This No-Pain Extraction Facial Shrinks Pores and Got Rid of Hormonal Acne for Agent G

Published on May 09, 2019

Hello, I'm Agent G, Chief Editor of Beauty Undercover. I enjoy perming my hair and getting pampered with head spa and scalp treatments but I am much less likely to go for facials. This is partially because I've had a negative experience with facials when I was young; it isn't just that the extractions was painful, my skin broke out a lot more after going for facials at a local well known brand at that time and the acne has stayed with me for more than 10 years after that. Hence, I'm a lot more careful about who I let to touch my skin.

That was one of the reasons I started loving Japanese facials as they cleanse the skin very gently and give my face the moisture it needs. I usually jump from salon to salon and I actually saw my skin improve as it is no longer as dry and my acne actually reduced over time, something I would also like to credit to the awesome Yamano facial products I use. Nope, they are not sponsored - I actually purchased the Bidou skin lotion and other products from their Japanese outlet (and asked some friends to help me buy every year) because it really improved my skin A LOT. 

As much as my skin have transformed, I still had some complaints. My skin looks OK at first glance but touch it and I could feel lots of bumps within. Some of these bumps will then turn into pimples or acne when I eat too many oily foods or when the time of the month draws near. The thing that bugs me the most however is my HUMONGOUS pores. I've tried all ways to shrink it but it doesn't seem to work. 

I started getting interested in extraction facials all over again after hearing great results from ladies who went for extraction facials at various salons. In fact, I tried a few. As much as the facials were Good, I somehow didn't see that big a difference for me until I met Winnie.

Winnie previously operated a salon close to my house. It caught my attention as she always seems full with well-dressed ladies walking in and out of her salon. Without many reviews, however, I wasn't certain if I could trust her. It was a stroke of luck / coincidence when I realized one day that she is actually the mother of a hairstylist I trust and admire a lot.

If you think that my skill is good, you'll be awed by my Mom's facial. She is THAT good!

Knowing that this stylist is not one who overpromises, I decided to make an appointment with Winnie. The moment she laid her hands on my face, I was sold. I've tried more than 15 facial therapists in my life thus far and no one had her gentle yet firm touch that feels oh-so-heavenly throughout the facial. As people have said, her fingers felt as soft as cotton wool 

Her many special techniques such as applying oils before the extraction helped to minimize any pain or discomfort during the facial and true to what she promised, my face looked A LOT clearer even after just one facial. 

Beyond skill and knowledge though, there is one more thing that I felt differentiate her from all other therapists I've met... and that is HEART. Thanks to Beauty Undercover, I meet a lot of talented therapists who is great with skill and knowledge. But Winnie is one of the few I felt an unexplainable affinity with. I love how her values align with mine: quality over speed and quantity, commitment to service and giving the skin what it needs vs using harsh treatments to rush results. Did I also mention that there are no packages at this salon, only ala carte pricing? All practices I love because it promotes great service.

I love her facials so much, I started coming back every 3 weeks - a first for me. I didn't believe in regular facials because I thought that the pores will be filled up with comedones once again after extractions anyway... why would I spend the time and money to go so often? 

I was so wrong!

Before and After Facial Extraction at Bund Beauty on 5th Visit

Left: 3rd Visit, Right: 5th Visit

(Sorry I only have photos from my 3rd visit onwards as I didn't intend to share about Winnie at the beginning :P I wanted to keep her my best kept secret but I knew I couldn't after she moved to a cozy new location in Ang Mo Kio - Bishan Park.)

After successive treatments, I found that my hormonal acne each month disappeared and my pores FINALLY shrank. It's amazing!

My uneven skin tone is also starting to get better - and my skin has improved so much so that even my husband has begun to comment about it.

Want to know how a usual facial with her feels like?

Read on below for our experience at The Bund Beauty.

First Impressions

Winnie relocated her salon to Bishan Park within Aramsa Spa and renamed her salon The Bund Beauty earlier this year. 

The Bund Beauty Interior
The Bund Beauty Interior

The place is not large but very cozy and comfy. 

Upon arrival, Winnie would greet me at the counter and consult with me before bringing me to one of the 3 beds available. 

Skin Consultation at The Bund Beauty

The bed feels more comfortable than even my bed at home :P and has so much thought put in that they even include a sleeve for putting the mobile phone!

Facial Cleansing at The Bund Beauty

The first step starts with a cleansing milk to get rid of all the makeup and impurities without affecting the skin's natural barrier system. My face doesn't feel dry after the cleansing process as it includes Vitamin C and Ceramide to soothe and repair the skin as well.

Facial Cleansing at The Bund Beauty

She doesn't just slap on the cleansing milk though. Winnie also performs a massage at this point to make sure that all the impurities are truly dislodged!

Facial Cleansing at The Bund Beauty

Next, she followed up with a gentle exfoliant for a deeper cleanse. This exfoliating cleanser contains amino acid and jojoba beads that gently removes dead skin cells while nourishing it with the nutrients it needs. 

Facial Cleansing at The Bund Beauty

I was pampered with yet another round of facial massage before the extractions begin. 

Facial Cleansing at The Bund Beauty

Right before doing the extraction, Winnie applied a layer of essential oils to the skin. Other than lulling me to sleep, Winnie says that the oils help to moisturize the skin and make the extraction process less drying and therefore less painful. 

Facial Cleansing at The Bund Beauty

It's the first time I've had any facial therapist do this and I must say it seems convincingly effective as I really did not experience pain during the extraction process. 

No Pain Facial Extraction at The Bund Beauty

Not even when she used those needles to remove the blackheads and whiteheads!

No Pain Facial Extraction at The Bund Beauty

The extraction process itself varies in time as it depends on your comedone buildup. Interestingly for me, I require longer extractions in my first 3 times as there was a lot of comedones from deep within the skin... years of buildup due to zero extractions! 

However, the time shortened after my 4th visit as the skin started to clear up and produce less comedones.

No Pain Facial Extraction at The Bund Beauty

Here's how much she extracted on my first visit!

After the facial, Winnie asked if I would like my eyebrow trimmed. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the trim she does for me each time... it is super easy to draw my eyebrows afterwards. Eh.. shouldn't come as a surprise since Winnie previously won the Asian Makeup Artist of the Year... but still, I love it :)

No Pain Facial Extraction at The Bund Beauty

The extraction may be done but not the facial. 

Application of Mask After Extraction at The Bund Beauty

Winnie applied yet another oil to massage the face after extraction.

Application of Mask After Extraction at The Bund Beauty

Before applying a mask afterwards. 

I love how she doesn't leave me alone during the facial 

Application of Mask After Extraction at The Bund Beauty

But gives a very good shoulder massage

Application of Mask After Extraction at The Bund Beauty

And a scalp massage while waiting for the mask to dry. 

Her massage skills are among the best I've tried and is guaranteed to get you into dreamland within minutes!

Facial Massage at The Bund Beauty

At the end of the facial, she applies moisturizer and sunscreen and we are done!

No Redness After Facial at The Bund Beauty

See, no redness at all!

That concludes a usual facial with Winnie - thorough zero-pain extractions with massage aplenty, a pampering experience that actually yields results!

Updates (23/12/2019)

I've been with The Bund for more than a year now. It's pretty miraculous for me because this is the first time I've been with a facial therapist for so long AND go so regularly to her.

Skin Improvement After Facial at The Bund Beauty

#nofilter #nomakeup

And I must say that I'm reaping the benefits of regular facials with minimal or zero breakouts even during my menstrual period. My skin is also alot more supple than before, with wrinkles and lines still kept at bay. Even my husband says that my skin looks better and younger than it did 5 years ago!

Yes I still have pores, which is what I'm still working on but I note that my pores along the side of my face have become much smaller.

Still cannot believe that my skin has improved so much TBH and thanking God each day for letting me discover Winnie :) 

Keen to give Winnie from The Bund Beauty a try?

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