This Non-Bleach Argan Oil Hair Colour Makes This Bride's Hair Look Shiny and Moisturized For Her Wedding

Published on Jun 09, 2017

Hello, I'm Agent SC. I'm currently working in the F&B Industry with a special interest in patisserie :)

I'm usually not very fussy about hair. I don't even colour it often. However, with my second wedding banquet coming up, I have no choice but to think about a hair colour and a retouch. (FYI, my husband is not local so we're holding a second banquet at his hometown.)

The last time I coloured my hair was also before the wedding. I coloured it at a very established neighbourhood salon chain known for hardselling. TBH, it wasn't my usual salon nor my first choice. Since my hubby was having a cheap, last minute haircut there however, I thought that I might as well get my hair coloured at the same time. How bad can it be, right?

WRONG. I'm not sure what hair colour brand they used... but my scalp stung SO MUCH after application of the colour to my hair roots. I'm not someone with a low pain tolerance so when I say its painful, it's PAINFUL. The stylist who applied the hair colour started panicking when I shouted out in pain but they couldn't do anything to make it better. It was so painful, I told myself that I don't ever want to dye my hair ever again! 

And guess what, the hair colour actually costs above $150, not exactly cheap! 

Before Argan Oil Hair Colour at COVO

Still, I need to colour my hair. The roots have grown out and I'll be taking more photos at my second wedding banquet overseas. 

This time, however, I can't risk getting my scalp burnt again. I asked Agent G for advice and she asked if I would be interested to be the hair model for COVO Japanese Hair Salon's new hair colour: Argan Oil Hair Colour. I was a little worried at first so I asked Agent G a little more about COVO and the hair colour. Apparently, the argan oil hair colour includes both argan oil treatment as well as COVO's original hair treatment so the hair looks shiny and moisturized afterwards. Due to the presence of treatments and the availability of scalp protection, the hair colour is also gentle. 

With that, I said Yes, and subsequently made an appointment with COVO Japanese Hair Salon days before I fly off. 


I made an appointment on a weekday afternoon. 

The place looks beautiful, within individual cubicles that gave me some privacy while at the same time some breathing room within the salon. 

Very different from what I'm used to.

Hair Consultation at COVO

The stylist who attended to me is Yui, a very pretty Japanese hairstylist who could speak fluent English. 

The first thing that attracted my attention was her ash brown hair, which unfortunately required bleach.

No Bleach for me pls!

She showed me a colour chart and performed the consultation. 

Hair Consultation at COVO

I shared with her that I had previously bleached my hair 1 or 2 years ago and that the colour I have now is actually darker than before. 

Yui mentioned that this may affect how bright the final hair colour will turn out. However, she will do her best to achieve the ash brown hair colour I was looking for. 

I also told her about my scalp issue with the last salon and she assured me that she will use a scalp protection liquid to prevent any irritation from occuring (its free of charge and included in the hair service where necessary!). 

So here we go!

Application of Scalp Protection

The first thing that Yui does is to apply the scalp protection to my scalp. 

Application of Scalp Protection at COVO

Its in liquid form. Therefore, she massaged it deeper into the scalp to ensure penetration. 

Application of Scalp Protection at COVO

Application of Colour

Once the scalp protection is fully absorbed, she started to mix the colours.

Argan Oil Hair Dye at COVO

This mixture contains some colour, argan oil as well as their inhouse treatment!

Argan Oil Hair Dye at COVO

Doesn't it look like egg yolk (or mango pudding) after she mixed it?

Application of Argan Oil Hair Colour at COVO

She began by applying hair colour to the lengths of the hair. 

The lengths are coloured first because my hair was previously coloured with a darker colour. It will therefore take a longer time for this new colour to penetrate and lift the previous colour. 

Application of Argan Oil Hair Colour at COVO

Even while the hair colour was being applied, I was happy to note that the products used did not smell bad. 

Soon after, she was done with the first phase of colour application. 

Application of Argan Oil Hair Colour at COVO

While waiting for the colour to do its work, she gave me a menu and explained about the different teas available at the salon.

Tea Menu at COVO

These are offered complimentary to customers of the salon, although you can purchase them if you wish. 

I can't remember what its called but I chose the one that will enhance my complexion, perfect for my upcoming wedding banquet :D

It tastes really nice :)

Application of Argan Oil Hair Colour at COVO

After some time, Yui came back to check on my hair and started to apply on the roots.

Application of Argan Oil Hair Colour at COVO

To make sure that the colour is fully absorbed, she applied the hair colour on the entire lengths of the hair again.

Her attentiveness and desire to help me achieve the colour I love is unlike any other stylist I've had before!

Thumbs Up!

Application of Argan Oil Hair Colour at COVO

To facilitate absorption, a plastic wrap is put around the head. This traps body heat to allow the colour to penetrate faster.

Another 15 minutes or so later, she came by to check and the hair colour is done!

Hair Colouring at COVO

Hair Wash

Maybe because its my first time at a Japanese hair salon, I was surprised to find the stylist washing my hair herself. 

Apparently, they really do do everything from start to finish!

Hair Wash at COVO

She first placed her an eye pad to cover my eyes. This prevents water from entering the eye or affecting my eye makeup. It also feels rather comfortable. 

She then proceeded to shampoo my hair... her scalp massage feels really good!

Hair Wash at COVO

Agent G later mentioned to me that the water used here is carbonated water. This helps to wash off impurities and any leftover hair colours more easily. 

Hair Wash at COVO

A final brushing of my hair...

Hair Wash at COVO

And we are done!

Shoulder Massage and Blow Dry

Back at the seat, I anticipated her to blowdry my hair immediately but no, that's not what she did.

Head and Shoulder Massage at COVO

She gave me a good head and shoulder massage that felt soooo good!

Head and Shoulder Massage at COVO

Apparently this is routinely done for all customers after a hair wash.

Definitely a nice touch, compared to all the salons I've had before!

Blow Dry

She proceeded with a blowdry after the massage.

Blow Dry at COVO

I LOVE how smooth my hair feels right now!

Blow Dry at COVO


I'm not yet done though.

Haircut at COVO

The perfectionist Yui gave my hair a quick trim to give my hair a shape.

Haircut at COVO

Yui also used this special technique to get rid of the split ends for my hair. 

Haircut at COVO

A Final Trim of the Fringe... 

Before Argan Oil Hair Colour at COVO
Before Argan Oil Hair Colour at COVO

I really love the lighter and more ashy brown that Yui mixed for me.

Before Argan Oil Hair Colour at COVO

You may not be able to see a big difference in hair colour in photos but I can only say that it looked absolutely gorgeous in person!

The hair was shiny, silky and just... sleek! 

Yui believed that I looked better with curls.

Therefore, she took the effort to curl my hair for the evening.

How I Look After Getting Argan Oil Hair Colour at COVO

Just anticipating to see the final result!

How I Look After Getting Argan Oil Hair Colour at COVO
How I Look After Getting Argan Oil Hair Colour at COVO

With the curls, the colour also looked more three dimensional I think.

Final Thoughts

Having just gone to Japan for a honeymoon, I had a lot of expectations going into COVO Japanese Hair Salon... and I must say that Yui exceeded all of them. Her English was very fluent, making the whole experience that much more comfortable. Yui's sincerity and patience shines through as she listened to all my requests and did her best to fulfill them, offering me tea and even a shoulder massage after the hair wash.  

The place itself offers a lot of privacy due to the cubicle concept. The hair colours also were very high quality; it did not smell bad and made my hair a lot smoother than before the hair colour! The more I wash, the colour also became slightly brighter as well. 

In fact, I received a lot of compliments from my friends and relatives (even my makeup artist) about my new hair colour during my wedding!

The professional photographer is not ready with the photos but here's a candid shot I took with my husband.

Forgive me for the low-quality resolution!

How I Look After Getting Argan Oil Hair Colour at COVO

I'm truly impressed by the new Argan Oil Hair Colour at COVO Japanese Hair Salon and wouldn't hesitate to recommend friends and family to give them a go. It is especially perfect for brides who wish to pamper themselves... without spending too much!

When I found out the price of the hair colour here, I knew that I would want to come back again in the future: it's just $120 for all hair lengths, significantly cheaper than what I usually pay for hair colours. With such amazing service, great results and affordable pricing, I think the argan oil hair colour here is very value-for-money. 

Don't you think so?

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