Agent XL got a 360 Makeover at Shun Sakurai with Haircut, Colour and Makeup

Published on Jul 18, 2018

Hi there,

I’m Agent XL and I'm currently working in a property management company. 

As I'm in a front-facing role where I get to meet people from diverse backgrounds, I always try to look good. I don't have to look particularly glamorous but it's always a bonus if I go to a meeting looking refreshed and professional. 

My wish is always for my face to look smaller. Even though I'm Agent XL, I'm actually quite small sized lah but in comparison to my frame, my face  looks bigger than the rest of my frame.  

Anyhow, I used to go to the same salon for the past 7 years until my favourite stylist left. After that, I tried many different local hairstylists. Although the haircut was OK, it was never compelling enough to get me to go back. 

Then, I met Shun Sakurai.

I knew him from my work engagements and heard about how he is a popular Japanese hairstylist in Singapore. Curious about how good it was, I made an appointment with Shun himself.

The hair experience here was genuinely the best I've ever had! The salon may look zen and minimalist but Shun and all the staff here are extremely warm. They welcomed me like a friend and was very attentive throughout. The haircut by Shun also surpassed my expectations. He was very thorough and would pick up just a few strands of hair and trim them to perfection.

I never knew a few millimetres of hair would make such a big difference and so was very much surprised. 

On top of the amazing cut, Tomoka gave me a complimentary point makeup to make sure I look good overall. This combination of great skill, service and value-added services make the experience here particularly memorable for me. 

That's why Shun Sakurai has been my salon of choice in the past few months whenever I need my hair cut or coloured. 

I've always been curious about the other stylists though. While Shun is undoubtedly the best, he is also the most expensive :D 

When I heard that he is looking for hair models for his other Japanese stylists Tomoka and Fumie, I volunteered immediately!

My hair was after all in this very flat state after a few months of neglect. 

Shun mentioned that the stylist will give me a complete makeover with a haircut, colour and makeup so that I can walk out the salon a totally different person than who I am now. 


We set the appointment date on a weekday evening after work. As usual, I was greeted by the very fun and hospitable team of stylists at Shun Sakurai. My appointed stylist is Tomoka! She is this very gorgeous Japanese stylist who is always unfailingly friendly every time I see her. 

During the consultation, I shared with her my concerns. I wanted an easy to manage hair and professional hair colour that makes me look sophisticated and not too wild for my work. If possible, I would like my face to look smaller afterwards! 

"No problem!" she says.

She suggested cutting the hair to shoulder length and layering my fringe to create the necessary volume to better frame my face. 

Sounds good... so here we go!

Tomoka was very gentle throughout the haircut, making sure I was comfortable at all times.

She was also very efficient. Within a short period of time, I could see my hair being transformed to become more voluminous.

Read on if you want to see how I looked after! 

Tokio Inkarami and Colour

As my hair was dry and damaged, Tomoka suggested doing the Tokio Inkarami treatment with the colour so that my colour can last longer and also because the treatment can help to repair my dry hair. I need no convincing because I myself am a fan of Tokio Inkarami. I last tried the treatment at Shun Sakurai a few months ago and I'm totally sold. It revived my hair instantly, as mentioned in this article.

To speed up the process though, Tomoka will intertwine steps for both Tokio Inkarami and colour so that we can get the best results. 

A scalp protector is applied onto my scalp before colouring so that my scalp will not be irritated by the colour.

So attentive, don't you think?

Step 0, 1 and 2 of Tokio Inkarami is applied to my hair before commencing the hair colour. 

Tomoka chose a darker Lavender brown for me. 

It wouldn't be obvious because I didn't bleach my hair but it will cure the copper in my hair and make me look more professional. 

After the colour was applied, she then applied the Step No. 3 of Tokio Inkarami to moisturize my hair. 

When the colour has completed processing, she escorted me for a hair wash. 

She took care of every little detail to make sure I was comfortable and that included a towel at the back to make sure that no liquid will get onto my clothes. 

It was fun chatting with her even during the hair wash process!

Back at the seat, she blew my hair dry and gave my hair one last trim. 

Here's a preview of how my hair looked like just after blowdrying!

Definitely looks a lot better than what I had when I first entered the salon. 

That is not all though.

There is one last service left: Makeup.

Tomoka is also a certified makeup artist. 

She carries around her full set of top-end makeup products that included many expensive well-known makeup brands! 

First, she cleansed my face of my current makeup. I was extremely surprised when she generously applied top end skincare products on my face as part of her pre-makeup routine. 

Given that she gives her customers so much, the makeup service is super worth it!

She applied light foundation to the face together with a dose of concealer to hide the breakouts I happen to have that day. 

She also drew my eyebrows very carefully

and added some touches to the eyes. 

To cap the entire makeup experience, she applied natural pinkish lip gloss that made me look that much younger. 

After minimal styling, I'm almost done!

Just in case you forget how I looked like before:

And now After

What do you think?

Can barely recognize myself after the makeover.

Personally in love with this new hairstyle and makeup!

Think I look at least 5 years younger? 

Overall Thoughts

This is my first time getting my hair cut and coloured by Tomoka and my first makeup experience by a Japanese makeup artist as well.

First off, I LOVE the haircut - it is much lighter, shorter and yet easy to manage. I received praises from people all around me that the transformation made me look livelier (aka younger?) I feel the same way because my hair now frames my face very well and doesn't feel so heavy. 

The makeup was also on point. I love how her makeup was light and yet was able to conceal all the flaws I'm not comfortable with to make me look much fresher and younger. 

My only complaint is possibly that the lavender hue in the hair colour wasn't as obvious as I would hoped. Don't get me wrong. I like the hair colour but my heart was yearning for something brighter. Not practical, I know since I don't want to bleach my hair but I got my hopes up a little when she mentioned lavender brown :P 

On the whole, I really enjoyed my time at Shun Sakurai. Tomoka didn't just give me a beautiful hairstyle and teach me makeup tips that I can use at home, she showed me what a glamorous version of me could look like. 

Thank you Tomoka and Shun Sakurai for the amazing makeover!

Can't wait to come back here in the next few months for yet another change :)

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