No more Reddish Scalp: 99 Percent Hair Studio healed Agent SJ Scalp Problems with Revivre Scalp Treatment

Published on Aug 26, 2016

There are so many demands on us from work and from family that we have no choice but be stressed in today's society.

While a certain amount of stress can help us do better, excessive stress for extensive periods of time can wreak havoc on your health... and even your scalp!

Agent SJ shares about her scalp issues - hair loss, itchy sensitive scalp and how she finally managed to keep the scalp problem under control in her writeup below!

Hello, I’m Agent SJ.

I am not a blogger. (In fact, all visits mentioned in this article are fully paid for by me!)

I'm a full-time freelance designer and a part-time waitress.

Although many people associate freelance with having flexible hours and being more "free", it is actually the reverse for me. As there is no real working hours per se, I work really long hours, often staying up late to finish project after project. 

The work-induced stress, lack of sleep and also lack of fluids eventually took a toll on my health.  

I'm not sure if this happens to anyone else but I started having more and more problems with my skin and my scalp. My skin became more sensitive and I even struggled with topical eczema at some point. 

My scalp too wasn't spared. I started having really itchy scalp. My previous salon tried to remedy my scalp problem but the itchiness returned too soon for comfort. 

I dismissed it as just the usual dandruff issue and just kind of accepted that it will always be a problem.

(Yes, I simply gave up!)

November 2015

The day I first stepped into 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point was to me an important turning point. I wasn't actually looking to get my scalp issue resolved; I came across 99 Percent Hair Studio on Beauty Undercover and several blogs. As it is closer to home and somewhat more down-to-earth than my last salon, I thought that I should give it a try. 

I requested for Danson to give me a haircut. While he was checking my hair condition during the consultation. Danson spotted some serious scalp issues. He asked for my permission to do a complimentary scalp diagnosis and here was the result. 

(The images below may be a little disturbing!)

scalp analysis

My scalp was badly inflammed at various parts of the scalp, causing those areas to be impossibly itchy!

scalp analysis
scalp analysis

At other areas, the dry skin has built up significantly, clogging up the hair follicles and making it difficult for new hair to grow out. This also possibly explained my gradual hair loss and dandruff issues. 

This was the first time I had my scalp issues diagnosed so well and explained so thoroughly and clearly. I am impressed! 

I was more skeptical about the proposed Revivre scalp treatment - after all I had gone for so many scalp treatments and none has worked! Danson's sincerity however won me over and I decided to give him and the treatment a shot. 

One and a half hours later, this was the result!

scalp analysis

The previously bloody area cleared up significantly.

scalp analysis

The rest of my scalp looked much cleaner after the dry skin build-up was removed. 

While I wasn't completely healed after one session, I could feel a perceptible difference days and weeks after.

Finally, my scalp felt cleaner and the itching controlled!

This was enough to convince me to come back on a more regular basis. 

I came back to 99 Percent Hair Studio every month to treat my scalp. Here are the results: 

December 2015

scalp treatment december 2015

January 2016

scalp treatment January 2016

February 2016

scalp treatment February 2016

March 2016

scalp treatment March 2016

April 2016

scalp treatment April 2016

Frequently visits have indeed improved the condition of my scalp. By February 2016, the redness on the scalp and general itchiness was almost gone  and it has never been healthier for as long as I can remember. 

In fact, it improved so much so that Danson “allowed” me to start colouring my hair crazy for Chinese New Year 2016! 

hair colour

And my scalp remained pretty calm. Yay!

What Usually Happens for the Scalp Visit

Although my scalp has improved significantly, it was still important to come back on a regular basis to keep the underlying scalp issue under control. 

I recently came back from a 2-month work trip to Japan. As much as I loved Japan, my scalp was starting to act up due to the stress of adapting to a new climate. Therefore, I made an appointment at 99 Percent @ Bedok Point immediately after reaching Singapore. 

For those of you who are curious, this is what usually happens for my scalp treatment. 

Consultation with Danson at 99 Percent Hair Studio

The first thing Danson would do is to perform a consultation for me.


He would examine my hair and ask me various questions to determine what issues I was facing.

Danson would then confirm the diagnosis by scanning my scalp. 

scalp analysis

As you can see, there is a lot of dry skin build up after 2 months of not going for scalp treatments!

scalp analysis

The areas that were starting to itch were also turning slightly reddish. 

scalp analysis

Based on the scalp scans, Danson will then customize the Revivre Scalp Treatment to treat various scalp conditions. 

He explains briefly that he would be using a combination of the EXENCE ANTIFORFORA Sensitive Skin series together with the pH3 Relax Balm and the Detox Essential Oils to achieve the thorough cleansing and detox process for my scalp. 

Can't wait to begin!

hairdressing coat

Jackie, a hair assistant at 99 Percent @ Bedok Point, came over to dress me in their comfy new hairdressing coat. 

Revivre Exence Sinergia Detox

Revivre Exence Sinergia Detox

Danson, on the other hand, was preparing the essential oils for use in the first step of the scalp treatment. 

essential oils

Instead of applying directly on my scalp, Danson gave me a whiff of the essential oils.

essential oils

After rushing to the salon, this step really helps to calm and quieten me down. 

The next step, well, just made it better. 

Remember the time your mom gave your hair a good comb? It felt like that when Danson gave my hair a thorough comb-over for the next 5 minutes. 

thorough comb-over

Apparently this is supposed to help improve blood circulation within the scalp!

I won't know whether it works or not but it feels good nevertheless!

It is time to apply the Exence treatment after the song-song brush massage. 

Exence treatment

Danson mixed some drops of Sinergia Detox into the Exence Climbaplus 1 specially designed for sensitive scalp. The Sinergia Detox helps to efficiently remove impurities from the scalp whereas the Climbaplus 1 gently removes dandruff, reducing irritations and reddening. Climbazole also prevents the return of new dandruff! 

massaging the oils on the scalp

Once the essential oils are applied onto the scalp, the oils are then massaged deep into the scalp to ensure absorption. 


My hair is then covered with a shower cap thingy and a towel to make use of my body heat to further accelerate absorption.


While the essential oil does its work, Danson gave me a good thorough shoulder massage. 

shoulder massage

This may not be directly connected to my scalp issue. However, this does relieve my stress, which is a big contributory factor for my scalp problems. 

scalp massage

After the shoulder massage, Danson massaged the scalp again for a good 15 minutes to make sure that the essential oils are fully absorbed. 

hair wash

Soon I was ready for a hair wash. 

Danson used the Revivre Climbaplus Shampoo for me. It is SLES-free and specially designed to remove dandruff while making sure that the skin is soothed and protected to prevent reappearance of dandruff.


Love how thoroughly my hair is washed each time I go for a treatment here!

applying pH3 Balm to the scalp

After some brief blowdrying, Danson applied the pH3 Balm to the scalp. The primary function of the pH3 Balm is to restore scalp equilibrium, prevent and calm itches while softening the skin. It also has the function of moisturizing hair lengths and ends.

applying pH3 Balm to the rest of the hair

That's probably why Danson applied this to the hair ends as well!

scalp massage

As usual, this has to be massaged into the scalp for the next 10 minutes to absorb all the goodness!

hair wash

Once massaged, Jackie brought me to the basin for a final hair wash. 

Climbaplus 2 is applied at the scalp

The Climbaplus 2 is applied at this point. 

The climbaplus 2 uses more essential oils and Climbazole to avoid the formation of dandruff and keeping the scalp in optimum conditions. It reduces the reddening of the scalp and also impedes recurring dandruff for even the most serious of cases!

final massage

One final massage...

blow dry

Blowdry... and I'm almost done!

scalp check

Danson did the final scalp checks and gave me the all-clear!

scalp treatment

Final Thoughts

I'm so glad I made the decision to try 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

I had been disappointed by so many stylists before that I had given up trying to cure my scalp problems. Somehow, something made me take the leap of faith... and I'm pleasantly surprised at how much my scalp has improved!

Besides having my scalp feel healthier and more cleansed each time after treatment, I look forward to each treatment. Although it is primarily a scalp treatment, it feels like a monthly pampering spa treat for me as there were so many head and shoulder massages. The team of friendly and sincere hairstylists and the cosy non-pretentious ambience made it all the more enjoyable as it always makes me feel like I'm going to a friend's place to chill and chit-chat. 

I have and will continue to recommend all my friends to 99 Percent Hair Studio @ Bedok Point

THANK YOU Danson and team!

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