Say NO to Cosmetic Surgery! This Japanese lady lightened her aging pigmentation spots naturally with this Herbal Facial from Organics Beauty!

Published on Apr 06, 2018

Hello, I'm Agent MI. I'm a Japanese lady who followed my husband to Singapore to work 4 years ago. If you have in mind a pretty, fair and young Japanese lady, well, I'm sorry to disappoint you. The prime of my life has already passed.

I'm now in my 40s. Despite best efforts to protect my skin, I have a number of pigmentation spots, some from a cooking accident years ago and others from exposure to the sun. It really perplexes me sometimes because I have  a number of these aging spots although I'm quite a homebody and spend most of my time at home.

Yes, I am hugely bothered by these aging spots. But what can I do?

I didn't often go for facials previously but because of aging spots, I tried to laser off the spot. Even though it cost me quite a bit, I was very disappointed to find that the spots returned soon after. 

In the end, I gave up all hopes of lightening the aging spots... until I met Shizuka. 

I got introduced to Shizuka at a gathering and somehow we hit it off immediately. We had the same values and thoughts towards natural holistic therapy. I was particularly intrigued after hearing about how she was able to slow the effects of aging with her natural herbal therapy and I decided to make an appointment with her to find out for myself. 

Although the location and decor isn't very luxurious, I was really happy to discover Shizuka and Organics Beauty because her facial is very very good. Beyond her warm service, the facial did what the laser could not do: lightened my skin within a few sessions. I am not a person who spends the money on facials but she is the only one I willingly go to regularly for my facials. 

That's why my facial condition improved significantly under her. There is a limit to what facials can do but I'm already very happy to see the improvements: 

Improvements After Herb Facial on Aging Skin at Organics Beauty

This is how the front of my face looks like. 

Improvements After Herb Facial on Aging Skin at Organics Beauty
Improvements After Herb Facial on Aging Skin at Organics Beauty

The spots on the side are the ones I am most concerned about. I know its still there but it is already lighter than what it was previously.

After patronizing her for more than 6 months, Shizuka suddenly gave me a call. She told me excitedly about the new treatment that she was going to bring in from Belgium. Although her herbal brightening facial is effective for my skin, the new treatment from Belgium is well known in Japan for being even more effective and wondered if I mind becoming her model to try out the facial. 

Of course I am! Something even more effective than her usual facials? I'm all for it. 

Read on below for my experience of this new herbal peel!

December 2017

I went down to Organics Beauty on a weekday in December 2017.

Makeup Removal at Organics Beauty

The process starts with a removal of makeup with an organic makeup remover.

I don't put lots of makeup but I can't help putting a little bit of foundation just to cover some of those dark spots.

Skin Analysis at Organics Beauty

I then went for a facial scan to assess  my facial condition right now. I find this quite interesting as I can compare the results later on even though I was told that there are some drawbacks with the machine. 

Once the machine was done, we retreated to the room for the facial treatment. 

Facial Cleansing at Organics Beauty

Shizuka cleansed my face once again with a cleansing lotion and massaged it around my face.

Facial Cleansing at Organics Beauty

She then cleaned it off with her very smooth sponges. 

Facial Cleansing at Organics Beauty

Next, she applied the Gommage and gently exfoliated my skin with the scrub. Shizuka explained that this mask is suitable for both dry and oily skin as it removes dead cells on dry skin and releases epidermis bacteria responsible for pimples on acne prone skin. Although it is a gommage, it doesn't feel rough at all and instead pretty smooth. My face did not feel dry afterwards. 

Facial Cleansing at Organics Beauty

Next, Shizuka cleansed my skin one last time with a soothing lotion for sensitive skin. This strengthens the skin's protective barrier for dry and sensitive skin while ensuring that my skin is completely clean. 

Herbal Microneedle Peel For Anti-Aging at Organics Beauty

The next step was the highlight of the entire facial. Shizuka warned that it could be a little painful as this special herbal gommage contained many microneedles that are too small to be visible to the naked eye. 

By rubbing onto my skin, the microneedles penetrate into the skin. This encourages my skin to reject the dead skin cells together with the microneedles within. As a result, cellular metabolism will be reactivated while the wrinkles and fine lines are bolstered with improved production of collagen naturally by the skin. Shizuka also mentioned that pores will also be tightened while pigmentation spots like mine will be lightered. 

Sounds wonderful to me! 

Of course, I can't see it now but am anxiously waiting for the result afterwards. 

Herbal Microneedle Peel For Anti-Aging at Organics Beauty

Shizuka took a lot of effort to make sure that every part of the face was exposed to these microneedles... with special attention to my pigmentation area. 

Herbal Microneedle Peel For Anti-Aging at Organics Beauty

It isn't just my face. She also applied some on my neck

Herbal Microneedle Peel For Anti-Aging at Organics Beauty

Very gently, she also massaged my face to give it that extra lifting effect.

And yes, it was actually painful at this point as the microneedles start to do its work. 

Herbal Microneedle Peel For Anti-Aging at Organics Beauty

Hence, you stop seeing me smile or chat, for the matter.

To calm my skin down, Shizuka applied another soothing lotion directly onto my face.

Herbal Microneedle Peel For Anti-Aging at Organics Beauty

And rubbed it over gently. 

Herbal Microneedle Peel For Anti-Aging at Organics Beauty

I could finally smile when she's done touching my face.

FYI, I could literally feel the needles on the face with her every touch!

Application of Cream Mask After Herbal Peel at Organics Beauty

When the herbal peel has finally dried, she rubbed it off with her smooth sponge.

Her sponge no longer felt smooth thanks to the  microneedles embedded within the skin. 

Application of Cream Mask After Herbal Peel at Organics Beauty

After my face was cleansed, she applied a white cream mask onto my face. This mask helps to moisturize the skin as it rebalances the moisture, tones to make the skin firmer and moisturizes to restore softness. This comes just in time because I could feel that my skin feels very dry and slightly irritated right now.

Application of Cream Mask After Herbal Peel at Organics Beauty

My face feels a lot calmer and hydrated after the mask. 

Shizuka left the mask on for sometime before removing it and applying the usual moisturizer and sunscreen afterwards.

Application of Cream Mask After Herbal Peel at Organics Beauty

That concludes my first herbal peel! 

Right after that, I did a quick scan and was happy to find that my skin was visibly brightened after the facial. 

Final Skin Analysis at Organics Beauty

Agent G was with us throughout the process and even she was positively surprised to see how bright my skin appeared afterwards.

Improvements After Herb Facial on Aging Skin at Organics Beauty

Even though it is really tough to see it in photos!

It felt more like a veil of dark skin cells was lifted away from my skin.

Shizuka mentioned that peeling may continue in the next few days and my skin will become even brighter!

To check my skin condition, Shizuka arranged for a complimentary follow up facial about 3 days after. 

In the meantime, she recommended some products for me to use in the meantime because my face will become VERY dry afterwards and I used them religiously.

Back at Home

Indeed, what Shizuka said came true. My face felt rather irritated over the next few days and in fact, it peeled a little. 

I had to use the moisturizer recommended by Shizuka the entire day. It alleviated about 3 days later, when I went to her for the follow up. 

Everything looks good she says and basically, the cycle repeats. 

Final Results

I went for yet another 2 sessions and here are the results after 3 sessions of Herbal Peel with Shizuka. 

Improvements After Herb Facial on Aging Skin at Organics Beauty
Improvements After Herb Facial on Aging Skin at Organics Beauty

Yes I still have the spot. What's different you may ask?

Improvements After Herb Facial on Aging Skin at Organics Beauty

If you look carefully at my before (left), after (right), my dark spot has actually become less dense. It is actually very obvious in person but the fact that even the camera can capture it shows how much lighter it is. 

Interestingly, even my puffy eyes have reduced and spots all around became lighter. 

Given that I've only come here 3 times + this is achieved naturally, I think the results are commendable!

Overall Thoughts

I enjoyed my time with Shizuka, as usual. On top of solving my skin issues, it is always nice talking to her because she always makes me feel good and doesn't ever criticize my skin. Yes, there are some skin issues but I can feel her working with me to solve them and I really appreciate that. This new treatment is a testament to her hard work as she did a lot of research before bringing it in and I'm glad to be a beneficiary of this effort. 

I thought nothing can be done to my skin but Shizuka proved me wrong with her dogged passion. 

Thank you Shizuka. Although I'll be moving back to Japan soon, I'll miss your company and your superb facials that make me more beautiful naturally! 

For anyone with the similar philosophy as myself, I would highly recommend you to try Organics Beauty! You are tremendously lucky to have someone as skillful and sincere as Shizuka and I'm sure she'll heal your skin as much as she has helped mine. 

Thank you for listening to my sharing!

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