MASKNE: 6 Ways to Prevent and Treat Mask Acne in Singapore

Published on Jun 15, 2020

With even the World Health Organisation changing its stance on masks, we know these face-coverings will be around for awhile...and so will the increased likelihood of breakouts caused by masks sealing in moisture, sweat, heat and sebum on half our faces.

While we've previously shared tips about general mask-related beauty woes, we decided to go one step further, and compile our esthetician friends' specific hacks for tackling redness, acne or irritation from daily mask wear.

1. Use A Comfortable, Breathable Mask

While us lucky Singaporeans have various free masks to choose from, they might not necessarily be of the best size or shape for our faces. If you wear a mask that's not a good fit, the constant friction will cause irritation. Also, because of the mask fabric, these giveaway masks might be friendly on your wallet, but not your face.

Our key tip is to make sure that the mask fits well. It should be tight-fitting but not overly tight as it will irritate the skin. To be extra careful, check the fabric of your masks to find one that is made of a smooth material which has little friction on your skin and is breathable to ensure maximum circulation.One hack our beauticians personally use is to take two Yamano Cel Cel cotton pads - top-sellers in Japan because they are so fine, smooth and soft - and wrap them over your standard surgical mask. Because they are so stretchy, with no loose fibres, they fit like a seamless cloud-like layer over your mask to protect even the most sensitive and irritable skin.Face Plus by Yamano

Singapore designer Rey Lee (  has limited silk masks for those with more delicate skin; or if you can wait, Uniqlo is planning to release a promising Airism mask collection. 

2. Create a barrier between mask and skin

No makeup doesn't equal no skincare. Keep up with moisturiser and sunscreen to protect the exposed parts of your skin, and keep the area that is in contact with the mask insulated against the rubbing of the mask fabric.

Apply moisturiser on the face and lip balm on the nose. Pay more attention to the areas where the mask irritates the most. You can try applying our hot selling Zero nano serum milk with Nano technology Amber extract, Amber GR and Amber RE, apple fruit cell culture extract. It allows moisture to penetrate even into the deeper layers of the skin.Face Plus by Yamano

3. Don't Wear Makeup

Remove Makeup GIF

In normal circumstances, makeup and skin oil tend to slough off as you move around. Having a mask on however traps everything, clogging your skin cells, leading to acne.

Our skin is not used to having something covering it up for such a long period of time. The mask traps your breath, forming a fertile humid environment for bacteria to grow. It is hence not surprising that you see more acne as you wear masks for longer periods of time. Our suggestion is therefore to not wear makeup when you're putting your mask on. You can always look for us if you need advice on how to keep your skin clear but otherwise, be confident in your own skin!- The Bund Beauty @ AMK

4. Don't Touch Your Mask

Just as it's important not to touch our face, it's important not to touch our mask. Not only does this help bacteria from your hands infiltrate the very face-covering that's supposed to protect you from infection, but constant adjusting can cause more rubbing and movement of the (now bateria-suffused) mask against your face.

If you constantly pull the mask when wearing the mask, the skin barrier will be damaged, resulting in allergic dermatitis. The chemicals in the mask remaining from the production process then also become more likely to affect the skin, causing skin allergies, inflammation, redness,  pain, itching and swelling. We recommend using B5 Hyaluronic acid moisturisers, as they are light and non-cloying on your skin under the already-humid mask conditions, and help to treat and prevent symptoms of mask irritation.- Apple Queen Beauty

5. Use Specialised Skincare

Acclaim Water at Allumer Japanese Hair Salon to Prevent and Treat Maskne

While you don't want to strip the skin of essential oils by using too many harsh products, remember that it is important to give it the nourishment it needs. If you're working from home, it's the best time to step up your skincare routine and invest in high-quality products, since you can keep them on all day.

We recommend going for established and effective brands that work instead of experimenting with drugstore brands that can irritate your skin. If you have truly sensitive or troubled skin, try getting some skincare from your facial salon as they will know your exact skin type, condition and concerns.

If you're having skin trouble wearing a mask, our recommendation is Acclaim Water. This product prevents skin dryness, soothes itching, reduces acne, wards off inflammation and protects the skin from UV rays .You can even apply this over makeup so it’s easy to use for touch-ups at work.- Allumer Japanese Beauty Salon

6. Let Your Skin Breathe

Remove your mask when you're alone in the car and when you're back home to let your skin breathe.

Removing the mask once in a while gets rid of the humidity that has formed over the past hour or so. Just remember to take a breather only when you're back at home or in the car, places you know to be safe. - Indulgence Beauty

7. Treat Your Acne Immediately

Doronko Clay to Treat Acne at Face Plus by Yamano

If you see redness and spots appearing on your skin, tackle them before they get worse.  Just remember not to squeeze them, since DIY extractions can lead to scarring or deeper cystic acne.

If you notice this kind of irritation after removing the mask, wash the area with water, a gentle cleanser and apply an ointment to help the skin heal. You can also use a cold compress to reduce inflammation.For those who are already seeing acne, you can try our long-selling Doronko black clay to dab on the pimple, to dry and heal it quickly.We would also recommend that you use face masks to remove impurities, debris and sebum. Clay masks can help to clear the skin and reduce acne.  Apply hydrating masks religiously for more hydration. Face Plus by Yamano

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