20 Hot Female Stylists in Singapore Who Are As Gifted as They Are Gorgeous

Published on Aug 29, 2021

Though male hairstylists now seem to outnumber their female counterparts and have made their names as maestros of the mane, sometimes you just can't beat the beauty experience that comes with having to primp yourself up daily to meet gender expectations since childhood. And yes, while the women we're about to highlight are known for being easy on the eye, we want to talk about why they're much, much more than just pretty faces.

1. Elly from Pro Trim Korean Salon @ Jurong East JEM

Best Female Hairstylist Elly From Pro Trim Korean Hair Salon

We may be female but we too can't help but feel our hearts do a double take the first time we lay our eyes on Elly. She is so tall, slim and pretty, Elly looks more like a celebrity than a hairstylist.

Korean Hairstylist Elly from Pro Trim

Despite all the attention she receives, Elly remains humble, patient and very approachable. No matter how many questions you ask about how both skincare and haircare tips, Elly would do her best to share them with you - all while giving you her signature cut and perm.

Don't dismiss her skill just because she looks so pretty, Elly has been in the hairdressing industry since she was in high school, honing her skill in haircuts, rebonding and perms to the point where she can completely tame curly frizzy hair.

Be it genetically curly, wavy or even bleached and chemically damaged frizz, Elly knows how to remove the frizz without losing as much volume. Her skill is so good that many of her Korean customers actually cried when they found that she was leaving for Singapore. 

2. Chloe Jung from On Hair Korean Hair Salon

Best Female Hairstylists Chloe Jung From On Hair Korean Hair Salon

Chloe is gorgeous for sure but it isn't her looks that first caught our attention. She is after all one of the few Korean stylists in Singapore who has not only cut, coloured and styled hair for celebrities and models in major fashion shows for Louis Vuitton, Prada and Seoul Fashion Week, Chloe is also one of the few who successfully passed the Vidal Sassoon Teachers and Directors Training course in London.

As you can imagine, Chloe's cuts, colours and perms are always on point. She doesn't just make sure that the final hairstyle looks trendy, Chloe goes the extra mile to ensure that the silhouette and overall hair design retains its shape weeks and even months after the hair service!

She does so by checking your face shape, head shape and hair texture to make sure that the hairstyle fits you. Chloe's skill is so strong, she actually won 2nd place in a corresponding competition for hair design in Vidal Sassoon itself! It is this strong foundation in hair design and cut that got her customers raving about her back in Korea - and even representing Korea in a Sassoon contest in Japan!

This artist isn't just great with female hairstyles. We recently followed @rhanzhou to get their hair done by Chloe and her colour made @rhanzhou look that much more like an oppa!

3. Tiffany from Picasso Hair Studio @ Bugis & Tanjong Pagar

Tiffany from Picasso Hair Studio is one of those special people who makes you laugh and feel comfortable in her warm and cheery presence.

We don't just say that because of her hilarious TikToks.

More than just a customer, Tiffany treats everyone who comes to her like a friend, giving honest, informed opinions after hearing your thoughts.

Rest assured that instead of hard-selling expensive services which might not be a good fit for you, Tiffany will recommend something that helps you look your best while not being hard on your wallet. Called "the magic hand" by her loyal following, this perm-and-colour expert also has an impressive knack for putting together work-friendly colours that are nonetheless high on impact and personality. 

Don't forget about her gorgeous perms. She is so good at it, Tiffany is now the Master Trainer at  Picasso Hair Studio!

Natural S Curl Perm by Tiffany From Picasso Hair Studio
Natural S Curl Perm by Tiffany From Picasso Hair Studio

For those looking to know her better, we're sorry to disappoint but she's already attached to fellow Singaporean stylist Ziwei. Their love story is really sweet so if you want to find out more, read about their workplace romance here.

Dating Coworker in Hair Salon Industry Tips by Tiffany From Picasso Hair Studio

4. Mayu from S.A.D.'s Hair Design

Best Female Hairstylist Mayu from SAD Hair Design
Design is formed by Figure, Colour and Texture. There is a way of matching to create what suits you and the mood you're in. Everyone can pull off any hairstyle as long as they are in balance.~ Mayu

We usually anticipate ladies with long hair to be featured in articles like this but Mayu defies convention with stylish short crops that perfectly flatters Mayu. She calls this a manifestation of Size Balance Control, a method conceptualized by famous Japanese hairdresser Masao Hiratsuka.

Trendy Short Haircut by Mayu From SAD Hair Design

According to Size, Balance Control, hairstyles must be in balance with head shape, face shape, body shape and even height to look good; the key, therefore, is to match the right short hairstyle for each customer to achieve this balance.

Short Hair and Purple Hair Colour by Mayu by Mayu at SAD Hair Design

Interested to see how it works? You can read more about how she uses Size Balance Control here - or straight up go to her for a complimentary consultation to see if you are suitable for one.

5. Vila from Mane Made @ The Midtown Hougang

Best Female Hairstylists Vila from Mane Made

Vila may look cool and somewhat “dao” in her getup here but is really one of the warmest, most genuine Singaporean hairstylists (and persons) we’ve met.

Even if it’s your first time meeting her, we won’t be surprised if you find her feeling like the long-lost friend you never had. 

The main reason why we walked through Mane Made’s doors is because of Vila’s awesome hair colour designs that make us go wow!

It’s hard to imagine that she picked up hair colouring just 5 years ago but with a tasteful aesthetic sense and daily training with her partner in crime, Zen, Vila’s hair colours are absolutely beautiful, she has now become one of our most loved colourists in Singapore.

She may not be comfortable with haircuts but this is one colourist we're proud to uncover and share with our personal friends and relatives!

6. Cheyra from 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok

It's difficult to miss Cheyra - Constantly sporting cutting-edge cuts and colours, as well as a fashion-forward getup, you wouldn't be too surprised to learn that this elfin beauty majored in Fashion Design in Taiwan before her hair training with a premier hair salon in Taichung.

That's why being Cheyra's client at 99 Percent is a masterclass in crafting a truly complete look: From observing what customers have on they moment they step into the salon, she gets an idea of their personality and current style, with which she begins to create a 'do that will best enhance their image and lifestyle.

Also, since Taiwan is is a leader in perms, Cheyra is beloved for her techniques in that field, further augmenting their effects with her expertise in cuts and colours.

 7. Jenny from Style NA Korean Salon @ Compass One

Best Female Hairstylist in Singapore Jenny from Style NA

Jenny has captivated clients' hearts with the durable, voluminous curls she delivers - a technique she perfected from her years working in Korea at Shely Hair Salon (which styled the hair for many of the country's beauty queens) and the equally legendary XEO Hair Salon.

Her Korean-style cuts for both ladies and gentlemen are likewise adored for their body and manageability. 

Beyond her hairdressing finesse, what Jenny's customers immediately comment on is just how darn sweet she is. She serves drinks before you even mention you need them, and painstakingly custom-builds strategies to meet both your hair goals and your budget.

She also volunteers explanations at every single step of the hair service to help you feel completely at ease. 

8. Queenie from 99 Percent Hair Studio

An experienced stylist of her generation, Queenie entered the industry when she was 17 and has since accumulated more than 10 years of experience since then.

Her skills in colour is so strong that she has even won the Medallion of Excellence in an Asian Hair Skills competition! Having had her own hair fried by another salon when she was young, Queenie puts a strong emphasis in both her education and work.

Though she is strong across many different services, it is her colours that ultimately make us go wow. Having coloured hair for so many customers, Queenie knows exactly what to do to achieve EVERY shade and tone whether lavender, pastel, highlights - you name it, she has done it!

9. Chiho from The Fluxus House

Romantic one day and edgy the next, the fashionista Chiho has fascinated us with her countless outfit and hairstyle changes every time we see her. Her sense of aesthetics and passion towards creating different looks has made her especially adept at recommending hairstyles based on her holistic assessment of a customer's face shape, body shape, personality and trend.

Fans who have followed her would know that she is really REALLY GOOD with haircuts, be it bob cuts, layered cuts, pixie cuts or even the trending Hime cut.

Everytime we recommend anyone to Chiho, she'll be able to help attain that effortless style with a cut that is clearly above the rest.

Chiho attributes her training in Vidal Sassoon London as well as in previous hair salons in Ginza, Aoyama and Kamakura as a reason for her proficiency.

Cuts aside, Chiho has proven time and time again to achieve gorgeous highlights and colours that are sure to get you that double tap.

Chic and Stylish Two-Toned Grey Hair Colour by Chiho from The Fluxus House
Chic and Stylish Two-Toned Grey Hair Colour by Chiho from The Fluxus House

We followed Agent A to get her two-tone hair colour and loved how Chiho gave her a statement highlight with this technique!

10. Winnie from Jeric Salon

"Wow you're really precise!" Those were the exact words Class 95 DJ Jean Danker used to describe Winnie. She's not the only one. Countless customers who've had their hair coiffured by Winnie rave about how her deft hands are able to give their hair a celebrity spin while still being incredibly easy to manage. This is after all a stylist who has styled the hair of international superstars such as JJ Lin, FIR, Sammi Cheng and in the local scene, Paige Chua and Joanna Dong.

On top of the incredible time pressure, those experiences have shaped Winnie's sense of aesthetics and honed her skill, so much so that at one glance, Winnie knows where to cut and where to curl to achieve the maximum impact. Her cuts are simply fabulous as she takes great care to sculpt a silhouette that looks good from every angle, a shape that you know will last till the next salon visit. 

Customers love that Winnie doesn't just give you a great cut. Knowing how important styling is, she goes the extra mile and shares easy tips to have you looking glamorous in no time. Her tips aren't just about hair! With her background in makeup, Winnie is also able to give you lots of advice on best colour tones for your face, as well as advise on easy makeup routines that won't take more than 5 minutes. We love chatting with Winnie as she shares her own experience maintaining her dewy skin while taking care of 2 children (something we can't even tell because of how well she has maintained herself!) and working as a stylist! She takes time to recommend things according to our lifestyles; every conversation with her is just plain FUN! All this plus her cheery personality means you've got a stylist you look forward to meeting, every single time.

11. Asha from Style NA Korean Salon @ Compass One

30 Talented Female Hairstylists in Singapore Asha from Style NA Korean Hair Salon

Many Korean stylists find it hard to connect to Singaporean customers due to language barrier but Asha is not one of them. As a graduate of English Literature, Asha is more familiar with English than most. Her travels across Europe, Asia and America before COVID-19 also made her really interesting to talk to.

Ultimately though, it is her layered cuts that got us so in love with her. Her time in Vidal Sassoon trained her to create customized haircuts that are super flattering to the face shape.

With her strong foundation cuts, Asha is able to create S curl waves that adds the desired softness without requiring a lot of time to maintain.

Medium-Length Perm by Asha from Style NA korean Hair Salon

We followed Agent YQ to get her perm with Asha and she did it so beautifully, we couldn't help but be enthralled. Read on to find out more about her first perm experience with Asha.

12. Tomoka from Shun Sakurai @ Chijmes

30 Talented Famale Hairstylists in Singapore Tomoka From Shun Sakurai Hair Salon

The graceful Tomoka distinctive style, from her statement earrings to her fascinating outfits.

After all, she believes that beauty isn't about latching onto fads, but understanding who you are as a person and how to portray this so that you look and feel true to yourself every day.

Consultation by Talented Hairstylist Tomoka at Shun Sakurai

That's why an experience with her is extremely uplifting. She doesn't just make your hair look good, she'll do her best to engage you in conversation to understand who you are before designing a top-to-toe makeover that includes makeup!

Hair Makeover Based on Face Shape by Tomoka at Shun Sakurai

Makeover at Shun Sakurai

While her specialty is in styling and makeup, Tomoka does a wonderful colour, perm and cut as well - all while taking your entire image into consideration.

13. Samantha from Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines Central

30 Talented Female Hairstylists in Singapore Veena from 99 Percent Hair Studio

If you're as mesmerised as we are by Samantha, you'll find her even more stunning in person. A fashionista who is always dressing in different looks, the ever stylish Samantha charms not just with her dress sense but also with her raw talent and lovely personality. 

As her mother is also a coiffeur, Samantha was inspired to cut and colour hair at a young age, with her Barbie dolls being her first clients. She took her first hairdressing course when she was just 14, meaning that despite being a young stylist, she has already over 15 years experience under her slender belt. Although well versed across many different hair services, her signature is very clearly hair colours.

Reddish Brown Hair Colour by Talented Hairstylist Samantha From 99 Percent Hair Studio

Whether you're thinking of something subtle or something more outstanding, Samantha is sure to deliver the hair colours of your dream. 

After all, Samantha is always the first to source for and try the very latest and advanced technology in the industry, a reason why she's able to produce hairstyles that few others can match. Add her endearing personality to the mix and you'll understand why she draws customers from all across the island.

14. Shinice from Koinonia Salon

30 Talented Female Hairstylists in Singapore Shinice from Koinonia Salon

Shinice is indeed nice, with a huge dose of infectious energy that is sure to lighten your day.

With over 14 years spent in top hair salons, styling for photoshoots, taking part in hair workshops, and even receiving makeup training, Shinice can fulfill just about any coiff-related request, including recommending the perfect hair colour to match your usual makeup style or going for a work-friendly hair colour that is still somewhat unique.

Work Friendly Hair Colour and Styling by Shinice from Koinonia Hair Salon

Agent S does her hair colour at Koinonia Salon

No matter what your requirements may be, Shinice will take the time to get to know you better and design the hairstyle that will get you going "YES!"

15. Veena from Mode Studio @ Wheelock Place

30 Talented Female Hairstylists in Singapore Veena from MODE Studio

With a strong belief in the transformational powers of having good hair, Veena has consistently pushed herself to go for overseas courses, learn more and hone her hairdressing skill to achieve her eventual purpose: to positively change the lives of her customers.

It is therefore not surprising to find that she, as Director at Mode, has many customers who at the cusp of their lives, were referred to her for her chic and fashionable short haircuts.

In her cuts, you'll not find a rigid silhouette that is sharp or overly structured, but a tailored cut that brings forth their personality and sass. Customers also rave about how she is able to give them a different look each time as they co-create together to experiment with new styles!

16. Celia from Do My Hair @ Orchard Central

30 Talented Female Hairstylists in Singapore Celia from Do My Hair

Not only does Celia have a big personality belying her petite frame, this youthful waif also constantly gobsmacks clients when she reveals that she's a mother with over 20 years of hairstyling experience!

This old hand is especially masterful at providing soft layered perms to bring out the natural movement and shape of your hair.

Her dry point cutting technique is also a major draw, producing youthful looks that are extremely easy to maintain.

As if that wasn't enough to recommend her, Celia's also the saviour of gentlemen with thinning hair, since her carefully designed men's cuts are great at concealing and underplaying follicular troubles.

Men Haircut for Thinning Hair by Celia from Do My Hair

Agent M's visit to Celia at Do My Hair @ Orchard Central

17. Joyce from Chez Vous Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City

30 Talented Female Hairstylists in Singapore Joyce from Chez Vous Hair Salon

Anyone who has met Joyce will know that she is a special one. She doesn't burden you with the superficial small talk that can sometimes feel so tiring to go through but if there is someone you want to pour out your worries to, Joyce's discreet and understanding nature make her one of the best listeners you'll find ever.

Having started out in the industry learning from the giants in hairdressing, Joyce built so strong a base in chemical services that she very quickly became the stylist of choice at the salon.

We are totally IN LOVE with her Tousled Beach Wave Perm that makes our hair look like it is styled the moment you wake up.

While her colours and perms have been really popular, we also find ourselves raving about her layered lobs that just falls the way we like it.

Seriously, is there anything this girl can't do?

18. Aya from Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

The sky may fall and everything may seem to go wrong but there is one person you can rely on to cheer you up and that is Aya! While she may not be able to give you solutions for your non-hair problems, her compassionate nature, big heart and honestly awesome Japanese restaurant recommendations somehow just makes your day's troubles go away - that's the special Aya magic honed from more than 10 years of experience at luxury salons in Tokyo.

While she is strong across a huge repertoire of hairdressing services, we are most impressed with her natural perms that could create natural waves even for damaged hair.

Ladies aren't her only fans though; many men such as Agent K go to Aya to keep their hair looking dapper.

Neat Men Haircut by Aya from Michaela Japanese Hair Salon

Follow us as we document a typical haircut to the salon with Aya by Agent K.

19. Hitomi from COVO Japanese Hair Salon

30 Talented Female Hairstylists in Singapore Hitomi from COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Can you guess Hitomi's age? You're not the first to guess that she's in her 20s when in actual fact, Hitomi is already in her late 30s with over 20 years of experience in hairdressing! Doesn't look like it, right? 

If you're wondering how she looks so young, it's because that's her specialty and passion - to keep herself and customers looking and feeling young.

Hitomi does so firstly via haircuts. She learned her haircut early on in her career from a major salon that emphasizes on customizing haircuts according to head shape and bone structures. She not only does that, Hitomi specifically focuses on the middle section as that is the one that controls the amount of volume on the hair and has the largest impact on how young a lady looks!

As much as she will make you look younger, you don't have to worry that you will end up looking too kawaii (cute). She weaves in stylish grey highlights that keeps you on trend while at the same time hide your slightly greying hair in a new style she coins Wisdom Highlights. This way, you don't have to worry too much about your grey hair growing out because it will not look as obvious. That is in fact her specialty, a skill she learned from a top Japanese hair salon in Singapore about 5 years ago. 

It isn't just mature customers who'll love Hitomi though. Due to her previous experience styling for brides, Hitomi enjoys walking brides through their process of preparing the right hairstyles to match their prewedding shoot and actual wedding day. So brides, don't forget to ask her for her many tips on wedding prep too!

20. Summer from Kenaris Salon @ Wheelock Place

30 Talented Female Hairstylists in Singapore Summer from Kenaris Hair Salon

With a megawatt grin and an equally luminous personality, Summer has the ability to make her customers feel right at home, even while being less loquacious than most other stylists.

The fact is, her wholehearted dedication to her clients is extremely palpable,  which is one reason why she has had such a strong customer following over the past decade. That, and she's one of the few stylists we would recommend for just about any service, with diverse skill-sets developed during her past stints in top salons in Singapore

Summer is also particularly adept at male haircuts and perms, so bring your husband/boyfriend along if you want to give them a subtle hint that they need a makeover!

21. Fion Wong from 99 Percent Hair Studio

30 Talented Female Hairstylists in Singapore Fion Wong from 99 Percent Hair Studio

You’ll know why Fion is so popular in 99 Percent the minute you walk through the door. The welcoming smile, the thoughtful conversation and skilled hair designs make her one of the most demanded hairstylists wherever she goes. She remembers your name, your occupation and can even resume the last conversation you had with her. It is this familiarity that allows Fion to create hairstyles more suited to your lifestyle without even needing to ask a bunch of questions.

You'll therefore find that many of her customers stay with her for more than 5 years. She has since seen a number of her customers grow up, get married and even have children. As she goes through the very same life stages, Fion understands the struggles that you go through when you first go to work, when you want to get married and when you have a child - and will hence incorporate these concerns into her hair designs.

You don't have to tell her that you want to do a haircut, colour or perm. She will do a thorough consultation with you, understand your lifestyle and to give you the hair of your dreams.

22. Sherlin Yap from Be U Hair Design

30 Talented Female Hairstylists in Singapore Sherlin from Be U Hair Design

Want to know why you always appear a little more stern than what you intended... and what you can do to soften your overall outlook? This goddess of a stylist developed a systematic hairstyle consultation process that recommends your ideal hairstyle according to your facial features, lifestyle and your vibe. Yep, they look into your facial contour (width of your forehead, proportion of width from one cheek and jawline to another), chin contour (round, angular), eyes contour (single lidded vs round) and even nose contour (low bridge, aquinine) and mouth contour (thickness) AND combine their findings with your intended vibe and image before designing a hairstyle for you!

The methodology is a game-changer as it has helped to not just made many ladies look better, the makeover went one step ahead to understand themselves better and even to change their vibe!

Our inhouse Agent C couldn't help but also went for a perm here after Sherlin shared about how it would soften her slightly aggressive persona.

's hair colours clearly stands out from the rest. From the way she juxtaposes different colours to bring out a fresh new vibe to the way she applies balayage with all its details, Sherlin is undisputedly the Colour Goddess colour connoisseurs should not miss in Singapore. She isn't just amazing with colours though; Sherlin has a way with haircut and perm that helped her successfully tame fussy hair for both men and ladies as well!

Truth be told, we were already in love with Sherlin's haircuts and colours before she even came up with the methodology. Sherlin gives a really good contouring cut that will lighten and add volume at a price that few others can match while her colours simply blew many other stylists out of her water with her design and skill.

Adding on the consultation methodology and you've got a gorgeous female hairstylist you absolutely got to try.

23. Jina from Style NA Korean Salon @ Parkway Parade

Want to know the latest trends in Korea? This impeccably dressed stylist makes it a point to keep ahead of the industry, updating and experimenting with newest trending perms and colours.

This keeps every visit with her feeling new as she introduces new styles and colours each time!

She doesn't just recommend based on latest trends though; the very conscientious Jina will also systematically check your head shape and document your preferences in a consultation card so that she can better customize your current and future hairstyles. These are just examples of how she goes above and beyond to make sure that customers love the hairstyle she designs. Maybe because of her detailed nature and eagerness to do her best, Jina is increasingly accumulating loyal customers who love her natural Korean-style haircut and perms! 

Beyond styles, Jina is very sincere and fun to be with. Maybe because she's married to a Singaporean husband, Jina's command of Singlish is actually pretty good, so time passes really quickly as we chatted with her about K-dramas, Korean food and even Korean celebs. 

24. Tomo from Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tanjong Pagar

30 Talented Female Hairstylists in Singapore Tomo from Flamingo Hair Salon

Another one of favourite female stylists of all time is the Sunny Tomo. On top of the fact that she speaks excellent English fluently, she has an infectious cheer that leaves us feeling happier and more positive each time we go to her.

But of course, that isn't the only reason why we love Tomo. With over 10 years of hairdressing experience in the heart of Tokyo, she has accumulated lots of experience hairdressing for ladies with a wide range of hair types

As you can see, her colours and cuts are gorgeous. But that isn't even her biggest specialty. Those who know her personally can tell you that she is GENIUS at helping ladies with natural curls control their frizz. She doesn't push you to straighten your hair.. she's not like that. Due to her fascination with Indian culture, Tomo actually encourages you to embrace your natural hair texture and cuts your hair in a way that makes it easier for you to manage back at home. You can still choose to go for a Keratin Treatment of course - Tomo will respect that and give you tips on how to make it last longer.

Keratin Treatment for Frizzy Hair by Tomo from Flamingo Hair

Agent Y goes to Flamingo Hair Studio for Keratin Treatment

It is this genuine heart that make her extremely popular among customers who look only for her. Agent Y is one of them! Read about her keratin treatment with Tomo here.

Did we also mention how she's extremely knowledgeable about India - a place she considers to be her second home? Ask her for her fascinating stories the next time you visit her. 

26. Rina from LeeKaJa Korean Hair Salon @ Mandarin Gallery

30 Talented Female Hairstylists in Singapore Rina from Leekaja

This belle has been known to rock straight locks, but if you want someone to provide gorgeous curls that last ages, she might possibly be the best Korean hairstylist around these parts to do that.

 Her expertise in this area is so exemplary that other stylists can recognise Rina's signature perms at a glance...so it's no surprise that she's also accumulated various hair awards through her 15 years of hairdressing experience in top salons.

Rina's soft skills are great too, since she's fluent in English and always very excited to provide customers with one of her magical makeovers.

27. Benjawan from AUBE Japanese Hair Salon @ Wheelock Place

30 Talented Female Hairstylists in Singapore Benjawan from AUBE Japanese Hair Salon

Benjawan is not Japanese but she may very well be. Her high standards for hairdressing, attentiveness in service and willingness to go the extra mile allows her to hold her own even in an all-Japanese salon.

Having done makeovers for Thai celebrities, bloggers and entreprenurs at luxury salons in Bangkok, this talented stylist definitely knows just how to make you look and feel red carpet ready after a hair service with her.

Whether you're thinking about perms, colours or cut, her solid skills honed as a wedding stylist makes her highly demanded in Singapore as well.

Unsurprisingly, she has already built up a strong following of customers despite only being in Singapore for a couple of years.

P.S. Benjawan is really good with makeup as well so do ask her for advice if you need help matching outfits or makeup with your new hair design! She also does her own homemade chilli in her free time so do ask her about it if you're keen!

28. Alice from Picasso Hair Studio @ Novena

Alice may look young and kawaii but is in actual fact, is a highly skilled stylist who holds her own in Picasso Hair Studio at Novena.

After going through intensive training and permed hair for countless ladies in Picasso Hair Studio, Alice knows exactly what to do to make your hair look sleeker and yet easier to manage. She will analyze your hair condition, face shape and hair type and share her professional opinion with you so you can be involved in the design process as well.

Maybe because she herself likes to take selfies, she will also recommend tweaks in the hairstyle to make one look younger and cuter. As a result, her perms don't just look pretty - there's a fairy-like quality to it that cuts years off your face.

29. Asako from Flamingo Hair Studio @ Tiong Bahru

Desire a makeover but not sure what to do? Asako has unintentionally helped introverted customers who freely admit that they're wallflowers (both male and female) get the attention of the opposite sex with a few hairstyle tweaks.

She was so successfully that some of her customers had to reject many requests for people asking for their numbers. #truestory

Her swift and precise haircuts are part of her magic but her perms and colours have their followers as well.

Most importantly, she speaks English quite fluently, making it easier for us to communicate with her.

30. Suzy from Color Bar by Full House Salon @ Tampines

She may look more like a Kpop star than a stylist but the young and talented Suzy packs a punch, particularly in hair colours.

Under Samantha's tutelage, Suzy is very strong at identifying the best tone based on your skin colour and mixing a trendy yet unique colour just for you.

Beyond her skills in hair colour, Suzy is really sweet, always doing her best to make her customers feel comfortable - be it bringing you sweets, beverages or coming over to have a chat with you. It is obvious that this is one stylist who puts in her heart and soul into serving you and that heart makes the experience that bit more special each time we go to her.

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