Pandemic Pink Is The Trending Must-Have Hair Colour This Year

Published on Mar 23, 2021

COVID-19 has changed a lot of how we see travel, friendships, work and yes, even hair. Whether it was a COVID Haircut or a DIY Hair Colour, a number of us tried to give our hair a little loving when the salons were closed. Even when salons re-opened, there is one clear hair trend that is still going strong in 2021: Pandemic Pink. 

1. Pink is the Colour Most People Chose to DIY during COVID Lockdowns

It's not easy to combat the isolation faced during lockdowns... particularly for influencers and celebrities who're used to taking picture perfect photos while they're travelling. So what do they do to try to create content that looks visually interesting?

Colour their hair pink of course!

Ladygaga Pink Hair


This can't be attributed to COVID-19 but Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga going pink for their respective music videos could have sparked off this pink wave. 

Since then, we've seen pink hair on almost everyone and by that, we're talking Hailey Bieber, Kaia Gerber (model),  Julianne Hough (dancer), and even Chrissy Teigen (tv personality/author).

Hailey Bieber Pink Hair


Look how gorgeous it is and you'll know why pink is the colour of choice.

Julianne Hough Pink Hair


It is no wonder why demand for pink hair was so strong that many brands ran out of pink colour dyes.

Chrissy Teigen Pink Hair


Even in Asia, K-pop's Rose from Blackpink is showing off pink hair too.

Blackpink Rose Pink Hair


Even men are not exempted from this trend, as you can see the pink hair on Ricky Martin.

Ricky Martin Men Pink Hair


Honestly, need we show more?

2. Pandemic Pink is a Statement Mood-Booster That We All Need Right Now

Pink may look just like a fun colour choice on the surface but as neuropsychologist Sanam Hafeez shares, pink has a way of bringing out our softer side. A source of heeling, pink is associated with the heart charkra and hence helps to evoke energies and feelings of self-love, compassion and self-acceptance. 

Chris Appleton Unicorn Hair


Whether worn on your hair on on your body, pink becomes a vehicle for self-acceptance, a love-letter if you will to yourself. 

Kaia Gerber Pink Hair


So why not put on your pink armour and go forth to empower the world with beauty?

3. Pandemic Pink reminds us of the disproportionate impact of COVID-19 on Women

Dualipa Pink Hair


Interestingly, COVID-19 has been coined the Pink Pandemic also because it has hit the industries with high female representation more than that of men; we're talking about healthcare, hospitality, retail and tourism. 

It is difficult to change things all at once but pink hair, which signified the rise of women and reduction of inequalities in the 18th century, could very well remind all of us to work at reducing gender inequality at work and at home. 

Madonna Pink Hair


You don't have to go all punkish pink for tihs purpose but yes, the clash of aesthetics when you pair spikes, chains and black leather boots with pink hair certainly make for a bold statement. 

We can try to rationalise all we want for pink hair but really, many of us are opting for pink... simply because we love it. Knowing that we're leading the trend only adds the icing on the cake, at least that's for Agent Y who loved all shades of pink - from Lavender Brown to Rose Gold and now to her new milestone: Pink. Follow her on her journey to Hairlux @ Katong as she refreshes her hair colour from Rose Gold to Pink.

Pandemic Pink Hair at Hairlux Salon

Hello, I'm Agent Y.

Dull Hair Before Hair Colour at Hairlux

You may be wondering what I'm doing that allows me to sport this bright colour; well, I'm currently working as a counsellor and also furthering my studies part time. My hair may be light but it gives me a topic to start a conversation about... you guessed it - stresses from COVID-19. 

Reading about Pandemic Pink actually strikes a chord with me because I'm one of those who was inspired to go for a pink transformation after COVID-19. I didn't do that for the celebs TBH... I just felt like PINK, you know. So when an opportunity opened u for me to try Brownish Rose Gold in 3Q 2020, I did. And it faded beautifully to this colour.

Dull Hair Before Hair Colour at Hairlux

As much as I like it, my roots were showing and after months of having this colour, I'm starting to be a little bored with how dull it can look. So when a friend of mine told me about an opportunity at Hairlux Salon to colour my hair pink, I jumped at it!

First impression


This was my first time at Hairlux Salon but I must say that it is pretty easy to get to. Although it isn't near an MRT station, I have a direct bus there. I also frequently visit Katong for ice cream and the famous Katong laksa, so it was easy for me to find the salon.

From the first moment I entered, I was just blown away at how atas and beautiful it looks. So much glass everywhere, it looks very classy. The natural lighting from the glass panelling also makes the salon look extra bright and open.

Upon entering the salon, I was greeted by my stylist for the day, Jimmy. He was very professional and detailed during the consultation, taking the effort to understand what I did before and what I hoped to achieve. He then did some preliminary checks before deciding that we're good to go! 

Exciting!! Could he help me achieve the pink I have in my mind?

Step 1: Lightening

Yes, we Asians can't have light colours unless we lighten our hair significantly and yes, this time, I want to go really light! 

My hair was already pretty damaged from my previous bleaching elsewhere so to make sure that my hair is strong enough, Jimmy added Olaplex into the lightening Solution to minimize hair damage. 

Olaplex Solution at Hairlux

This solution will apparently create new bonds even as the hair is bleached so that my hair won't break... after what must be my 5th bleaching in recent years.

Mydentity Guy Tang Hair Colour at Hairlux

He also used the Guy Tang Mydentity lightening solution; although expensive, Jimmy shared that the lightening solution is able to achieve a cleaner hair colour within a shorter period of time. After mixing it all together, he then meticulously applied it to the roots, careful not to get the bleach on my scalp to avoid any irritation or damage. 

Hair Bleaching at Hairlux

After about 30 minutes, he then scraped off the 1st layer of bleach and applied the 2nd layer to even out the hair colour.

Hair Bleaching at Hairlux

With speed and precision, Jimmy then coated the roots in the lightening solution.

Hair Bleaching at Hairlux

Then, it was time to move on to the rest of my hair.

Hair Bleaching at Hairlux

Although my hair has been bleached before, it needed to be lightened once more to achieve a lighter tone.

Hair Bleaching at Hairlux

Then, I had to wait for another 30 minutes for the bleach to process.

Hair Bleaching at Hairlux

While waiting, Jimmy told me about their current promotion and passed me a $20 cash voucher to share with my friends. How nice!

$20 Cash Voucher Gift From Hairlux

Step 2: Wash

When the timer rang, I was brought to the washing bay.

Hairwash at Hairlux

Another stylist came over to help with the drying process.

Hairwash at Hairlux

With my newly lightened base, I was ready for the dye.

Hairwash at Hairlux

Step 3: Colour

To make sure I get the full pink experience, Jimmy made sure he mixed a gorgeous rose pink colour for me.

Pink Hair Dyeing at Hairlux

Doesn't this look like strawberry yoghurt? 

Can't wait for it to be on my hair!

Pink Hair Dyeing at Hairlux

He thoroughly coated each section to make sure it was applied evenly.

Pink Hair Dyeing at Hairlux

Finally, the ends.

Pink Hair Dyeing at Hairlux

It took another 20 minutes for the hair colour to be absorbed

Step 4: Wash & style

After rinsing the remaining dye off, shampooing my hair, and giving me a quick express hair treatment, it was time to dry and style my hair.

Here's a sneak peek of the colour:

Hairstyling at Hairlux

Ready to see the final result

The final look

How I Look After Getting a Trendy Pink Hair at Hairlux


How I Look After Getting a Trendy Pink Hair at Hairlux

Is it pink enough for you? 

How I Look After Getting a Trendy Pink Hair at Hairlux

Well it is definitely for me. 

How I Look After Getting a Trendy Pink Hair at Hairlux

This is the first time I've gone so light and so pink.

How I Look After Getting a Trendy Pink Hair at Hairlux

Definitely loving the pink feels!

How I Look After Getting a Trendy Pink Hair at Hairlux

Overall thoughts

It looks effortless but this hair colour actually took more than 5 hours due to rounds of bleaching. Still, the process was really fun because the camera-shy Jimmy went the extra mile to make sure that I was comfortable and also because I had @audsiebaby to accompany me on this journey.

How I Look After Getting a Trendy Pink Hair at Hairlux

In short, I had fun.

How I Look After Getting a Trendy Pink Hair at Hairlux

Most importantly, the colour turned out beautiful... even months later! I've been using a red colour shampoo to refresh my hair colour between washes so that it stays bright and vibrant thus far.

THANK YOU Jimmy and Hairlux for the beautiful hair.. will definitely be coming back here the next time I have a hair colour inspo!

Want to get the above hair colour?

Hairlux is running the following promotion for first timers!

$188 for Hair Colour + Treatment + Unlimited Bleaching

Pretty good deal, don't you think?

Read more about Hairlux here.

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