Most Gorgeous Mature Female Stylists in Singapore 2019

Published on Mar 22, 2019

We've written about young fresh-faced female stylists and handsome male stylists, and this is the last piece of the puzzle - mature female stylists that will understand not just your needs, but your lifestyle.

There are many reasons why people look for mature stylists. You could be a mature lady yourself and prefer like-minded company, you could be looking for a highly experienced stylist, or you could simply be looking for a stylist with a warm maternal aura. We've got all of you covered with this list of 10 of our favourite mature female stylists!

1. Catherine from Walking on Sunshine

Gorgeous Female Stylist in Singapore Catherine from Walking on Sunshine

Though a new salon, the team behind it sure isn't. They have recruited a team of top stylists from all the popular salons in Singapore, and the director who is none other than Catherine. She doesn't just have an eye for stylists but is a skilled professional herself. She aims to transform her customers into the best version of themselves. So if you're looking for an upgrade or a refresh, she's your girl. Though she looks young, she has over 17 years of experience and has made her name as one of the best Korean stylists for perming and rebonding services in Singapore.

2. Tomoka from Shun Sakurai

Look at Tomoka and you'll know that she's got style. To her, beauty isn't just about your makeup, outfit, or even hairstyle. It's about understanding who you are, how you look, and what you can do to make yourself look and feel your best. Using her experience in high end salons in Japan, she attends to all her customers with utmost attention. She might not be the most fluent with English, but you'll be taken away by her beauty and grace, and how she transfers that energy to you!

3. Samantha from Full House Salon

Gorgeous Female Stylist Samantha from Full House

Samantha discovered her passion since she was 5. No kidding! 

Her mother is a stylist, so she was influenced and began to cut and colour hair at a young age. She took her first hairdressing course when she was just 14, giving her more than 15 years of experience despite her young age. She worked for top salons like Kim Robinson and Color Bar to further her skills before she opened her own hair salon.

Samantha is pretty much versatile in all chemical services, making sure to use top quality hair products so that her colours last long and that the hair is minimally damaged. 9 out of 10 of her customers return to her, even if they live at the other end of Singapore!

4. Kiyo from COVO Japanese Hair Salon

Kiyo is a top stylist at the salon because of many reasons. Firstly, she used to be the in-house stylist for two Japanese fashion magazines, giving her the latest knowledge of Japanese trends. Secondly, her on-site experience has made her capable of tweaking hairstyles to get a different look and to suit any occasion. Last but not least, she's very generous with hair advice as she wants customers to be able to style it well on their own at home too. 

5. Konomi from HaLu Hair Design

The journey to River Valley will be made worth it once you meet Konomi. She's an upbeat stylist that always gives her best; not just for a great haircut but for an overall experience. Her haircuts are known to be so long-lasting and low-maintenance that some customers with medium-length hair only get a haircut once every year. Frequent trimming will help to keep your hair in the best condition and style, but it's pretty amazing that her haircuts don't lose their shape throughout the whole year.

6. Tamami from Bump Hair Design @ Holland Village

Gorgeous Female Stylist Tamami from Bump Hair Design

There are stylists who will advise you on realistic goals and there are stylists who will go above and beyond to try and make your dreams a reality. Tanami falls in the latter group because she always strives to meet her customers' hair needs. She may look young, but she has over 15 years of experience in top salons in Tokyo, where she helped many people to find their signature cut and colour. She manages to achieve hairstyles that are close to perfection because she is systematic and careful. Her good service, friendliness, and laid-back personality keeps her customers coming back to her.

7. Sherlin Yap from Be U Hair Design

Gorgeous Female Stylist Sherlin from Be U Hair Design

This chatty stylist is one of Agent G's favourite stylists for colour because she has a natural talent of picking out the best colours for each customer. The application process might be similar, but the end result is contrastingly different. She's easy to talk to and ever ready to suggest a cut, colour, or curl for you. With over 10 years of experience, Sherlin is definitely a friendly and talented stylist you can trust!

9. Evane from Pro Trim Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City

Gorgeous Female Hairstylist Evane from Pro Trim

Despite her good looks, Evane doesn't just care about aesthetics. What's more important to her is how you feel with your new hairstyle. She wants to wow you and the people around you. Her bubbly personality and genuine interest in you make the whole experience an enjoyable one. Evane has styled for magazine photoshoots and for Mediacorp celebrities in the past, but she feels the most energised with customers in a salon. As her customers deserve the best, Evane always takes the effort to upgrade herself by going for Vidal Sassoon training and checking for cool hairstyle trends online to introduce to her customers. This may be why she is most sought after for her skilful men and ladies cut as well as vibrant hair colours.

10. Qiu from Pro Trim Hair Salon @ Ngee Ann City

Gorgeous Female Stylist Qiu from Pro Trim

Also hailing from the same salon is Qiu, a detailed stylist that will make sure every single strand of her looks right. When time allows, she even recommends makeup and outfits to go with your hairstyle. This is because to her, every single element adds to the final look of your hairstyle, and she does all she can to make it look perfect. Her huge customer following has grown in the last decade, and we foresee that it will continue to do so.

10. Joyce from Chez Vous Hair Salon

Gorgeous Female Stylist Joyce from Chez Vous

If you have had your hair done by Joyce before, you'll know it's an immersive experience that can't exactly be put into words. Putting in her 110% in every customer, she believes that her positive energy and genuine effort will be felt by her customers. Her sincerity won't make you overlook her skills because she's been trained under the giants of the hairdressing industry. Her drive to improve herself has made her one of the strongest stylists in perms and colour. And we're not just talking about romantic Korean curls, but sexy tousled curls and C-curls too.

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