Top 10 Most Chill Hair Salons in Singapore-2017

Published on Oct 26, 2017

Trips to the hair salon are also known as mini treat-yourself-moments where you get to relax, unwind and pretty much chill while you get beautified. Agreed? Of course, the ambience counts just as much as the service, as the interiors can put you in the right mood. It's the overall package we are looking for when determining which salons make the cut.

So without further ado, here are Beauty Undercover's picks for the best salons that offer the ultimate chill experience.

#salonandchill much? 

Flamingo Hair Studio @ Neil Rd

Best Hair Salons for Ambience at Flamingo

Step into Flamingo Hair Studio, and you’ll find yourself stepping into an oasis, a secret hideout stashed away in the middle of the CBD district. Perhaps it's the natural light, the greenery or the spacious minimalist interiors, there is a sense of serenity that greets you the moment you enter. Flamingo  Hair Studio reminds us of a cozy Japanese cafe with its collection of Japanese comics, hairstyle illustrations and quaint jewelry in different corners of the salon.

The salon also boasts of two Japanese stylists who abide by the belief that the ideal Japanese hair experience constitutes of in-depth consultation, customer comfort with a personal touch, and an easily maintainable hairstyle. Having recognized that time is precious for all their customers, Ryu and Ayumi take the extra effort to make each customer feel welcome and comfortable by being attentive to their needs and providing a clean, relaxing environment for customers to come to. And from the number of returning customers, Flamingo is definitely on its way to achieve its founders’ mission! On a whole, you’ll find Flamingo Hair Studio a breath of fresh air!

No. 8 Hair Studio @ Jurong

Chill Salon at No. 8 Hair Studio

Westies, we've got good news! You don't have to head far for a comfy salon experience! This cozy neighbourhood salon is in the middle of lush greenery, and not mention located on the second floor of a shophouse which keeps you even further from the crowds. But don't dismiss them just yet because No.8 Hair Studio is a neighbourhood salon. In fact, they offer high quality-one-to-one director level hair service at pocket-friendly prices.

The two stylists, Kent and Jimmy are a gem! Kent is especially good with daring hair colour works where he mixes and matches unique colour combinations, and blends even the most challenging of colours beautifully!  Jimmy, on the other hand, is fantastic with face-contouring haircuts that highlight your best features and bring out your personality. The woody and concrete interiors, coupled with the two talented hairstylists, make No.8 Hair Studio a must-try salon if you live in Jurong!

The Bund @ Bishan

Best Ambience with Green Scenery at The Bund AMK

The moment we caught a glimpse of The Bund, we knew this salon was special! From its all-glass exterior to the placement of bright lights and its unique location within Bishan Park, this is a hair salon like we've seen. Surrounded yet shielded from the natural elements in an air-conditioned bubble, it exudes a stylish sophistication that brilliantly integrates a high-society vibe within the serenity of Bishan Park, a design we think lives up to its name as the first luxury garden Hair salon in Singapore!

Exclusivity is key here as everything is done by the stylist from start to finish, without help from assistants. To make sure that service level is of the highest quality, Stylist Ricky accepts only a maximum of 7 customers a day. It is this level of commitment and dedication that makes Ricky one of Beauty Undercover's favourite hairstylists for precision bob haircuts. While The Bund is not cheap, many customers find it a salon that is definitely value-for-money!

COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong / Keong Saik

Private Space at COVO

True to its name, which in Italian means “hidden place”, COVO is an urban retreat conceived to give customers the finest Japanese hair experience. From its “hidden” location in Keong Saik to the semi-private spaces designed by a well-known Japanese architect, COVO is the perfect place to rest and relax on that special day off, weekends or even in the evenings after work. This spacious salon has individual cubicles to give you your own private space. The stylists attend to you from start to finish, and provide an awesome head massage! If you live or work near Keong Saik road or Katong, be sure to check COVO Hair Salon out!

Rubik Hair Salon 

Rustic Decor with Great Ambience at Rubik Salon

This rustic shop house salon with earthy tones will make you feel immersed in nature. Within 3 minutes walk from Outram Park NEL Station, Rubik Salon feels right at home with its cozy and romantic Alice in Wonderland decor. Complete with greenery and a rabbit at the reception area, the entire place looked more like an elegant European-style accommodation than a hair salon.

Conceptualized as a hair sanctuary for busy working professionals, Rubik is helmed by one of Singapore’s most well-loved Japanese stylists, Teru. With extremely skillful haircuts and thoughtful service, the way they anticipate your needs by helping you design your next few hairstyles at your first visit, it is no wonder why Rubik Salon has acquired many loyal customers over the past few years!

LeeKaJa Korean Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

Insta Worthy Salon at Leekaja

Within seconds of your arrival, there will be someone attending to you, offering you wine, smoothies or coffee while the salon manager comes over for a quick consultation. Although the salon manager is Korean, her English is very fluent, making the experience a seamless one.  But other than its warm lighting, vintage sofas for its guests and dedicated beverage bar that reminds us more of a cafe, the service here is impeccable!

As much as we love the service, the hairstylists here are to us the biggest attraction (aside from their looks of course)! Here, you can choose between Korean hairstylists or local hairstylists. All of them are very good in their work so it really depends on the service you're looking for. Surprisingly, prices here are also not very expensive with haircuts starting from $60 for ladies, hair colours at $120 and perms at $240. With skilled hairstylists, fabulous service at reasonable price, and beautiful decor, what more can we ask for? 

Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon @ Holland Village

Warm Ambience at Art Noise Japanese Hair Salon

Established in Ikebukuro more than 12 years ago, Founder Shoichi Ishiyama has brought his winning formula to Holland Village, starting with exceptional service, relaxing ambience and quality hair products exclusively innovated by Art-Noise. The salon has an open concept with light woods that make it look large and clean. The relaxing music playing in the background also amps up the chill vibes.

Despite the great ambience, the friendly and helpful hairstylists are a treat. From the tissue paper used to shield your face from stray water drops during hair wash to the uber-comfortable hair massage, Art-Noise stands out with their conscientiousness and level of service. Unlike other salons who may attend to more than one customer at a time, the stylists here ensure that the schedule is arranged in such a way that one stylist attends to only one customer from the start till the end.

Izumi Salon @ The Central

Best Hair Salons with Ambience at Izumi Salon
Best Hair Salons with Ambience at Izumi Salon

Another 1-to-1 salon concept, there is only one seat in the entire salon. No double bookings, no hair assistants, just Izumi attending to one customer from start to end. The practice of attending to one customer helps Izumi fully understand each customer’s hair texture so that she can design the best hairstyle. And it doesn't hurt that you get to enjoy a wonderful view while your tresses are being managed by an expert.

Beyond the good service, we were most impressed with Izumi’s depth of hair knowledge. Due to her various stints in Tokyo and New York, Izumi is familiar with many different types of haircutting techniques, which she combines to design a hairstyle for customers. Izumi is so good, she can even assess if you previously had your hair cut by someone trained in Toni & Guy, Vidal Sassoon, Kim Robinson or a Japanese stylist! 

HaLu Hair Design @ River Valley

Spacious Hair Salon at Bump by AVENTA

Located at River Valley, some might find visiting this salon a chore as it's not near any MRT station. On the flip side, it means that it is away from the hustle and bustle. The salon has 3 stylists who will personally assist you throughout your hair process. No hi's and bye's while leaving you with the hair assistant. 

The salon is spacious and the washing and cutting stations are separated as seen above, making it private and personal. We usually expect this level of exclusive service, together with the beautiful decor and ambiance to cost a lot more. But at HaLu, prices are kept low to make Japanese hair service available and affordable to more Singaporeans

Evolve Salon @ Liang Court

Ask people-in-the-know for the most-value-for-money celebrity hair salons in Singapore and Evolve Salon will probably come up on top of the list! Whether it's precision haircuts, daring colour gradation or classy colour blocking, Evolve impresses with dramatic makeovers on both runways and customers. The only con? The nearest MRT station is at Clarke Quay, which is approximately 10 minutes walk away. However, the clean and concrete interior that invites warmth and spaciousness, skilful stylists, sincere service, and prices within reach more than makes up for the slight inconvenience of getting there.

Walking on Sunshine

Encircled by lush greenery and flowers aplenty, Walking On Sunshine at Orchard Central looks like more like a scene straight out of a fairytale than a hair salon. But then again, this isn't just a hair salon but a whole new concept consisting of a barbershop, salon, photo studio and cafe all under one roof! Beyond the beautiful, stunning decor, Walking on Sunshine is anchored by a strong team of stylists from top salons including Catherine Choi, Michelle and Preston, specializing in both perms and colour.

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