Quick Guide to Maintain and Make Your Perm Last Longer for Men in Singapore

Published on Jan 19, 2017

So you've decided to get a perm but unlike ladies who always seem to know what to do, do you feel like you've plunged into the abyss without guidance?

Never fear! 

We're here to arm you with some tips to help you better manage and maintain your perm!

1. Don't use clarifying shampoo after the perm

Do Not Use Clarifying Shampoo For Oily and Hair Loss on Permed Hair

Carmen from Picasso Hair Studio advises against the use of clarifying shampoo, hair loss shampoo or oily scalp shampoo after getting a perm as they tend to dry out the hair further and strip off the perm. If you want your perm to last longer and have a smoother feel, Perm Specialist Lilian from Follicle Salon recommends that you apply a light conditioner once every two days to soften and smoothen the hair!

2. Continue to use styling products

The objective for men's perm is often volume or texture, not curls. A perm makes hair easier to style, so do continue using styling products! Depending on the perm you have, different products may work better than others. Carmen from Picasso Hair Studio suggests that Gel or Wax may be better if you want to enhance the curls for a Japanese perm and go for the wet look. Otherwise, clay is preferable for a more texturized look for a C or J curl perm.

To aid in customer styling, Follicle Salon has also introduced an exclusive volume and texturizing spray that men can spray on their hair and blowdry up or down according to their desired style. As the hair has more texture and volume,  Lilian from Follicle Salon suggests that the amount of wax used can be reduced. Even with the same perm, the usage of a light vs heavier wax can give you a different look!

Apply Wax on Iron Perm

Iron Perm after light wax by Follicle Salon

This is how light wax looks like after an Iron Perm, it gives the customer the desired texture for men with straight or fine hair.

Iron Perm After Wax

Iron Perm after more wax by Follicle Salon

On the other hand, heavier and more wax during styling gives a more textured look! After you get your hair permed, it is best to get advice from your stylist on how to style your hair for different looks.

3. Blowdry your hair for maximum volume and control degree of curl

Just like a ladies' perm, you can control how curly and how voluminous you want your hair to be with blowdrying. 

Korean Men Perm by Picasso Hair Studio

Korean Perm by Picasso Hair Studio

It all depends on whether you got a cold vs hot perm though. For Japanese and Korean perms, the more you blowdry the straighter it gets! 

C Curl Men Perm by Picasso Hair Studio

C Curl Perm by Picasso Hair Studio

4. Trim your hair 3 weeks later

Your perm will likely grow out 3 weeks later so do go for a trim to keep your hair in shape.

Haircut and Korean Perm by Style NA

Cut and Perm by Style NA @ Compass One

5. Don't go swimming for 3 weeks

Avoid Swimming For 3 Weeks After Perm

The chlorine in swimming pools will dry your hair and strip it of the perm. Hence, don't swim for at least 3 weeks to avoid affecting your new perm!

6. Prepare to re-perm after 2.5 months

Perms usually last for about 2.5 months. So do prepare to re-perm if you like the extra volume.

Men's Perm by Kobayashi Hair Design

Men's Perm by Kobayashi Hair Design

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