What is a Maskie and 10 Tips to Look Good Acing the Selfie Game with your Mask On

Published on Jun 22, 2020

With the pandemic still on the prowl, the use of both masks and social media have become just about mandatory - one to keep us from infection, the other to keep us connected with people it may still be tricky to meet.

And it's the fusion of masks and social media that have brought about the #maskie, or mask selfie. But it's a pretty challenging business - how do you take a good selfie when half your face is covered?

1. Adjust your Angle of Attack

With masks covering half our features, we can worry less about holding our phones in a way to simulate razor-sharp cheekbones and tiny faces, or avoiding shots that make it seem like we have double chins. Those bits of our faces are all hidden now, so feel free to play with angles to create an image that's still interesting..even if we can't see much of you from the eyes down.

Selfie Tips by Tiffany from Picasso Hair Studio

Tiffany from Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis & Tanjong Pagar

A tilted camera, not zoomed-in, also has the benefit of showing more of your hair and outfit than you might otherwise be able to capture (without passing your phone to someone else and getting their hand-germs on it); which is great, since this is detail that people can actually appreciate in lieu of your lower face.

Selfie Tips on Camera Angle

Be U Hair Design @ The Centrepoint

Which brings us to the next point...

2. Turn Up Your Eye Power

While you might not show much of your outfit in every shot, your eyes are much more likely to be on display. 

Now is the time to take a lesson from famous veiled beauties and up your eye game. 

Priyanka Chopra's beautiful brows and luscious lashes, paired with her half-covered face, perfectly channel gorgeous mystique.

For added attitude, use your fringe to partially cover one eye.

Selfie Tips Covering One Eye

8. Let Your Hair Do The Talking

Switch things up: Instead of doing the standard staring-into-camera shot, take the focus off your face altogether and let your hair do the talking.

Haircut by Pro Trim Causeway

Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Causeway Point

Turn away from the camera, why not? It's your locks in the limelight, not your face.

Long Haircut and Colour (Shim) by No. 8 Hair Studio

No. 8 Hair Studio

Now is the time for those of us with good hair to take the spotlight. If you've just had a good haircut, make sure you snap a shot!

Caucasian Haircut by SAD Hair Design

SAD's Hair Design @ River Valley

Short Cut (Koji) by Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela @ Clarke Quay

Of course, you still show your face if you like.  But if you've done up your tresses gorgeously, know that your gaze won't be the photo's focus.

Selfie Tips with Mask

For more hair-focused selfie tips, check out these articles. 

4. Show Some Skin (on your face, that is)

Don't want to muck around with your hair or makeup too much? Go in the complete opposite direction of tip 3 above, and pull your hair completely away from your face to reveal as much of your face above the mask as possible. This maskie style is especially good for those of us who have fine complexions.

Selfie Tips and Tricks with Mask On

Be U Hair Design @ The Centrepoint

Of course, it doesn't mean you can't throw some hairstyling into the mix if you feel like it. A French braid gets your hair out of your glowing-complexioned face, and still accents the photo with some sassy style.

Selfie Tips and Tricks with Mask On

Be U Hair Design @ The Centrepoint

Or follow this stylist's lead and pop on a hat, to both not have to style your hair much and frame that porcelain-skinned face.

Selfie Tips and Tricks with Mask On

Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis & Tanjong Pagar

5. See The Bigger Picture

With half your features, you might want to instead show off your perfect OOTD. Or, now that we can head out, our snap-worthy surroundings. In which case, turn on that self-timer and take some wider shots (we'd still recommend against passing your phone to a friend, for hygiene reasons).

Selfie Tips and Tricks with Mask On

Shun Sakurai Japanese Hair Salon @ Chijmes

Selfie Tips and Tricks with Mask On

No.8 Hair Studio @ Jurong East

6. Accent with an Accessory

Features on your face hidden? Add some visible ones! Pop a sunny earring on and tuck your hair behind one ear to show it off. It's always nice to see someone pepping up their appearance in defiance of the pandemic.

Selfie Tips and Tricks with Mask On

Ravissant Hair Salon @ Tras Street Tanjong Pagar

7. Let Your Personality Shine Through

As any photographer will tell you, you don't actually have to look picture-perfect to get an interesting picture. Forget being flawless and get a supremely shareable shot by letting all your quirks and silliness come to the fore. 

Selfie Tips and Tricks with Mask On

Ann's Studio @ The Adelphi

8. Embrace the Mask

Or finally, instead of trying to highlight aspects of your face in spite of the mask, embrace the mask fully. Make it a conduit through which you can channel your personality, and the centrepiece of your whole selfie-shot. Use it to celebrate your inner child....

Selfie Tips and Tricks with Mask On

Do My Hair @ Orchard Central

Selfie Tips and Tricks with Mask On

The Bund Hair Salon @ Ang Mo Kio

Or your inner geisha...

Selfie Tips and Tricks with Mask On

Hair Illustrated by Urban Aesthetics

Or your inner clown. 

Smiling Face Mask

Chinese celebrity Sun Jian Xiu's mask printed with his own smiling face certainly brought a grin to his social media followers'.  

Creative Fruit Mask

Maybe don't go quite as far as this guy, though.

See you all on social media!

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