10 Reasons Why Paimore GRATS Is the NEW Revolutionary Perm You Must Try for Bleached, Damaged and Fine Hair

Published on Jul 11, 2018

Japanese and Singapore stylists who have been in the industry for more than 30 years would recognize this name: PAIMORE. They are after all the haircare manufacturer to create the world's first perm lotion and a machine that allow stylists to create the curls that so many Asian women love. After decades of intensive R&D, these inventors have now come up with a revolutionary new perm: Paimore GRATS! After trying it out and seeing the results on various hair textures, here are 10 things we think you absolutely need to know about Paimore GRATS ...

1. Paimore GRATS is the first perm lotion that can create curls at low pH, without opening your hair cuticle.

To understand why Paimore GRATS is so innovative, you have to first understand how a normal perm works. All hairs are made up of its cortex and covered by a layer of cuticle sealed by human hair lipids. The cuticles protect it from UV rays as well as other pollutants in the external environment. In order for the stylist to create a curl in your hair, they have to first apply a perm lotion. The perm lotion is usually an alkaline solution; Thioglycolic acid, which opens the hair cuticles, breaks the bonds within the cortex and modifies the hair structure by heat and styling. Unfortunately,  this process is irreversible. Once hair cuticles are opened chemically, the lipids are lost and the damage cannot be reversed as hair does not heal by itself. 

Paimore GRATS is so revolutionary simply because it doesn't require the cuticles to open in the first place. Instead of using Thioglycolic acid to open the cuticles to break the bonds within, Paimore synthesized thioglycolic acid with glyceryl to produce glyceryl mono thioglycolate (GMT). GMT is a very special ingredient because it is able to do the same job of breaking down the bonds within the cortex under low pH. This means that it can modify the hair structure WITHOUT opening the hair cuticle!

Interestingly, GMT is able to produce greater curling power at lower concentrations and pH as compared to the usual thioglycolic acid and cysteine. Low pH keeps the cuticles closed so the hair is not as damaged.

2. Paimore GRATS produce curls so voluminous, some salons call it the BLOWOUT Perm. 

As the previous graphic hinted, curling power for Paimore GRATS is a lot higher than the usual perming lotion at every pH. This means that the curls produced with Paimore GRATS are a lot more bouncy and defined. This isn't just something we read off the internet. Many perm specialists who've tried Paimore GRATS immediately took a liking to this perm lotion because the perm lotion is just SO GOOD. We're talking about the likes of Jesly from Picasso Hair Studio, Rina from Hair Illustrated, Sylvia and Bro from Act Point Salon and so on. This was the first time we heard about hairstylists raving highly about a perm, so much so we had to try it out ourselves! Once Cheif Agent G heard about bouncy perm, she immediately made an appointment with Bro, one of her favourite local perm stylists at Act Point Salon

Paimore GRATS Blowout Perm at Act Point Salon

And omg, look at how bouncy her hair turned out to be! If you're wondering whether that is a result of styling, here are some photos Agent G took on a vacation to Europe two weeks after the perm. 

All she did was to twirl her hair and blowdry (without even applying curling lotion). The hair looked so natural and voluminous that it looked like what you would get with a blowout in a salon, which is why some salons refer to Paimore GRATS as the blowout perm. Pretty apt name, we think!

(Read more about the blowout perm here)

3. The hair feels so silky smooth after the perm, it feels more like a treatment than a perm!

If you don't already know, most treatments out there are created with a low pH. The low pH closes the cuticles and make the hair silky smooth. Even though this is a perm, the low pH of Paimore GRATS appear to have the same effect. 

Normal perms tend to open the cuticles and make your hair appear more frizzy afterwards as you can see from the picture on the left. However, Paimore GRATS actually has the opposite effect of smoothening your hair by closing the cuticles due to the low pH. Customers (including Agent G) all exclaim about how soft and smooth their hair is immediately after the perm even with no treatment was added! Amazing right?

4. The perm lotion is low damaging that it can even perm hair that has been bleached up to 4 times!

Very few stylists would entertain the thought of rebonding or perming bleached hair 2 years ago. However, things started to change with the introduction of Tokio de Sinka Perm. It contains a lot of treatment and fullerene which helps to protect the hair against damage. While it's possible to perm hair that has been bleached, stylists generally shy away from perming hair that has been bleached more than once.

The introduction of Paimore GRATS has been a game-changer for perms. Knowing how low-damage it is, stylists have been pushing the boundaries to perm hair that has been bleached 2, 3, or up to 4 times even! Agent MS got her hair bleached approximately 4 times in the past year. 

Back at home, her hair looked like this. 

Damaged, frizzy, she did a Paimore GRATS perm and colour with Hair Illustrated and her hair eventually looked like this with just blowdrying.

A pretty remarkable feat for a lady who bleached her hair 4 times!

5. You can now bleach and perm IN THE SAME SESSION. 

Typically, we see stylists perming hair that has been bleached more than a month before. The time in between the bleach and the perm allows the hair to rest and repair itself as the cuticles gradually close over time. Though this is still the preferred recommendation for the most bouncy and healthy curls, if you insist on bleaching and perming all at one go to save time, this previously unattainable combination is now possible with Paimore GRATS.

Bleach and Perm at Shun Sakurai

Agent AT coloured her hair black at the start of the year. To get an ash brown hair colour, she bleached her hair twice and got a loose beach wave perm with top Japanese stylist Shun Sakurai. FYI, while bleaching and perming can be done in the same session, the curls won't be as defined. Hence, you may need to spend a bit more time blowdrying as compared to someone who spaced out the perm and bleach over a few months. Consult with your stylist first before going ahead with both a bleach and a perm. It is also always a good idea to go for a pre-treatment such as Tokio Inkarami to protect your hair before the perm rather than after. 

6. Paimore GRATS is suitable for all hair types, but is clearly the superior option for ladies with bleached, fine and damaged hair. 

With Paimore GRATS exhibiting the greatest curling power for the lowest damage, it is unquestionably the best perm lotion for bleached hair in Singapore today. But do you need it if you don't have bleached hair?

If your hair is coarse and healthy (ie. not been coloured or permed before), you can stick to cheaper conventional perm lotions especially if you are only going to perm once in your life. If you're intending to perm more than once, however, Paimore GRATS is probably a wiser choice. Perming frequently causes irreversible damage to your hair. There will come a time when you notice that your hair cannot be permed again if you use conventional perm lotions as your hair has become too damaged.

In fact, Agent G has already started to find that her perms are becoming less bouncy over time as the usual damaging perms have caused her hair to become finer and more damaged over time. As someone who cannot live without curls, Agent G started to look for low-damage options, which led her to Paimore GRATS.

Paimore GRATS Perm at Act Point Salon

Another group of ladies who should seriously consider Paimore GRATS are those who have been rejected for perms previously; namely those of you with fine hair, dry and damaged hair as well as those who have recently rebonded your hair. As the curling power of Paimore GRATS is much greater while yielding much less damage, it is able to overcome many of the hurdles stylists face when perming your hair. The lady above is a great example. Her hair was so dry and damaged, no hairstylist dared to perm it for her previously. It was only after trying the GRATS perm at Act Point Salon did she finally get her desired curls!

Paimore GRATS by Picasso Hair Studio

This lady has a different problem. As she has curly frizzy hair, she has been rebonding her hair for the past 10 years. She went to Picasso hoping to get a Rebonding Perm (rebonding the roots and perming at the ends). Picasso's first attempt with conventional perm lotions was unsuccessful in creating curls because her hair was too damaged at the ends. However, an immediate re-perm with Paimore GRATS produced the voluminous results you see on the right. 

7. Paimore GRATS is odourless and free of harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde!

One of the reasons why some people shy away from perms is because of the usual pungent smell associated with perms. The inventor of Paimore GRATS has therefore kept that in mind and cut out as many chemicals as possible from the perm solution. This means 0% of ammonia or formaldehyde which can be cancer-causing over time. This results in an odourless mixture that also makes the perm process that much more comfortable.

8. Curls with Paimore GRATS last just as long as normal perms, if not longer, for the same hair texture.

Some people have the misconception that low-damage perms don't last as long as normal perms. But this certainly not the case for Paimore GRATS. The perm results are pretty much semi-permanent for normal hair and from what Agent G has observed of her hair over the past month, the curls stay just as defined and bouncy a month later.

There are some observations:

  • the hair will loosen slightly if you colour your hair afterwards because the colour process will open your cuticles again. But this is the same for all perm lotions. To make it last even longer, consider colouring a darker colour before the perm!
  • curls for bleached hair don't last as long as curls for normal hair. This is the same, whether you opt for Paimore GRATS or other perm lotions. Depending on how damaged your hair is, you are looking at about 2-3 months for heavily bleached hair and at least 6 months for normal hair! 

9. The accompanying Paimore machine perms hair at temperatures as low as 45 degrees Celsius, further minimizing damage to the hair. 

Paimore is a company that thinks of the entire process from start to finish so they created the Paimore machine together with the GRATS lotion for optimal perm results. This perm machine is pretty miraculous in itself because it can perm hair at temperatures far below that of normal digital perm machines. While normal machines will heat up your hair to about 120 degrees, Paimore machine perms normal coarse hair at 65 degrees and 45 degrees for bleached hair.

The lower temperature minimizes damage to the hair while enhancing the look of your curls because the machine can control the temperature very accurately and steam hair the way rice is steamed; temperature gradually rises until the specified temperature before decreasing again. The controlled oscillation allows hair texture to be modified at lower temperatures while keeping the hair moist. While Paimore GRATS perm lotion can be used on its own, combining it with this machine, allows for optimal perm results at the lowest temperature. This is why you'll find that only salons offering both Paimore GRATS lotion and machine will perm for ladies with heavily bleached hair. 

10. Paimore GRATS can be used to straighten very damaged hair. 

Although most salons are using it to perm hair, selected salons have begun using the awesomely low-damage Paimore GRATS perm lotion for straightening. Picasso Hair Studio is one of them. 

Rebonding of Bleached Hair by Picasso Hair Studio

The above customer, for example, had hair that has been bleached 3 times. This caused her hair to be so damaged that she couldn't even comb through her hair. Frustrated with the battle she faced with her hair every morning, she came to Picasso for help. Although they initially refused because her hair was simply too damage, the customer decided to take a chance with Paimore GRATS. 

And the results turn out phenomenal! The hair looked a lot healthier than before the rebonding and daily maintenance became a breeze. 

You don't have to wait till your hair is so damaged for this straightening though; regular rebonding with Paimore GRATS also yield less damage than usual rebonding!

Tempted to try Paimore GRATS?

Here are some stylists and their respective salons we'd recommend for this perm:

As awesome as this new perm lotion is, it requires stylists to learn a whole new way of perming. The time it takes for the hair to process and the way to check when the hair is ready for the next step differs significantly from the usual perm. Not every stylist is able to grasp and maximize this new perm so it is currently available only at selected salons.

We're giving away a FREE Paimore GRATS Perm at one of the salons above. So if you are keen to try it out, leave a comment below or on the relevant Facebook post and tell us why YOU deserve to get a free Paimore GRATS Perm by 31 August 2018. We will let you know by 7 September if you're the lucky one!

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