Ready for a Makeover After Your Wedding? This Business Analyst Looked A Lot More Refreshed After A Makeover Cut and Colour by Kenaris Salon

Published on May 25, 2017

Want to go for drastic makeover to take years off your face but not sure what to do?

Sometimes, you don't need to know what to do.

Just find a proficient hairstylist who understand what you need!

Read about Agent WT's experience below!

Hi, I'm Agent WT, a business analyst. 

I've had long hair for most of my life, going for the occasional perm and hair trim to keep things looking professional. Right before the wedding, I went for the full works: perm and colour... and that was about 6 months ago.

Truth is, the curls still look good and I love it.

Maybe its me but I'm increasingly finding that the long hair is dragging my overall look down.

Hence, I'm looking for a change. As usual, I turned to Beauty Undercover.

Now, you must understand that I'm an absolute fan of Beauty Undercover. I read about Queen's Market, a gem of a Japanese facial salon from Beauty Undercover and went down to try. The salon is indeed amazingly good for its service given its pricing... it was so good that I signed a package with them. 

Just before I was looking through the list of best hair salons in Singapore, I had the good fortune to meet Agent G. She mentioned that one of her favourite salons, Kenaris Salon, is looking for a hair model and asked if I would be interested to give it a try. 

Since Agent G is like THE expert on hair in Singapore, I was only too happy to go ahead!

April 2017

I made an appointment on a Sunday morning (as I can't make it on weekdays). It may be a Sunday morning but the salon was fully packed by 11am throughout the day (surprise!).

The stylist who attended to me is Ken, co-founder of Kenaris Salon

We had a brief consultation before I went for the hair wash.

During the consultation, he asked if I have any hair preferences.

Personally, I'm a very adventurous person. I don't have any important events coming up e.g. wedding so I'm literally open to any hairstyle that Ken feels suit me best. If it's someone Agent G highly recommends, I know the final hairstyle would be good. Hence I only had one request for Ken:

Surprise me!- Agent WT

And so he did.

"Are you okay with a short haircut? If I go ahead, there is no turning back!"

With my okay, Ken cut off a few inches of my hair before sending me for a hair wash. 

Others may feel a a little heartache when they see their hair being chopped off... but not me.

I'm ready for a change!

Hair Wash

It felt really good to have someone massaging your scalp and cleaning your hair really thoroughly early Sunday morning. 

Thumbs up to the hair assistant!


Back at the seat, Ken re-looked at my hair. 

I have some natural curls although my hair is for the most part, straight. 

Ken took a little more time to explain why he chose to cut my hair short. 

As you can see, my face is a little longer than normal. The long hair actually emphasized my face shape and make it appear even longer. The length of the hair also made me look older and more tired than I really was, dragging my whole look down. 

He therefore recommends a cut to uplift the entire hairstyle.

He checked the length that I'm comfortable with and then, there he went!

He sectioned my hair and began his cut with such concentration and precision that I knew I was in good hands.

He however did cut a few more inches off so I was worried there for a moment.

But I really needn't worry... It looks good now, doesn't it?

Application of Base Colour

As I'm really crave low maintenance, Ken suggested for me to do highlights with a dark base colour. This way, my hair regrowth will not be as obvious as it is now.

To make the colour more obvious though, bleaching will be required for the highlights. It would be my first time bleaching... as long as I don't look ah lian at the end of the day, I'm fine!

So once again, I put my hair in his hands.

The hair colour near the roots are applied first as it will take the longest to process virgin black hair.

To prevent his intended highlight areas from being darkened, he uses his proprietary method to cover that part of the hair with aluminium foil.

Finally, the rest of the hair is coloured with the base colour.

Bleaching Highlights

After the base colour has penetrated and washed off, Ken came back to apply bleach on his intended areas. 

There are quite a few foils!

I decided to take the time to catch some shut eye as the bleaching process will take some time!

To accelerate the process, the machine is used to heat up my hair evenly.

This takes another 20 minutes!

At the end of one bleach, my hair has turned pretty yellow!

Second Hair Colour

After blowdrying my hair, purple hair colour is applied onto the hair. 

This violet colour is a demi permanent hair colour that is supposed to last longer than permanent hair colours! This is a type of hair manicure that "paints" over your hair cuticle and is therefore less damaging to the hair as well. 

Its called Yumi Hair Colour I believe and certainly did not smell bad.

Purple is applied throughout the hair to make sure that it blends well with the initial base colour applied.

Another 30 minutes of heating to make sure that the colour penetrates the hair!

One more round of colour application before we go for a wash!

With the amount of effort going into application of colour, I'm wondering if the purple will turn out too bright for me.

Trimming and Blowdry

Back at the seat, I was a little surprised that the colour looked really dark... apparently, the lighting emanating from the mirrors were preventing me from seeing the colours while everyone else could see it.

Can you?

The perfectionist Ken took the chance to do some final snips...

And we are done!

Remember how I looked like before?

Now I look like this!

What do you think?

Do I look like a whole new person?

I loved both the cut and the colour!

The cut actually made my face look a lot more proportionate and definitely took years off my face!

The cut is also very versatile; it made me look more focused on career if I blowdry it straight... and trendy when I style and make it look messy!

The colour too is also not very obvious in office but looks a lot brighter under direct sunlight. 

The placement of the colour also makes it more apparent to me, the wearer!

Overall Thoughts

I'm really glad to have the opportunity to try Ken from Kenaris Salon. It's been quite a few days after the cut and colour and I must say I still love it! The haircut was very refreshing and the colour was definitely unique. The hairstyle holds up very well even without styling and after sleeping. Doesn't require much maintenance - very happy about this!

Everyone in office was pleasantly surprised to see my new haircut and commented that I look younger (I'm actually below 30!)

In fact a random stranger came up to me to tell me that he liked my hair! 

Did I mention that it looks fantastic for my corporate image as well?

After giving Ken a try, I understand why his appointments are SO FULL; Ken may be expensive but his ability to instantly understand what I need and give me a makeover cut that suits me so well... definitely justifies his price! 

Overall, a hair maestro I would readily recommend!

P.S. The entire bleaching and hair colour and haircut process took more than 6 hours for me so do clear your schedule if you're intending to go in for the full course!

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