This NEW Low-Damage Paimore GRATS Perm Gave Agent G a Permanent Blowout for Her Europe Vacation

Published on Jul 12, 2018

Hello! I'm Agent G, Chief Agent at Beauty Undercover.

I love perms a lot and have been perming my hair ever since I discovered perms at Zinc Korean Hair Salon 5 years ago. Lately, I've been facing a problem. Maybe because my hair has become fine and damaged, the perms seem to have become less defined and bouncy over time.

Before after
Combination S + C Curl for Agent G

Especially since my last perm (I tried a non-BU trusted salon). Possibly because of stylist error as well, the stylist gave me way too many layers that made it hard for the perm to be bouncy. 

It looked a little better after my hair grew out. However, you can see that the hair has generally no volume despite its curliness. I shared some of my unhappiness with Sylvia from Act Point Salon , one of the stylists I always go to for haircuts and trims. She mentioned that she could only help to a certain extent as the perm was not done well. If she trimmed too much, most of the curls will be gone.

The best option is a re-perm... But I just permed my hair 2-3 months ago. Wouldn't a re-perm be very damaging? Traditionally, yes. But according to Sylvia, Act Point Salon recently started using a new perm lotion, Paimore GRATS. Bro started using it on a few of his customers and the results are phenomenal! Customers rave about how the hair felt smoother afterwards and the hair is super voluminous as well.

Seeing how curious I was, Sylvia asked if I would like to be Bro's hair model for the new perm. They were still in the testing phase and was keen to try it on me.  Since I was going for a vacation soon, a successful re-perm would give me the holiday hair I need for my upcoming vacation to Europe. I said YES to the so-called Blowout Perm with Paimore GRATS. 

This is how my hair looks like now:

Still curly but a little too long for my liking. It is also more curly than voluminous, not exactly what I was looking for. 

The stylist in charge of my perm is Bro. He is the expert on Paimore GRATS at Act Point. He has done a number of Paimore GRATS perms and knows the ins and outs of the lotion.

I shared my concerns with Bro and he suggested to keep the length a little longer at the back compared to the front so that the curls can be tucked in the way I wanted. As for the actual length, I was keen to go shorter because it is too long now.

See how messy my hair is now in its natural state? I'm excited to see how Bro's perm can transform it!

As usual, the perm began with a hair wash.

And a haircut to get it to the desired length.

Other than the perm lotion, the next most important thing in a perm is the haircut. The right cut will determine where the curls will be and the overall hair design. Bro knew exactly what I was looking for and gave me the cut without hesitation.

Once he was done, he started preparing for the perm lotion. The usual perm lotion comes in different strengths ie. mild, medium, strong. Paimore GRATS, however, requires the stylist to customize the strength of the perm lotion for each customer. It requires skill from the stylist and if he/she has a good grasp of hair knowledge, the customer can then achieve their desired curls with minimal damage.

After mixing the perming lotion, he applied it on my hair. What the perm lotion does is that it breaks the bonds within the hair so that it can be resculpted later. Unlike typical perm lotions which are alkaline in nature, Paimore GRATS work under low pH environments. This allows the cuticles to remain closed during the process, which is less damaging to the hair.

To accelerate penetration of this perm lotion, Bro covered my hair with a plastic covering and then heated it up slightly with a hair dryer.

He checked to see if the hair was ready and escorted me to get my hair washed. 

Back at the seat, he applied a treatment to help repair any damage the hair may have sustained. 

After blowdrying the hair a little, it is time to start the curling process. 

He inserted a cushion to make sure that my scalp will not be hurt when heated up.

Next, he pulled a section of hair and curled it with the curler. The special yellow curler is covered with a special insulation layer that encourages even heating within the hair.

When my whole head of hair is properly curled, he connected the digital perm machine to the curlers. 

He heated up my hair to just 65 degrees for about 20 minutes. It is slightly longer than usual but it ensures minimal damage.

This is how my hair looks like when the curlers are removed. Looks very curly but no worries as it won't actually look like this!

He curled my hair once more before applying the neutralizer.

With the help of a simple bottle like this, the neutralizer is transformed from liquid to bubble form. 

It is applied easily and more easily absorbed by the hair as well.

The neutralizer is left on the hair for another 15 minutes before it is washed.

Wow, my hair felt softer and smoother now even though Bro didn't apply any intensive treatment throughout the process!

Oooh, the curls look defined! They may look a tad bit small but I love it - these curls will look a lot bigger once you blow dry them for a longer period of time. Keen to see what my hair looked like after a blow-dry?

Just a quick reminder of what my hair previously looked like:

And this is what it looks like now:

Other than a change in length, you'll see that my hair has a lot more volume at the top and the sides.

The curls are super bouncy, making the sides look more pong as well... something I totally love! :D Bro didn't even apply perm lotion. All he did was to twirl and blow dry my hair, and my hair already looked like I got a blowout! Amazing right?

My hair also felt super soft after the perm! The low-pH level of the perm must have really worked! My hair felt so smooth that it felt like I got a treatment even though I didn't! How long will the volume last though? Guess I've got to wait to find out!

Update: 1 month after the perm

I love love LOVE the new perm! Unlike the previous perm I had, which was messy, hard to blowdry and required the use of a curl lotion before blow drying, all I need to do is to twirl and blowdry and I'm ready to go in 10 minutes! This made heading out the door that much faster during my recent vacation to Europe. :)

Jungfraujoch, Switzerland (Above), Dubrovnik, Croatia (below)

Thank you, Bro, from Act Point Salon for letting me try this beautiful and incredibly easy-to-manage and bouncy perm that I love so much! I've been getting a lot of compliments from stylists and even random people I just met. I really appreciate this confidence-booster of a perm! Definitely my go-to perm before my next big vacation! :D

Super impressed with the perm, Agent G went to find out more about Paimore GRATS and summarized 10 Things You Need to Know about PAIMORE GRATS Perm. Read on if you are keen on trying it out!

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