This Special No-Extraction Facial and Aftercare Got Rid of My Uneven Skin Tone (and Reduced Breakouts)

Published on May 13, 2019

Have you gone for many different facials but found that they were limited in effectiveness in curing your skin condition?

Do you see effects in the first week or so after the facial but found that problems start creeping back in the following weeks?

Agent G had the above experiences at various facial salons... until she stumbled upon Yamanohada products and Face Plus by Yamano. 

After the clarifying Kohaku Regeneration Facial at Face Plus by Yamano, she bought and used the pricey Yamano Bidou Skin Lotion + cheaper Yamanohada facial wash + Milk Lotion and Mask every day religiously... and saw a big improvement in her skin. The difference was so visible that her husband actually commented on it!

Read about the facial and her subsequent ritual below!

Hello, I'm Agent G, Chief Editor of Beauty Undercover. 

Other than perms, another beauty service I like to go for are facials. My skin often looks a lot more radiant after a good facial as the therapist will remove all the dead skin more thoroughly than I could ever do at home and give it a moisture boost with a serum or a mask. I am, however, very selective with my facials. I only give them a try after reading many good reviews online and researching about the products they use. 

I learnt my lesson after experiencing intensive hardselling by various facial therapists from Groupon deals years ago. Other than the bad service, some of these facial salons actually aggravated my skin condition with harsh extractions and low quality products!

This made me very careful when trying new facial salons. At Beauty Undercover, we try to personally experience every salon we come across so you can be sure that the service is good!

The first time I heard about Yamano was actually from Qoo10. There's a seller selling Yamanohada products at really affordable prices (less than $10) and it actually seemed to be endorsed by Xiaxue and many other bloggers. I'm usually skeptical about blogger endorsements but as I read more about the products, I decided that its worth a try. It included exotic amber extracts and white clay that cleanses face more thoroughly without drying out the skin. While the products did not make my skin flawless overnight, they are noticeably better quality than the usual brands you see on the shelf, given its price. So I was defiintely intrigued!

I read deeper into Yamano and found out that they actually had a facial salon in Singapore: Face Plus by Yamano. As there aren't many reviews online (other than on Facebook, all of which are positive), I decided to venture in and try for myself. 

I decided upon the Yamano Regeneration Facial, which was having a promotion at that point in time. Worried that the local therapists would try and hard sell, I opted for a Japanese facial therapist, Nanaho san. 

February 2019

The salon is located on level 4 of Orchard Central. The reception area is not very big. It includes this area:

and this area:

It doesn't seem to have any consultation room for hard selling... a good sign!

When I arrived, Nanaho san was already waiting.

She's this VERY PRETTY Japanese lady with truly perfect skin. I only knew later on that her skin was actually really bad in the past... and she decided to work for Yamano after their products healed her of her skin condition. I was really hyped after hearing that.

She passed me a consultation form to fill in.

I've been to enough facial salons to know what my problem areas are:

  1. Uneven Skin Tone
  2. Acne Prone Skin (it's better after I gave birth but I still have the occasional breakouts)
  3. Dry skin inside, Oily skin outside - Combination skin
  4. Rough skin texture

She went through the form with me and mentioned that the Kohaku Regeneration Facial could help rebalance my skin and alleviate the above problems.

Nanaho san then escorted me to their facial room.

The room doesn't look too different from other facial salons. However, they do have a special area for you to put your bags and even put on makeup after the facial. Very thoughtful!

I got changed and soon we began.

1) Cleansing

I intentionally did not wear makeup as I knew I was going for a facial but anyway, she still proceeded with their usual double cleansing process.

As you can see, I wasn't joking about my skin texture being rough and prone to acne! Nanaho san used their Yamano MD Premium Series Cleansing lotion for the first cleansing. The lotion contains high-quality clay and fermented soybean.

This looks like a normal cleansing process but I was really surprised by the fact that the cotton wools here are warm... something really special about Japanese salons I believe!

She removed the first cleansing lotion and then applied their signature Yamano White Clay.

Usually, clay cleansers tend to be rather drying but I love how this clay cleanser doesn't dry out the skin! To make sure that all the dirt is dislodged, Nanaho san massaged the cleanser into the face. 

While waiting for the clay cleanser to do its work, Nanaho san adjusted the steamer to encourage my pores to open without causing me discomfort.

2. Supersonic Cleansing

Surprisingly, my face feels rather moisturised after the clay cleanser is removed.

The typical facial salon would normally proceed with an extraction at this step but Face Plus by Yamano appears to have replaced extractions with supersonic cleansing. This machine vibrates gently, removing dead skin more efficiently but gently. You can't see from this photo but usuall, there will be plenty of white watery stuff dislodged from it! There's no pain, no redness, something I dread from extraction facials!

3. Electroporation

With the skin is cleansed, the next step is to infuse the skin with ingredients to repair itself. 

What Nanaho san did was to apply high concentration Epidermal Growth Factor to my skin. EGF is actually a Nobel Prize Winning ingredient that accelerates cell repair and improves cell metabolism. This EGF also contains placenta extract, Insulin growth factor, human growth factor, fibroblast growth factor to improve moisturization, whitening and normalise skin metabolism. Theoretically, it sounds very promising but I wonder how it will work on my skin!

To improve penetration, electroporation is used on my skin. There isn't any sensation on most parts of my skin. However, I could feel the slight electrical pulse on the more sensitive areas!

Does the right side of my face (seen on the left) look more lifted? Its hard to tell but I didn't expect it to work instantly, to be honest!

4. Face and Shoulder Massage

With the moisturization complete, Nanaho san proceeded with a face and shoulder massage. It was so comfortable, I fell asleep! :)

She used her hands and later even used the amber stones with the massage.

I can't recall much because I'm already into dreamland. However, Nanaho san informed me later on that the Pure Amber stones help to promote blood circulation, repair the skin and also improves lymphatic drainage. These stones are specially imported from Russia and cost a bomb!

5. Application of Clay Mask

The final step of the facial is the application of clay mask. 3 different clays are used in this mask: the World Doronko Cleansing Clay from Germany helps to suppress sebum secretion, World Doronko Moist Clay from Italy moisturises the skin while the World Doronko Active Silt Clay from Latvia replenishes lost compounds.

Nanaho san leaves the clay mask for 10 minutes before coming back to remove it!

Love the feeling of the hot towel on my face! Very relaxing!

6. Final Steps

Before the facial was complete, she applied Bidou Skin Lotion, one of their premium facial serum and Bidou Milk Lotion. 

She followed up with a sunblock and we are done!

My skin feels a lot more radiant afterwards!

After the facial, Nanaho san brought me back to the counter and gave me some feedback on my skin. Other than the problems I've identified, she found that my skin seems to absorb the skincare ingredients slower than other ladies. This could be because my skin's metabolism is slower than usual. As my skin cannot absorb the skincare ingredients well, no matter how much moisturiser I put on, my face will still remain dry inside and oily outside.

When she made the observation, I felt as if she hit the nail on the head. YES! Every time I apply my moisturisers I found that it remains on my face for a long time even after massaging it into my face. I asked her if there's anything I can do to improve metabolism. Other than coming back for facials, she recommended me to try the Bidou Skin Lotion on a more regular basis. It is a skin booster that helps the skin metabolise and absorb the ingredients better! Having experienced the goodness of their basic (cheaper) products, I requested to purchase the Bidou Skin Lotion to see if it works. 

Back at Home

I don't know if its the facial or the Bidou Skin Lotion but my face improved A LOT. I only went for one facial in February and used the Bidou Skin Lotion for 2 months together with my usual facial routine and I feel that the effects have lasted really long (till now in April). 

My face has visibly brightened overall with the uneven skin tone becoming less obvious. My skin also became less rough so I was really amazed! When my husband commented on my face, I knew that something must have worked. Also, I tend to have break outs when my period is coming but there were none in the last 2 months. So yes, I am IMPRESSED!

Nanaho san also gave me some samples for their white clay facial product. It works really well for my combination skin because it doesn't dry out my skin and instead, moisturizes it... quite amazing I think!

Overall Thoughts

I've tried many facials but Yamano is the first that incorporates a highly raved inhouse range of internationally recognized range of facial products that I've tried. To be honest, I was really surprised at how well it worked! 

The effects are so good that I've been raving about Face Plus by Yamano to every Beauty Undercover Agent I meet! :D

It was then I realized that it wasn't just about how good the facial is. I've been using a lot of different brands of products but I didn't know what my skin really needed. A good facial therapist should be able to identify what went wrong and recommend products for you to use back home. The products are not as well known as the usual big brands but I am really surprised at how well it worked for me!

I also really liked it that there is no extraction here. As I get older, I find that extractions cause scars that are harder and harder to heal for me. Instead of forcing out the blackheads, I like how they use less harsh methods to remove the impurities from your skin and instead focus on strengthening our face to rebuild and rebalance itself with EGF, their inhouse skin lotion, kohaku facial massage. 

Do however note that the entire place isn't very big and luxurious. Although the entire facial is standardized across all therapists, some therapists have a softer / firmer touch than others. FYI, Nanaho's touch is perfect for those who prefer a softer massage pressure.

Finally, service here is really good. There's zero hardselling and the price is very reasonable given the high-quality products used and Japanese level service. No wonder I see so many Japanese ladies come here for facials! 

A highly recommended facial salon for people hoping to see a visible improvement in their skin!

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