My Mom is Cooler than Me: 4 Children Share About Going to the Hair Salon with Mom

Published on Apr 28, 2021
Go to the salon with Mom? Wouldn't your hair turn out looking like an aunty?

If you think that Moms only go to HDB salons to get aunty-like hairstyles, you'd be wrong. With Mother's day coming up in a few weeks, we talk to 3 adult children who were so impressed by their mom's styles that they intentionally go to the same hairdresser as their Mom. 

Did they bring their Mom along or did their mom convince them to visit the salon? 

Keep reading to find out!

Sandra and Amy at Be Salon 

Mother and Daughter at Be Salon

Left: Amy (Mom), Right: Sandra (Daughter) at Be Salon

Hello, I'm Sandra and my mom is Amy. I run an online business and have been going to Sham from Be Salon for a few years now. 

So who went to Sham first?

It was me.

I discovered Sham through a friend of mine about 4 years ago. At that time, I was struggling with postpartum hair loss and drab-looking hair that just looked sad. All I wanted to do was to get my hair volume and my style back.

Thankfully, Sham delivered beautifully!

How did Amy start going to Sham?

Immediately after seeing my cut and colour at Be Salon the first time around, Mom was impressed and started asking,

When are you going to bring me to him?~ Amy

You see, Mom is my beauty BFF. Whichever stylist or salon I go to, she will ask me to bring her along. That's how we started sharing the same clothes, same manicurist and now same hairstylist for 4 years now!

How does it feel like going to the same stylist with your mom? 

Since young, Mom has always been a role model especially in the area of beauty. In fact, some part of me thinks that she's actually cooler and trendier than me. To have a BFF like her to go on our beauty adventures together, I feel blessed. 

I just wish that when I reach 60, I can age as gracefully as her.

My Mom and Me with Hairstylist Sham at Be Salon

From Left, Sham, Amy and Sandra at Be Salon

But really, I think some of that is Sham's credit. 

We've tried many hairstylists in the past but Sham really stands out for his professional opinion. He doesn't just take in what we say but honestly shares his true opinion on what looks good on us. We don't have to think about what we want and instead, he will recommend what to do based on what suits us.  In our 4 years with him, we've coloured, permed, done keratin treatment under him - and I think that has helped both my mom and I look a little younger than before. 

So thank you very very much, Sham!

Mother's Day Promo at Be Salon

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Alicia and Diana at Ann's Studio

My Mom and Me at Ann's Studio

Left: Diana (Mom), Right: Alicia (Daughter) at Ann's Studio

Hi, I'm Alicia and I'm with my super-mom Diana. 

What made you come to Annie?

As you can see, both mom and I have curly hair. For some who are not familiar, you may think "it's just curly hair" but for those of us curlies, you know how difficult it is to find a hairstylist who understands our hair type in Singapore.

There are so many times I walk into the salon and come out in tears because the stylist did not know how to cut or deal with curly hair. ~ Alicia

I had problems finding a curly hairstylist until I stumbled upon Ann's Studio. One of my friends had gone there and got a good experience, so I knew had to give her a go. 

Sure enough, I had an amazing haircut and an even better time than I expected. Annie herself had curly hair so she knew what problems I go through on a daily basis. We laughed over our curly hair exploits even as she carefully shaped my hair with each snip. 

The haircut was so good that Mom exclaimed immediately after I reached home, "Who is this Ann's Studio? I want to go too!" 

Does it feel strange to bring your mom along?

Not at all!

Mom is my friend, my inspiration, my bestie. We share clothes, makeup, shoes and even hobbies... she may be 23 years older than me but until today, I have people thinking that we're sisters. ~ Alicia

She means so much to me, I do my best to share as much of my life with her and of course, that includes hair. 

How did Mom feel about Annie?

She was absolutely blown away. Mom's curls are tighter than mine but as you can see, Annie still manages to make her look gorgeous.  

My Mom and Me with Hairstylist Annie at Curly Ann

Another thing we love about Annie? She does her best to give us a different hairstyle each time.

I used to think that we can't sport beautiful fringes because of our curly hair but look at Mom's sideswept bangs!

We're so in love. 

I used to dread going to the hairdresser but after finding Ann's Studio, we now look forward to each visit to Annie and the hair magic she conjures each time. 

Nicholas & Jessie at Act Point

My Mom and Me with Hairstylist Ivy at Act Point Salon

From Left: Nicholas (Son), Jessie (Mom), Ivy (Hairstylist) at Act Point Salon

I'm Nicholas and am pictured here with my mom, Jessie and our hairstylist Ivy. 

Who came to Ivy first?

My mom. She has been looking around for a new salon for quite some time and she happened to notice the perm on my sister’s friend. So Mom asked where she went and found out that she’s been going to Act Point for years under the good care of Ivy.

From there, Mom decided to give Act Point and Ivy a go and was pleasantly surprised at how good and lasting the perm was and icing on top of the cake was that it was reasonably priced! She’s been going back ever since then.

What made you join her?

Frankly, I am not someone who likes to switch hairstylist as once I find someone that I am comfortable with, I mostly stick with them through the years. However, Mom is someone with high expectations so hearing her rave about Ivy got me curious. I decided to take that leap of faith and followed her down for one of her visits and got a haircut for myself.

As usual, Mom knows best and she was right. Ivy’s haircut enabled me to extend my usual 3 week haircut to a month which makes a big difference to me. 

After getting my haircut done with Ivy, I’m glad to say that it now afforded me a longer time between cuts since it enables my hair to grow out nicely. - Nicholas

Being able to grow my hair out nicely also enabled me to explore various permed hairstyles which required a longer length, something I had never really able to do.In addition to that, the Act Point team are a friendly bunch, be it Ivy herself or the other stylist. It makes each visit very enjoyable and I look forward to them.

Do you come to her on your own or do you come along with Mom?

Most of the time, I drop by with both Mom and Dad. It provides an opportunity for some quality family time as we usually proceed to have lunch afterwards in town.

Especially with a hectic work schedule, I consider it a blessing to be able to catch up with Mom and Dad over a relaxing hair cut and a meal after.- Nicholas

Mother's Day Promo at Act Point Salon

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Clare & Irene at Act Point

My Mom and Me at Act Point Salon

Left: Clare (Daughter), Right: Irene (Mom) at Act Point Salon

Hi, I'm Clare and I'm here at Act Point Salon after going for the above Mother's Day Promotion with Mom.

(Look at how smooth our hair is after the complimentary treatment!)

Who first came to Act Point? 

Actually, we first came to Act Point 6 years ago. 

A friend of mine recommended me to Bro. As I was still in University then, Mom came along to make sure that I won't get "cheated". So I got my perm while Mom sat through the entire 3 hours waiting for me.

Did Mom eventually try Act Point though?

After that first visit, Mom had such a good impression that she too started to come here for hair services.

It wasn't just that my perm looked awesome, Bro is the type of stylist who doesn't sell you ANYTHING at all. Not even products! With zero pressure during the appointment, I just feel very happy to get my hair done here.~ Clare

Not perms though because she doesn't like curly hair (she has curly hair herself). Mom goes to Bro for haircuts, rebonding and colour while I come here for perms and cut. 

Mother and Daughter

Mom was already trendy before meeting Bro but I think Bro's cut and colour added that extra chic to Mom's image. 

I don't know how Bro does it but he just understands the type of hairstyles we like and what makes us look good. We don't have to tell him anything and he'll just knows what hair service we need. It is this level of understanding and trust that makes it hard for me to go to any other stylist. ~ Clare

I love Bro and Act Point so much, I've recommended many friends here!

In fact, my boyfriend comes here with his whole family as well. 

Thinking of going to the salon with Mom?

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