This Flowerfall Head Spa Cleanses Your Scalp and Makes Your Hair Smell Like Flowers Afterwards

Published on Jul 18, 2018

I'm possibly one of the few female Civil Engineers in the construction industry. Just in case you don't know what civil engineers do, we basically design, construct and maintain roads, bridges, airports, pipelines and MRTs. So yes, I've been involved in quite a few design projects for MRT stations and bridges. (We don't run the MRT lines, so don't throw stones at us ;) )

This is not the most glamorous of industries so I don't have to think too much about how I look at work. Unfortunately, I have had atrociously unmanageable, curly and frizzy all my life; I'm not the vain type but its really difficult to go out without feeling bad with this type of crazy hair. Hence, I've been rebonding my hair since secondary school.

I've been to many different hair salons and never really committed to one... until I came across Focus Hairdressing at Cuppage Plaza on Beauty Undercover 2-3 years ago. I remember reading about how impressed Agent G was with Ken's service and quality of Mucota rebonding. Attracted by the overall good reviews, coupled with really reasonable pricing compared to many other salons, I decided to take the plunge and got my first ever Mucota Opera rebonding experience with Ken.

I was not disappointed. Ken was very attentive. He did not push any products or unnecessary services and instead gave a good haircut and a rebonding that is not so flat! His good skill and great service got me coming again and again as I eventually became their loyal customer. Even when Ken moved to the new outlet Focus Hairdressing at Chinatown Point, I followed him here. So you'll probably spot me here every few months to colour my grey hair and rebond my hair when necessary.

During one of my last visits, I shared with Ken that my scalp tends to get a little itchy and asked him for advice. He shared that regular scalp treatments will help to exfoliate my dead skin and moisturize the scalp, which is likely to be dry. As we got talking, Ken suggested for me to trial their new Flowerfall Treatment by organic brand O'Way. The interesting thing about this Flowerfall treatment is that it is both a scalp and a hair treatment as it cleanses the scalp while moisturizes the hair with lavender, rosemary and rose distillate infused with minerals that the hair and scalp require. My interest was piqued as it sounds like a lovely treatment.

My inner desire came true as Ken asked if I would be interested to be their hair model for this treatment. A chance to share my experience with Focus and try a new scalp and hair treatment? 


We set the appointment on a Sunday morning. 

My stylist for this treatment is Jane. Jane is this down-to-earth female stylist who is always keen to help out around the salon. She's not super talkative but is a genuine person who is easy to chat with. 

The first thing she did was to give my scalp a scan. She gave me a phone and showed me what my current scalp condition was. 

From the scan, my scalp looks pretty dry and clogged up with years of not cleansing as cleanly as I should. 

This dry and clogged scalp is probably the reason behind my occasional itch and increased hair fall!

Fortunately, there was not much redness, which is a good sign!

Based on this diagnosis, Jane will be using the appropriate products during the O'Way Flowerfall Head Spa to target my problem areas. 

O'Way Flowerfall Head Spa Begins

The first step of the Head Spa involved cleansing my scalp. 

She wheeled an elaborate setup of herbs and clay cleanser as well as flowerfall liquid close to me.

She then applied a few drops of aromatherapy oils on her hand and requested for me to close my eyes and relax as I breathed in the calming scent. 

With the oils still on her hand, Jane gave me a relaxing neck massage.

I'm not a big fan of massages in general but am pleasantly surprised as Jane managed to exert just the right amount of pressure to not make it too ticklish nor painful for me.

After the massage was complete, Jane started mixing the clay cleanser with the flowerfall liquid to create this orange solution.

Doesn't it look like curry? 

Apparently this mixture includes savory, horsetail, pink clay and soap nut. They work together to effectively cleanse the hair and scalp without using chemical agents, leaving hair soft and moisturized without needing to apply a conditioner. 

It also performs slight peeling on the scalp to promote delicate renewal. Other benefits include strengthening the hair bulb, preventing damage caused by free radicals, increasing scalp and hair elasticity, regulate sebum production and cleanses the scalp.

She applied the solution and massaged it deep into the scalp to let my scalp and hair reap the maximum benefits!

Next, Jane added O'Way's Biodynamic Thyme to the leftover mixture. Thyme is known to relieve itching and kill microorganisms that may cause dandruff. It also helps to rebalance the scalp so that it is not so dry!

It was then evenly applied all over the scalp again. 

She then spent the next 10 minutes massaging the solution into the hair.

I really like the feeling of having the scalp treatment blend massaged onto my scalp as it gave my scalp a slightly icy and invigorating feeling.

After all the scalp treatments are properly massaged, it is finally time to rinse them off. 

That was not all though. 

The final step of the treatment involved the trickling of the flowerfall treatment onto my hair.

It was slightly ticklish, but the peculiar feeling eased off as I got used to the trickle.

Probably one of the most interesting hair treatments I've experienced thus far!

Back at the seat, it was time to check my scalp again. 

My scalp certainly looked a lot clearer than before as each follicle looked thoroughly cleaned!

To help me combat my dry scalp, Jane even added an additional hair tonic to moisturize my scalp and help with hair growth before blowdrying my hair. 

Love how my hair felt super soft and smooth afterwards! 

I'm actually rather surprised at how smooth my hair felt. Although there were a lot more steps cleansing the scalp in this scalp + Hair O'Way Flowerfall Head Spa, the effects on my hair was really amazing as well. I really didn’t expect that the tiny trickle of the flowerfall water would yield such palpable results on my hair... plus, it made my hair smell like flowers afterwards!

Totally in love with this treatment!

Overall Thoughts

This is one of the first few combination hair and scalp treatment I've done. I love how fast the entire process is and how the one treatment can target both my scalp and my hair at the same time! 

I'll probably have to go for more sessions to see a significant impact for the scalp but I do love how my hair feels very smooth afterwards. I'm a little sad that the smoothness stayed only for a couple of washes but that's probably similar to that of typical hair treatments.

On the bright side, the price of this treatment is really good at Focus Hairdressing particularly they are running promotions. From what I hear from Ken, they are offering this 60 minute treatment + haircut at just $110, which is a steal given the amount of pampering they do for my hair and my scalp. Just look at the number of massages Jane gave me and you'll know that the price is super worth it!

The price is so good, I've recommended my friends to go down and give it a try at this no-frills yet effective salon I love so much, Focus Hairdressing! Healthy beautiful hair starts with healthy scalp so I think its really important to go for such treatments once in a while to clear out all the gunk and dirt. 

That's all for my sharing and hope you'll like the treatment as much as I do. 

Keen to give it a go? Focus Hairdressing is having the following promotion:

45% off Flowerfall Treatment + Haircut NOW $110 (UP: $200)

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