This Facial Helps Oily-Dry Combination Skin Reduce Breakouts and Oiliness

Published on May 05, 2017

Does your face feel oily and dry at the same time?

Agent CT found that the following facial by Geranium Skin Boutique helped manage her skin condition and frequent breakouts.

Read on for her genuine experience at Geranium!

Hello, I'm Agent CT. I've been having oily-dry combination skin for the longest time. At work, I am in an air conditioned environment which makes my skin feel very dry and tight; while on weekends, I do long distance running that exposes me to UV rays which results in uneven skin tone on my skin. The combination from my lifestyle and high stress level from my banking job aggravated the skin condition, causing me to break out very frequently.

Hoping to seek a more scientific approach to solve the problem completely, I sought treatment from dermatologists. The treatment steps were effective at the beginning. Disappointingly, the facial problem recurred after every cycle of the prescribed medicine. The medicine too, had some side effects for the long term.

Not wanting to rely on the medicine, I researched online for more natural ways to improve my skin condition. Then, I stumbled upon Geranium Skin Boutique on Beauty Undercover. Unlike most facial salons in Singapore, reviews seem to indicate that Geranium is not hardselling. They also seemed to be an expert on dealing with troubled skin from acne breakouts and scarring. Since they were running a promotion for their anti-bac facial, I gave it a try.  

I'm really happy to report that what is written on Beauty Undercover is true. The place is comfortable, the therapists are friendly and the facial is good. It may not look posh, but the neutral and warm setting definitely adds something special to the entire experience. I was so impressed with my first facial that I eventually did take up a package with them.

It is coming close to a year since my first visit and I have been coming to Geranium for my sessions religiously once a month. I love how I am able to set my mind at ease right from the time I have my appointment set - most of the sessions start punctually, the therapists are meticulous and are consistent with their facials. Best of all, I saw an improvement in my skin. 

For those of you who are interested, here's how a typical facial is like for me:

1. Consultation

Skin Consultation at Geranium Skin Boutique

Miko is the facial therapist attending to me that visit. As mentioned, most of the facial therapists at Geranium are friendly and cheery, making it a joy to come back here each time.

She checked with me about how I felt about the previous facial and what areas I'm concerned about this time.

Then, she recommended me to try the Sensi Facial Treatment, which is specially catered to ladies with combination oily-dry skin. The facial focuses on rebuilding the skin with the right ingredients after the usual cleansing and extraction to clear the skin from the dirt and the gunk.

As I trust her judgement, I followed her to the treatment room where I changed into the gown provided.

2. Double Cleansing

This facial begins with double cleansing.

Facial Cleansing at Geranium Skin Boutique

I have some makeup on so it doesn't look that bad.

Facial Cleansing at Geranium Skin Boutique

You can start to see the visible acne scars once the concealer is off.

Cleansing is really very tricky for dry-oily combination skin as it can cause the skin to be too dry or oily afterwards if the products used are incorrect. 

To cater to my skin type, Miko uses a gentle cleansing milk to remove the makeup and impurities for both the first and second cleansing. The cleansing milk is gentle enough for my easily irritable skin without compromising on its cleansing abilities. 

Facial Cleansing at Geranium Skin Boutique

I like how Miko doesn't just cleanse the face, she makes sure that the decollete area is cleansed as well. 

3. Enzyme Exfoliation

Instead of going straight into extraction, Miko applies a special enzyme on the face to promote exfoliation. 

This loosens dead skin and blackheads and makes extraction more painless as well. 

Enzyme Exfoliation at Geranium Skin

Miko then gently massages my face to promote penetration of the enzyme.

Enzyme Exfoliation at Geranium Skin

Love her massages!

4. Extraction

This isn't my favourite part of the facial but it's an important one to keep me free from breakouts.

I find the extractions here really outstanding because the therapists are just so thorough with their extraction; it takes really long for me but I hear that the duration varies according to skin type.

Facial Extraction at Geranium Skin

It's not painless but they try all ways to make minimize the pain while ensuring that the extraction is done as thorough as possible.

Facial Extraction at Geranium Skin

And for that, I'm really happy with it!

After the extraction, Miko applied a cold compress as well as an ampoule to calm my skin immediately and reduce the redness.

Through further probing, Miko mentioned that the ampoule used is the Hydra ampoule which is recommended for acne-prone and sensitive skin types. Containing Mucopolysacharides, urea, allantoin and vitamin C, the ampoule hydrates the skin, soften skin keratin and promotes cutaneous absorption. Urea also heps to moisturize the face and is slightly antiseptic. 

With the pores open after the cleansing and extraction, the ampoule will now be very readily absorbed into the skin.

Double Mask at Geranium Skin

FYI, Miko also helps to groom my eyebrows while the cold compress was applied, so I don't even have to make a special trip for eyebrow threading yay!

5. Double Mask

The Double Mask is the highlight of this Sensi facial treatment. It contains two very high quality masks to soothe and help the skin rebuild itself. 

The first is the cream mask. Grace kindly explained later that this mask is specially created to soothe and treat fragilized dry and sensitive skin by reconstructing the skin's natural protection shield. 

The special blend includes borage oil and shea butter which help to reduce inflammation, regulation of transepidermal water loss and restructuring of hydrolipids. It even includes shitake mushroom extracts and yeast extracts that contains Lentinan, essential amino acids, trace elements, and vitamins to stimulate and strengthen the natural defences of skin. It also contains Calendula officianalis (or marigold) and Vitamin E that restores equilibrium of fragilised skin, reduces redness and soothe irritation

Finally, it also includes coconut oil and corn extracts that help to hydrate the skin from the epidermis to the deep cutaneous layer! 

With the power-packed ingredients penetrating the skin, it is no wonder why my skin looks especially refreshed afterwards. 

Double Mask at Geranium Skin

The second is a yoghurt mask. It contains special algae extracts that provides skin with essential minerals to aid skin recovery and enhances penetration of the cream mask. 

For me though, it just felt refreshing and soothing.

Double Mask at Geranium Skin

It is cooling on touch and solidifies after application. 

Double Mask at Geranium Skin

I love how Miko doesn't leave the room and instead, takes the time to give me a nice shoulder massage 

Double Mask at Geranium Skin

And a scalp massage!

This is done for every facial and not just because I'm being photographed :)

6. Final Facial Massage

Double Mask at Geranium Skin

After the facial mask was removed, Miko gave me a final facial massage

Double Mask at Geranium Skin

Complete with hot towel

Shoulder Massage During Facial at Geranium Skin

and another quick shoulder massage. 

Shoulder Massage During Facial at Geranium Skin

The facial will then end with me booking the next appointment with nary any hardselling!

Overall Thoughts

As you can see, I really enjoy the facial here at Geranium. The therapists are thorough, the facial is good and the service excellent. Although the steps for the therapists customize the products used during the facial, I like how every facial is consistent and how it improved my skin significantly. Ever since I came for the facial, my combination skin is looking less tired and oily at work. I'm also having fewer breakouts after the thorough extraction while the previous acne scars have healed quite a bit!

Yes, there is still some pain from extraction but the pain is mostly tolerable and quickly taken care of by the multiple cooling compress and mask.

The long and numerous facial massages is particularly pampering, making me look forward to my every facial here. 

Overall, I would definitely recommend Geranium Skin Boutique for their affordable and quality treatments to anyone looking to improve their skin condition!

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