5 Matching Couple Hair Designs for You and Bae

Published on Feb 08, 2018

Thinking of ways to express or flaunt your love this Valentine's Day?

While some opt for matching outfits, take your love a little further with couple hair designs! 

Albeit a little unconventional, it's still a super cute but fashionable way to show your partner and the world how much you love each other, and even if you are single, you can still do this with your best friend, your sibling and even your mom!

1. Matching Colours

Couple Hairstyle Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez

To show you're on the same page, you can try dyeing your hair the same colour as each other, like Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber.

Couple Matching Hair Men Brown Spikey Hair
Couple Hair Matching Ladies Brown Straight Hair

Left: Follicle Salon, Right: Risel Japanese Hair Salon

The colour can be as timeless as ash brown

Men's Blue Hair Colour

Full House Salon @ Tampines

as striking as mermaid blue

Men's Grey Hair Colour
Ladies Grey Highlights

Left: Essensuals Hairdressing, Right: Hair Illustrated

or as daring as silvery grey. 

Not only will it be fun, your clothes will end up matching too because you will choose outfits that go with your new hair colour. Not too keen on getting the exact hair colour as bae? Opt for a similar shade or tone instead like Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel.

Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

2. Complementary or Contrasting Colours

Just as some people love the half half hairdo of contrasting colours to add more personality and dimension, you can do it with your other half!

Contrasting Blue and Purple Hair Colour for Couples

99 Percent Hair Studio

Complementary or contrasting hair colours are a great option for couples that like getting bright colours that will definitely turn heads.

For a more subtle couple look, take a look at the colour wheel and choose colours that are opposite or beside each other.

Men Metallic Blue Hair Colour at Picasso
Dark Blue Hair Colour

Left: Picasso Hair Studio, Right: Bump by AVENTA 

This ash purple and ash blue is a good example of complementary colours. 

White Platinum Hair Colour

 Evolve Salon

Rose Gold and grey too are a match made in heaven. 

Discuss before going for your hair colours to make sure that both of you look good standing beside each other!

3. Hair Tattoos

Ladies Ash Blonde with Hair Tattoo

Kenaris Salon

If you have short hair and need a change but have no idea where to start, hair tattoo is a great idea!

Ladies Hair Tattoo

Project Hair

For guys, a hair tattoo is a no-brainer as it adds so much more charisma. 

Men's Undercut with Hair Tattoo

No. 8 Hair Studio

Even for ladies with long hair, you can have a hair tattoo as well. You can do an undercut or side shave, which is great especially for those of you with thick hair. It only shows up when you tie it up!

There are all sorts of patterns, from chevron to mandalas to choose from.

With Valentine's Day around the corner, instead of a real tattoo why not get a hair tattoo with an initial of your significant other? 

Men's Hair Tattoo

No. 8 Hair Studio

4. Matching Cuts

Matching Celebrity Couple Haircut
Matching Pixie Haircut for Couples

You don't have to be bleach blonde or get a patterned shave to get a couple hair look. It'll look great with a haircut too!

This is perfect for girls who love keeping their hair short.

Ladies Boys Haircut
Men's Haircut

Left: Bump Hair Design @ The Rochester Buona Vista, Right: AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

A matching cut will look super cute!

Ladies Pixie Haircut
Men's Two Block Haircut

Left: Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon, Right: COVO Japanese Hair Salon

If you got the features and confidence to pull it off, why not rock it while you still can, at the same time flaunting your love?

Ladies Pixie Haircut
Men's Undercut

Left: LeeKaJa Korean Salon, Right: Project Hair

5. Similar Hair Length

Celebrity Couples

It's not the end if you dislike having the exact same cut or colour.

Men's Perm
Ladies Short Hair Perm

Left: Perm, Right: Perm by COVO Japanese Hair Salon

If you don't want your hair to be duplicated by your significant other, why not try going for different hairstyles with similar hair lengths?

Men's Bun with Hair Tattoo
Ladies Bun with Hair Tattoo

Left: 99 Percent Hair Studio, Right: Kenaris salon

Would you be trying matching hair designs this V day? Share with us below!

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