6 Ways to Make Your Facial Glow Last for Weeks

Published on Aug 14, 2017

We love a good facial! Our skin glowing, smooth and bright makes us feel like we can take on the world, and feel all the more confident bare faced. However, as you would be familiar, the effects of facials rarely last beyond a week or two.

This doesn't mean the facial is not worth the money, professional facial therapists cleanse our skin more deeply, diagnose our skin condition better and supply the skin with what it needs.

Prolonging its benefits however largely depend on how you treat your skin post facial.

Skin Therapist, Chrissy and customers from Face Plus by Yamano shares some tips that can help you extend the effect of your facial.

1. Stay hydrated

Drink water

Facials replenish the moisture in your skin and that's why your skin glows after a facial.

Water not only hydrates your skin but flushes out the toxins in your body as well. Besides drinking the recommended glasses of water daily, stay away from dehydrating foods and beverages such as foods with high salt content, caffeine, and alcohol. You can also invest in a facial hydrating mist to keep your skin supple and moist, especially when the weather gets too hot.

2. Use the right aftercare

Aside from moisture, facials tend to nourish the skin with the right minerals and vitamins that it needs to rebuild its protective layer. 

If you use overly harsh facial products at home, you'll find that the skin is unable to build the protective layer effectively.

Some must-have recommendations that will get you started if you don't have an idea of what facial products to go for are:

Acne Oily Skin: 

Doronko White Clay: Contains 60 different types of minerals, including Tanakura clay that aids in removing impurities from the skin. Also, contains Sulfur (extracted from hot spring) which aids in removing dead skin cells and helps to smoothen and brighten up the skin.

Read why Clay is such an important addition to your facial routine here!

After Facial Doronko Clay Available at Face Plus by Yamano

Sensitive Skin:

Yamanohada Cleansing Cream: Removes makeup without stripping the skin's natural moisture, increases collagen production and fights free radical damage and harmful sun rays.

After Facial Yamanohada Cleansing Cream Available at Face Plus by Yamano

Dry Skin

Bidou Skin Lotion: Boosts skin's ability to generate hyaluronic acid and stimulates new cells growth. Designed for repairing and healing.

Bidou Skin Lotion at Face Plus by Yamano

Aging Skin

Kohaku Zero Perfect Lotion: Provide intense moisture and improves the appearance of wrinkles and sagging.

Kohaku Zero Rich Cream: Moisturizing cream suitable for aging skin concerns including wrinkle, sagging, dullness, will leave skin smooth, bright and moist. 

Kohaku Century Zero Series: Clay and amber cleansing facial wash that promotes the production of collagen and improves blood circulation. Recommended for those suffering from pigmentation, wrinkles, and sagging.  

Kohaku Century Zero Series For Anti-Aging at Face Plus by Yamano

What happens if you have a combination of these conditions? Well, it is best to let your facial therapist help you in selecting the right products.

Here are testimonials from 3 customers from Face Plus by Yamano on how their skin improved by leaps and bounds after using the above products.

Patricia Tey 

My skin was dry, dull and sensitive and I had eczema on my forehead. I usually do the Essential Facial at Face Plus by Yamano. To extend the effects of my facial, my therapist Chrissy recommended me to use the Bidou range of products. I didn't dare to believe it at first but my skin actually improved tremendously within the first two months. A very obvious sign is that my eczema actually went away! I'm hence very convinced about the effectiveness of the aftercare products now! Can't even travel without it!
Therapist at Face Plus by Yamano


I have large pores, huge acne breakouts and age spots. A bad combination right? I go for Essential Facial and recently Shinju Hada treatment occasionally. I am a big fan of their Bidou Skin Lotion, Bidou Milk Lotion, Black Clay and A Lift after seeing the results on my face. I no longer get acne even before or after my periods and not even on long stressful periods of travel. My skin is also much brighter!

Agent G

People who know me will hear me rave about Yamano's products again and again. After going for the Kohaku facial, the therapist recommended me to try Bidou Skin lotion after seeing how my skin finds it difficult to absorb the facial products. That's why it is still dry even after applying my usual facial oils. Although it was very expensive, I decided to take a leap of faith and purchase the products. For the first time in my life, I saw a HUGE improvement in my skin after using Bidou Skin Lotion and the Yamano White Clay and I'm never turning back! Can't do without Bidou Skin Lotion and Yamano White Clay!

3. Protect your skin with sunscreen

Sunscreen to prevent aging skin

A lot of us are guilty of forgetting to use sunscreen or downplaying its importance but it is crucial to apply sunscreen, especially in Singapore where we are exposed to the sun daily. Even if you often work in the office or in sheltered environments, there are still UV rays that can penetrate through windows. Hence, remember to put on sunscreen of at least SPF 50. The harmful sign rays can cause some serious damage to skin, resulting in cancer or premature aging.

4. Stop touching your face

Refrain from touching your face with your hands. Your hands are likely to carry a lot of dirt and bacteria, and this may transfer from your hands onto your face which can cause breakouts, especially on post facial skin. Pay attention to where you put your hands or at least make sure they’re clean. It's also recommended to avoid using makeup a few days after a facial as makeup can clog your skin, hindering the benefits of the facial.

5. Clean items that regularly touches your skin

Unclean makeup brushes, dirty pillow cases or products that are always in contact with your skin may actually cause acne problems and more. Therefore, regularly clean items that will touch your skin and remember to change or wash pillow cases frequently to avoid bacteria entering the skin while you sleep. Also, set a side a designated face towel for your face and wash it on alternate days to ensure your skin is not coming in contact with bacteria.

6. Follow a skin care routine

Skincare Routine

Following a skin care routine isn't just about purchasing the aftercare products and slapping them on your face occasionally. 

Consistency in application and sometimes different application techniques can help improve absorption of the products. 

Top Japanese Dancer and Customer of Face Plus by Yamano Uchida Chihoro shares her advice from her Yamano therapist:

Whenever I'm feeling tired and when my metabolism is slow, leave more time between applying skin lotion and skin milk. It's amazing how this small step actually helps my face to absorb better, leaving it feeling moist and firm!
Facial Experience at Face Plus by Yamano

If you need advice on aftercare products and the facial routine that best suits you, it is best to experience a facial at Face Plus by Yamano to let the therapist there better diagnose your skin condition.

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Do share your experiences with us if you do manage to give them a go!

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