, while still availing of Chez Vous' top quality treatments. 

8) Izumi Hair Salon

Izumi Salon Private Space
Izumi Salon Private Space

Prices: Ladies Haircut at $120

Sounds steep for a small salon, but there's a good reason why. You might have seen salons with just one stylist, but it is even more rare to find a salon with just ONE CHAIR. 

High Quality Hair Service at Izumi Salon

That's Izumi Salon for you. She attends to only one customer at one time in the entire salon located within the SoHo section of The Central. This exclusivity offered is attractive especially for High SES customers who wish to stay away from the private eye.

High Quality Hair Service at Izumi Salon

But beyond that, it is her skill that keeps customers coming back. Many High SES customers consider her a steal because her hairdressing skill is more than on par with the great hairstylists mentioned earlier. She can bleach your hair and it'll still look healthier afterward. Her haircut is also very on point. Yet the price is 10x lower. All these skills, she picked up from the very best during her time in Japan and New York. 

High Quality Hair Service at Izumi Salon

She also handles everything herself from hair wash to blowdrying so the hairstyle comes out just perfect. You don't have to worry about how good it looks afterward - just sit back, relax, and enjoy the view, while getting your hair done!

Superb View of CBD From Izumi Salon

9) Follicle Salon

Follicle Salon

Prices: Haircut from $88, Colour from $140, Perm from $200

Follicle Salon may be best known for their Meso Scalp Treatment that helped many Beauty Undercover readers stop hair loss and regain their hair back but here is also the place many High SES ladies come for their regular hair services. 

Follicle Salon
Follicle Salon

Located on the 8th level of Ngee Ann City, Follicle Salon is accessible yet private, complete with private VIP rooms and armchairs that can let you recline while your hair is being done. 

Follicle Salon
Follicle Salon

More notably, many of their veteran stylists have a strong base of tai-tai customers who come regularly for hair colour and even blowdry. 

Beyond hair, Follicle is also very well known for their eyebrow artist Cecilia Chng. Having done the eyebrows for most of the high SES ladies in Singapore, she is possibly the best in Singapore for eyebrow embroidery. 

10) The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio

The Bund AMK

Prices: Haircut from $80, Colour from $130

The Bund is the ONLY "neighbourhood salon" to squeeze into this list, simply because it doesn't feel like one. 

The Bund AMK

Located within Aramsa Spa, The Bund feels more like a sophisticated runway nestled within the greenery of Bishan Park. 

The Bund AMK

The modern decor, coupled with one of Singapore's best haircut specialists Ricky Wang makes The Bund a truly luxurious concept within the neighbourhood. More concerned with quality than quantity, Ricky limits himself to just 7 customers a day and does everything from start to finish. This dedication to quality has gotten him a lot of word of mouth referrals, especially among chief executives in Singapore. A number of them love how he is located strategically out of CBD while still staying close to central Singapore. Parking is also easy, just steps away from the salon. With Ricky recently appointed Ambassador for AVEDA, we expect The Bund to get even busier in the coming months. 

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