This Multivitamin Facial is Air Stewardess Agent JR's Secret Weapon for Radiant Skin

Published on Aug 06, 2018

Hi! I'm Agent JR, a Leading Stewardess at Singapore Airlines.

While I'm proud to be a Singapore Girl, this title comes with a lot of expectations, particularly about how we look and how we act. This job also comes with a lot of intangible stress on our bodies. Our skin, especially, dries out very easily due to the low humidity inside the plane. Combine that with full-on makeup for up to 19 hours on long haul flights and breakouts will be on the way. Breakouts were especially serious for me on my T-zone and strangely, the area near my ears. 

It wasn't so bad when I was in my twenties but my skin really got that much worse after entering my 30s. The never-ending cycle of cabin pressure and dry skin got me really frustrated. So one day, I decided to do something about it and find out what I can do online. It was then I stumbled upon Agent CT's experience at Geranium Skin Boutique. My skin type is really similar to hers - dry and oily at the same time. As Geranium Skin Boutique appeared to work for her, I decided to give it a chance to see if it would work for me.

I must say that going to Geranium was the single best beauty decision I've made in a LONG time. The therapist who attended to me was Angela and she's absolutely my skin's guardian angel. From the first time she saw me, Angela did a thorough examination and diagnosis before sharing with me her observations. Through the various symptoms, she pointed out that the interior of my skin is very oily although the external layers are dry. This causes congestion within, making it very easy for bumps to appear.

As there were a lot of congestions within that cannot be removed by extraction alone, she recommended me to go for micro needling that helps to renew the skin and boost the skin's natural defenses. The results were amazing! After just one session I could see my face becoming clearer and my face not breaking out as badly as before. This got me coming a second time... then a third and after 6 months of intensive micro needling treatments, my face has completely transformed.

This is how my face looks on a regular day now. A few spots here and there but its much better than in the past! It's a pity that I don't have selfies of my skin before (who wants to take selfies when you have a spotty face, right?) or you'd be able to see the huge improvement that it has gone through.

As my skin has recovered to a large extent, Angela explains that all I need now is maintenance: this means micro needling for alternative months followed by other skin treatments to boost my skin's other characteristics. I've tried a couple but the one that got me raving is the one that has recently got a number of awards from magazines: the Multivitamin Firming Treatment.

After trying it for myself, I can totally see why this treatment is so highly raved! In just one treatment, I could see my face brightened up SO MUCH and best of all, the glow lasts for more than a week! I suspect that this is all because of the highly potent multivitamin serums and masks they use on the skin. If you are keen to find out what its like, read more below.

Geranium Skin Boutique is located within walking distance of Lavender MRT station and so it's pretty convenient to get here. It is not the most luxurious but the rooms are comfortable and the salon is clean overall. I made an appointment the morning of one of my off-days. I was a little late but the understanding Angela just greeted me with a smile and escorted me into the room. 


The facial starts off with a thorough cleansing. Though I didn't wear makeup, the cleansing helps to remove dirt and also residual dead skin cells on the skin. 

I always enjoy the cleansing process because it comes with a thorough massage that makes it feel so pampering. 

Next, she wiped off the cleanser with some towelettes. 

Before the next step, Angela started on cleansing my shoulders! She combined it with a shoulder massage so it felt really good as she loosened my tight muscles. 

Totally needed that!

Once the massage was complete, Angela applied a cleansing oil to remove the earlier exfoliant. 

Once the cleansing was complete, she wiped off the oil to begin the next step of the facial.


A lot of people worry and dread going to facials because of painful extractions but not me.  Not sure if its because my skin is thicker or because Angela has really good technique, the extraction here feels so relaxing for me that I can actually sleep through the entire process. 

Angela uses sterilized tools that help her extract the pus easily and makes sure to be gentle throughout the process.

When the area is cleared, she applied a cold compress, an in-house blend of essential oils to calm and speed up skin recovery after extraction!

That's not all - she even shaped my eyebrows for me at the end of the extraction!

Application of Two Power Packed Serums

Pores are open and clean right after extraction. This is, therefore, the best time to apply serums as the skin absorbs it really quickly. 

The first serum to be applied is the power-packed Cabin Serum, developed in-house jointly by Geranium's founder and a Singapore laboratory. The Cabin serum, which is made in Switzerland, contains high concentrations of Vitamin A, B, C, D and E. Vitamin C is especially potent in this mixture due to its antioxidant power that enhances skin rejuvenation, repair, hydration, brighten complexion and reduce facial lines. Despite its high concentrations, it is safe even for ladies with sensitive skin as it is paraben free and alcohol-free!

To retain its freshness, the vitamin C is kept separate from the liquid and is mixed via the special mechanism in the packaging right before application. 

To make sure all the goods are soaked into the skin, Angela gave me yet another one of her super thorough massages. There is quite a bit of the serum left in the packaging but no worries about wastage as Angela actually passed the leftover for me to use over the next 7 days after the facial.

TRight after the Cabin serum, Angela followed up with this special blue serum containing Azulene. It's okay if you haven't heard of Azulene before. Me neither, before I stepped into Geranium. Azulene is actually an extract from Chamomile. Azulene is known to reduce inflammation in the skin tissue, reducing redness and swelling, allowing the complexion to clear up more quickly and will decongest the area. 

Azulene is also an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals and protects the skin from damage caused by them. This means that it can help minimize the symptoms associated with mature skin and reduce the likelihood that fine lines and wrinkles will develop prematurely.

Angela broke the seal and used the entire bottle for me! Now you know why this facial cost as much as it does?

She applied the serum generously over my face and massaged it till it is fully absorbed into the skin. 


Another reason why I like the Multivitamin Facial so much is that it incorporates Geranium's signature facial: Guasha - which helps me get rid of toxins and water retention in the face.

Angela uses water buffalo horn and swiped it upwards to encourage firming of the face. 

The main purpose of the guasha though is to increase blood circulation as it encourages drainage of toxins through the lymphatic system. 

Left: Before Guasha, Right: After Guasha

Look at the difference in just one session! My left side swells noticeably more than my right! Angela then performed the Guasha on the left side to make sure that my face is even afterward. 

Application of Mask

The final step in the facial is this multivitamin mask.

It may look pink and gooey but actually contains brown algae and fruit minerals. Research shows that brown algae have the benefit of improving the appearance of aging skin, revitalizing, toning and lifting it while the fruit minerals help to rejuvenate tired, stressed and dull skin.

While the mask dries, Angela gave me another heavenly neck massage that I enjoy so much.

About 10 minutes of massage later, the mask is ready to be removed. She peeled it off gently to reveal bright, flawless skin!

Wow, my skin certainly looked very radiant after the facial!

Before I go, Angela made sure to put moisturizer and sunscreen to protect my skin from the sun rays outside. 

Here's how my face looks after:

Definitely a lot clearer and brighter than before!

That wasn't all though. As promised, Angela gave me the leftover Cabin serum for me to use back at home. Its the magical serum that keeps my face looking radiant all week long!

Overall Thoughts

This is my ninth time trying Multivitamin Facial and its effects never fail to wow me. A week later and my skin still has the post-facial glow, something that even my colleagues asked me about! Now with this article, all I need to do is to show them this URL and they can come here for themselves hehehe. 

I really enjoyed my facial experience here as usual. I've tried a number of facial salons in Singapore but none offered the balance of skill, service, and effectiveness as well as Geranium. I'm particularly in love with Angela as she has very good extraction and massage technique and is very knowledgeable about skin conditions. She has seen me through the worst of my skin and I'm glad to say that my skin has come out better as a result. 

I don't say it enough but thank you, Angela and Geranium Skin Boutique, for taking care of my skin so well over the past year! My skin couldn't have come this far without you guys. For those of you still wondering whether to try, well, I'd say take the leap of faith cos you're definitely gonna end up in the stars like me. A seriously legit facial salon I would highly recommend to all my friends!

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